Yoshimori and Tokine vs. Yumigane
Tokine destroys Yumigane
Episode Episode 1: Scars
Chapter Chapter 1
Other Information
Location Karasumori Academy
Participants Yoshimori Sumimura ; Tokine Yukimura against Yumigane
  • Yumigane is defeated by Tokine
  • Tokine is badly injured and collapses
  • Yoshimori and Tokine vs. Yumigane is the battle between Kekkaishi, Yoshimori Sumimura and Tokine Yukimura, and Ayakashi Yumigane.


    Reluctantly, Yoshimori heads to Karasumori Academy for his night duty, where he meets up with Tokine and Hakubi. Tokine walks away as she states that if he can't put his whole heart into his duty, then he shouldn't even follow her or he will only get in the way.[1] He does not follow and ponders on what happened to make Tokine act that way. He remembers the time before his Kekkaishi training, when Tokine was a lot kinder. He recalls an incident when Tokine was putting confidence in him to jump across the water. However, he slipped and they both end up in the water. During their way back, Tokine was comforting him and telling him not to cry.[2]


    Yumigane ready to attack Yoshimori

    Yumigane ready to attack Yoshimori

    Yoshimori and Madarao sense the present of an Ayakashi. Madarao tells Yoshimori that he will find it first for him to kill it before Tokine. They reach near a pond in search of the Ayakashi. It slips out from under the bridge over the pond and runs off as Yoshimori chases it. Madarao tracks it to a tree, and asks Yoshimori if he can enclose the entire tree with his Kekkai, in which he succeeds. The target is revealed to be a small, wounded girl, who says she came to the site to heal, otherwise other Ayakashi would devour her.[3]
    Episode 1

    Tokine is injured

    Yoshimori is surprised, but gathers the courage to destroy her. However, her innocent words and behavior leads him to hesitate and feel sympathy. The Ayakashi gains enough power to transform, and from a young, wounded and helpless girl, it transforms into a huge Ayakashi who breaks out from the Kekkai barrier effortlessly with one cut.[4] As Yumigane brings his claw down to finish him, Tokine shows up and takes the blow, with blood spewing from her arm. She destroys Yumigane.[5]


    Yoshimori carrying injured Tokine

    Yoshimori carrying injured Tokine

    Tokine lectures Yoshimori that Ayakashi will do anything to get more time in order to gain power, and there is no time to feel sympathy for them. However, she soon collapses due to blood loss. Yoshimori carries her back to her home with tears continuously rolling down his cheeks.[6]

    Powers and Abilities (Ayakashi)

    • Massive Claws: When Yumigane transformed, he gained two massive claws on each hand that he used to severely injure Tokine and to cut through Yoshimori's kekkai.
    • Miasma: As an additional threat, Yumigane releases miasma, a poisonous mist, likely directly through his claws. Yoshimori was unaffected because he avoided direct contact, but Tokine's wounds were infected with the poison.


    • The fight takes place when Tokine and Yoshimori were young.


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