Alright so I'm thinking about making a variety of GIFs for the Wikia. I plan on making one for:

  • Gen's, Sen's, and Hiba's ayakashi transformations
  • Sekkai (Fail)
  • Shinkai
  • Zekkai
  • Tokiko creating and maintaining the portal to Kokuboro
  • Transformations
  1. Gagin's transformation
  2. Aihi's transformation
  3. Sakon's transformation
  • Kaguro's swords
  • Byaku's bug
  • Kagami's transformation
  • Tokine's arrow kekkai
  • The deaths of Haroku and Haizen
  • Kurohime'
  • The deaths of Byaku and Princess
  • Opening the entrance to the Colorless Marsh
  • Tokine and Masamori's multi-layered kekkai
  • Yoshimori's Zekkai

Anymore suggestions, send them my way.

I'll be doing these over the course of this month and December.

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