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Yellow Tanabe (田辺イエロウ, Tanabe Ierou) is a Japanese manga artist. She is an assistant for Mitsuru Adachi and Makoto Raiku and made her debut in 2002 with the short story Lost Princess.[1] She is best known for the manga series Kekkaishi, which has been adapted as an anime television series and translated into many languages. She published a one-shot story in the inaugural issue of the revival of Monthly Shōnen Sunday in May 2009.[2]

Her blood type is AB. She was born on June 13th in Tokyo,[3] and she graduated from the Musashino Art University.[4]

In 2007 she won the Shogakukan Manga Award for shōnen manga for Kekkaishi.[5]

She portrays herself as a penguin with a big Y on its chest.


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