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  • AbigailAbernathy

    Okay soo...

    I had a good idea to put my retarded Office Applications Skill that I learned in Rhode Island to good use.

    I used Microsoft Excel WebApp on SkyDrive to make numbers and graphs. Information collected came from all the emails I've gotten containing WikiViews, Edits Made, and people joined.

    Here's a screenshot of my Book:

    So, there's absolutely no problems with the Edits Made section. That is not my concern.

    I really don't have any concerns except for some of the zeros.

    Those worry me.

    So, what do we do now?

    I'm gonna make these for each month.

    Also, DO NOT ask me what happened to November 17th. I may have accidentally deleted the email.

    It's weird how views dramatically go down to 0 for about four-five days.

    Anyway, so here's the latest Views…

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  • AbigailAbernathy


    November 9, 2011 by AbigailAbernathy

    Alright so I'm thinking about making a variety of GIFs for the Wikia. I plan on making one for:

    • Gen's, Sen's, and Hiba's ayakashi transformations
    • Sekkai (Fail)
    • Shinkai
    • Zekkai
    • Tokiko creating and maintaining the portal to Kokuboro
    • Transformations
    1. Gagin's transformation
    2. Aihi's transformation
    3. Sakon's transformation
    • Kaguro's swords
    • Byaku's bug
    • Kagami's transformation
    • Tokine's arrow kekkai
    • The deaths of Haroku and Haizen
    • Kurohime'
    • The deaths of Byaku and Princess
    • Opening the entrance to the Colorless Marsh
    • Tokine and Masamori's multi-layered kekkai
    • Yoshimori's Zekkai

    Anymore suggestions, send them my way.

    I'll be doing these over the course of this month and December.

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  • AbigailAbernathy

    Hurricane Irene

    August 24, 2011 by AbigailAbernathy

    I don't know if you two have been following the news, but Hurricane Irene is gonna head up the east coast of the United States, and it's gonna be a Category 2 when it comes up to New England.

    Click Here To Track Irene

    The link above will take you to, the main source of news and weather in Rhode Island and across New England. I live in Southern Massachusetts, a boat ride away from Martha's Vineyard.

    The Hurricane is expected to give: Storm surges, power outages, flooding, hurricane force winds, etc. So depending on where Hurricane Irene is falling, I'm still gonna feel it. Meterologists say the worst place to be is to the right of the storm, and I'm smacked dabbed in the middle of the right side.

    So if we do end up losing power or evacua…

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  • AbigailAbernathy

    I've noticed that you two don't put a Fair Use template on all the pictures you upload. I don't want to sound like a bitch, but I'm a little fed up with it. Everything we take, manga scans, captures, etc, are copyrighted and we have to put in the licencing.

    Because I'm putting the Fair Use licencing up, you two have to do the Fair Use Rationale. It's the least I can do for you two. I'll keep putting up the Fair Use template if you two start doing the rationale.

    That's fair, lets keep it that way.

    The Abbster

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  • AbigailAbernathy

    Okay. So I've been looking at copyright usages and stuff and we need some templates mainly from Animepedia. I've been reading how Bleachpedia uses their copyright templates and I learned that everything we take from Kekkaishi such as screenshots and manga pages are all copyrighted.

    I hadn't seen it before so it was hard for me to catch.

    So if you know you'll be using the computer for a long/good period of time, I have the chat open.

    Join the chat so we don't have to use talk pages to discuss this.

    I just used the chat accidentally with a not-so-smart user and concluded that it's a little laggy so you'll have to be patient.

    I'll be waiting.

    -The Abbster

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