Race Sym-ayak Ayakashi
Professional Status
Personal Status
Technique Extending Body
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 220

Tsubogokkai (壺骨海) was an Ayakashi that took the form of a pot, but could extend a secondary, cloth-like form from its main body.[1]


The Ayakashi's true form is a seemingly normal pot. However, it possesses a cloth-like extension, topped by a flying skull with wild hair.[1]


Tokiko Yukimura and Hakubi pursue Tsubogokkai's secondary body at Karasumori (Tokine is still on restriction at home for destroying the Hidagou Lord), with Yoshimori dragging behind while Madarao encourages him to hurry. Madarao detects a strong stench from a tree, and correctly assumes the main body is hiding there. Yoshimori is distracted by a memory of Tokine bathing, and misses the chance to catch the main body as it emerges from the tree. Tokiko catches the pot with a Kekkai instead, causing the extended body to collapse to the ground.[1]

Powers & Abilities

Extending Body: The secondary body can extend itself endlessly, though the Ayakashi will die if its main body is destroyed.[1]

Flight: The skull propels itself through the air, dragging the pot along behind it.[1]


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