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Opening Arc

While 14 year-old Yoshimori is chasing down a small fishbone Ayakashi, 16 year-old Tokine trips him with a Kekkai. She criticizes the huge Kekkai he used to catch such small prey, and reminds him to conserve his power in case a larger opponent appears later. Yoshimori insists he'll defeat anything that comes along, and Tokine leaves him to clean up.[1]

On another night, Tokine catches an Ayakashi before Yoshimori can. The next day, Tokine runs into Yoshimori on the way to school. Tokine is confrontational, expecting him to be angry over his defeat the previous night, and blinds him by reflecting sunlight off of her compact mirror when he tries to follow her. At

Tokine endures Tsuchigama's attack

school, Tokine excels in her class, as usual. That night at Karasumori, Tokine and Hakubi are tracking an Ayakashi when Yoshimori and Madarao arrive late. Tokine teases him about needing a handicap to win, then throws down a smoke bomb and runs off. Yoshimori manages to find the ground-frog Ayakashi Tsuchigama first, but it escapes, allowing Tokine to fight it next. However, she, too, has trouble defending against Tsuchigama's rapidfire earth bullets, which it creates by absorbing material from the surface. Yoshimori draws Tsuchigama's fire away from Tokine, and she protects him with a Kekkai, allowing him to destroy the Ayakashi. Tokine is annoyed with his recklessness and leaves him to clean up. Though Yoshimori tries to hide the fact that he was wounded, Tokine later sends him a bird Shikigami carrying some of her grandmother's special medicine.[2]

Ghost News is Bad News

Tokine spots Yoshimori talking to the ghost of a young man and interrupts, scolding Yoshimori for not doing his job. She orders the ghost to leave and drags Yoshimori away.[3] Tokine and Hakubi arrive at Karasumori Academy that

The Kekkaishi encounter Masano

night, finding Yoshimori and Madarao with the ghost. Though Tokine doesn't like the idea of leaving the ghost unattended, she is more concerned about the malicious presence still inside the school, and hurries in. Hakubi tracks a second ghost's scent to a classroom, where they find Masano Murakami, a man with an enormous scissor claw in place of his right hand. Yoshimori's group arrives, and Yoshimori disarms Masano. Outside, Yoshimori suggests that Masano visit Mother-san, and gives him a stern warning never to return. Though Tokine acts as if she doesn't care, she admits it was good that they didn't have to destroy the ghost.[4]

The Suspicious Substitute Teacher

On the way to school, Tokine gets angry at Yoshimori for following her. She tries leaping over rooftops, but Yoshimori does the same. Tokine finally tells Yoshimori that he gives her the creeps, which shocks him. Tokine later talks with Mr. Mino, a substitute teacher, about a book he's reading. He invites her to the teacher's lounge after school so he can lend it to her. Meanwhile, Yoshimori, who is spying on them, grows jealous and tries to trip the teacher with a Kekkai. Oddly, the Kekkai is easily destroyed by a mysterious force, and Mr. Mino seems to sense Yoshimori's presence, but says nothing is wrong when Tokine notices him pausing.[5]

After a disturbance is sensed at Karasumori that evening, Tokine and Hakubi rush to the school, with Yoshimori and Madarao joining along the way. Tokine mentions that she has been watching him and suspected something strange about him, but wishes she had acted sooner. Mino confronts them inside the school. He wields a trio of large snakes, and explains that he was trying to gain nourishment from humans, but they were no good. However, he senses that the Kekkaishi are different, and desires to use them for nourishment. One of Mino's snakes attacks, while another defends him, making it impossible to form a Kekkai around him. Yoshimori damages the attacking

Tokine destroys the bug

snake, and Tokine notes that Mino took some of the damage as well. However, the snake is quickly healed. Tokine suspects the snakes aren't Ayakashi, and Hakubi confirms this, though he still smells an Ayakashi among them. Hakubi spots a Kugutsu bug, a parasite that feeds on and controls Ayakashi. Yoshimori holds the snake in place while Tokine destroys the bug, freeing Mino from its control but also knocking him out. After waking up, Mino is horrified by what he did under the bug's control. Tokine reassures him that it wasn't his fault and asks him to keep their nightly activities a secret. Mino is greatly moved by Tokine's kindness and tries to charm her, much to Yoshimori's disapproval.[6]

Father's False Friend Yomi

At school, Tokine and Yoshimori visit with Mr. Mino, who is happy to be friendly with other ability users. This reminds Tokine of ability users she has met through the Shadow Organization, though while some of them have stayed overnight at the Yukimura Home, she learns from Yoshimori that this was never the case for the Sumimura Family. At home, Tokine meets Yomi Kasuga, an investigator from the Shadow Organization, and a former colleague of Tokine's late father.[7]

Tokine and Yoshimori sense an Ayakashi while patrolling at school, but the aura vanishes abruptly, and Yomi falls out of a tree moments later. Yoshimori guesses that Yomi was responsible for the aura, but Yomi distracts them with her clumsy nature. They accept Yomi's offer to share her tea, and Yoshimori contributes a cake he made. Yomi talks fondly about Tokine's father. The next day, Tokine tells Yoshimori that Yomi will stay for about ten days. That evening, as Tokine prepares to leave for her duties, she notices her shakujo is missing, and takes a spare. She and Hakubi sense an intruder on the way to Karasumori, and Tokine falls into a pitfall trap after arriving. Yomi emerges with her giant ogre, Yoki, and has him block the hole with a boulder covered in talismans. Yomi announces she will conquer Karasumori.[8] Yoki tries to eat Hakubi, but notes that his body vanishes just as Madarao's did. Tokine finds the talismans on the boulder repel Kekkai techniques, so she instead uses Kekkai to dig a tunnel and escape. Once above ground, Tokine tries to send a Shikigami bird to get help, but Yoki's swift tails destroys it. Yomi says that Tokine is expendable since she has a hostage, and Tokine demands to know what Yomi has done with Yoshimori. Yomi evades the question repeatedly, instead insulting Tokio, which weakens Tokine's defenses and allows Yoki to get the upper hand. Suddenly, Yoshimori bursts from the shell on Yoki's back and attacks Yoki, demanding that Yomi take back what she said about Tokio.[9]

