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Tokiko, Shizue, and Tokine


The Yukimura Tenketsu

The Yukimura Family (雪村の家族) (or Clan) is one of two families created by Tokimori Hazama so they could succeed the Hazama-Ryu Kekkai technique, for he had no Heirs of his own. Yukimura Kekkaishi emphasize technique over strength, resulting in a combat approach that combines self-reliance with problem-solving[1], as well as a firmer grasp on Hazama's teachings.

Known Legitimate Heirs

Family Members

Affiliated Ayakashi

  • Hakubi - Demon Wolf in service to the Yukimura Family (Hunting)
  • Mikeno - Demon Cat in service to the Yukimura Family (Training)

Notable Allies

Notable Enemies


  • The word Yukimura is a combination of "yuki" meaning snow and "mura" meaning village.
  • Like the Sumimura sons, it is implied that children born into the Yukimura family are named after Tokimori Hazama: all of their given names begin with "Toki".
  • The Yukimura shakujo has a cross design at the tip.
  • In the anime, Kekkai made by Yukimuras are green in color.


  1. Kekkaishi anime, Episode 20

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