Shichirou slashes through a Kekkai and Karasumori Academy

Wind manipulators are ability users with the power to create and control wind. They generally display a wide variety of offensive and defensive techniques in combat, and are usually capable of flight with little or no effort. The Ougi Clan is famous for producing especially strong wind manipulators, and all seven sons of the clan head are wind masters, with the youngest rivaling even Yoshimori in terms of power and the eldest even able to seriously injure Masamori through his zekkai.[1]

Wind Techniques

  • Wind Scythe: A standard slash that can vary greatly in power.
  • Cyclone Defense: Powerful winds encircle the user, effectively blocking attacks. Can also be used as an attack.
  • Flight: The user generates wind beneath or around their body strong enough to propel themselves through the air.

Known Wind Manipulators


  1. Kekkaishi anime, Episode 30

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