In the month of August, I worked out from 4-5:30am, I've been working out to improve my physique. Well, the cost has just arrived and I'm sore all around. So, I will rest as long as possible until I can walk normally again from working out my behind and legs.

Also, school starts for me tomorrow (August 30. Junior year >_>) So, I will not be online in the early mornings anymore. During the week I get home at around 2:45, then am scheduled to get offline at 10pm (11pm this Thursday and normal Fridays). Saturdays, I will try an get online and edit, but if I can't then I'll leave everyone who has edited the responsibility during my R&R and new school year.

Note: My computer still shuts down, so if I'm editing and it does shut down and I lose everything, it'll take me a few days to rewrite.

I have AIM and MSN mobile, so if anyone wants my AIM or MSN name, just let me know.

Arigato. Sayōnara, - The Abbster

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