Tokine captures Yomi

Tokine captures Yomi

After a quick exchange with Yoki, Yoshimori retreats to the forest, where Tokine, exhausted, realizes she must depend on him, and shares the fact that Yoki's weak point is that while his tail is fast, his body is slow. She suggests that Yoshimori attack Yoki, while she handles Yomi. Yoshimori manages to topple Yoki, which causes Yomi to fall from his shoulder. Tokine captures Yomi and tries to force her to make Yoki surrender, but Yoki quickly finds them and frees Yomi. Yoki begins to rapidly transform due to Karasumori's influence, eventually abandoning Yomi in search of greater power.[10] Yomi tries to hold Yoshimori back, telling him not to get in Yoki's way. Yoshimori promises to defeat him without destroying him, shocking Yomi with his kindness. Yomi insists she doesn't need sympathy, but Tokine explains that if it were up to her, she would destroy Yoki without hesitation. Yoshimori continues to fight Yoki until they are interrupted by the arrival of Tokiko, Shigemori, and two Shadow Organization operatives, Hakudo and Odo.[11] Hakudo attacks Yoki over Yomi's protests as she begins to recall happier memories of Yoki. Odo throws a giant fireball at Yoki, creating an explosion. Yomi is heartbroken, but Yoshimori is able to retrieve a piece of Yoki's horn, and both are surprised when Yoki regenerates into a tiny form. Yomi then realizes she hated Tokio because he reminded her of her own weakness, and apologizes to Tokine for insulting him. Yomi tells Tokine where to find her shakujo, and is taken away by Hakudo and Odo.[12]

Saving Yurina

Tokine and Hakubi arrive at Karasumori to find Yoshimori, who is unexpectedly with his classmate Yurina Kanda at the off-season cherry blossom tree. Tokine tells Yoshimori to deal with Yurina. Sensing approaching Ayakashi, Yoshimori places Yurina beneath the tree and surrounds her with a Kekkai for her own protection. Tokine questions the wisdom of this, but Yoshimori assumes it will be fine since normal people can't see Ayakashi, unaware that this doesn't apply to Yurina. Yurina stares in shock at the approaching swarm of Ayakashi.[13] Tokine again warns Yoshimori that Yurina is his responsibility, as they are not supposed to involve normal people in their activities as Kekkaishi. The Kekkaishi attack the swarm, with Yoshimori using his usual overly large Kekkai to destroy several Ayakashi at once, while Tokine prefers smaller, individual Kekkai for each Ayakashi. Yoshimori notices Madarao

Protecting Yurina

eating smaller, drunken Ayakashi and tells him to stop, Tokine doing the same with Hakubi. Yoshimori grows impatient and surrounds all but the very top of the tree with a huge Kekkai. The remaining Ayakashi are drawn to the exposed top of the tree, where Yoshimori surrounds them with another large Kekkai and destroys them all at once. Yoshimori dispels the Kekkai around Yurina, unable to understand why she freaks out at his approach. Tokine tries to calm her down, but Yurina is afraid of her as well. Madarao sniffs Yurina to confirm his suspicion: she has a sixth sense that allowed her to see everything. Yoshimori desperately apologizes to Yurina. He tries to explain things, and as he talks, Yurina realizes that he actually has a normal side, which she hadn't seen until then. Afterward, Yoshimori asks Yurina to keep what she saw a secret. Yurina agrees, saying no one would believe her.[14]

Hiwatari's Deep Freeze

On her way to Karasumori, Tokine notices that Yoshimori looks tired, but he insists he will defeat her. Yoshimori spots the Ayakashi first, but it moves swiftly away from him.[15] Tokine later joins Yoshimori in chasing down the ice type Hiwatari, and tries to come up with a strategy. Tokine climbs a tree to get a better view, and estimates where Hiwatari is headed. As it emerges into the open, Tokine traps it within a Kekkai. Hiwatari breaks free by firing an ice shard and escapes. Tokine notes she was hoping to stop Hiwatari before it got to a dangerous place: the school pool, where Yoshimori soon chases it
. Hiwatari dives into the pool and freezes over the entire surface. Yoshimori tries to drive Hiwatari out, learning in the process that it reacts when provoked. Tokine insists that he is wasting his strength, but wishes she had enough strength to waste. When Hiwatari finally emerges, Tokine throws a kunai at it. Enraged, Hiwatari shoots a wide beam of ice at her. It begans to charge a large ice shard, but Tokine is unable to move because her feet are frozen to the ground. Yoshimori jumps in front of her and forms a Kekkai around them, but Tokine says that won't work, and tells him to follow her lead.[16] When Hiwatari launches the ice shard, Tokine and Yoshimori reflect it by combining their power. Hiwatari is hit by the shard and defeated. Yoshimori insists on carrying Tokine home on his back, and she reluctantly lets him. Tokine inwardly notes she would never have been able to defeat Hiwatari alone, and wonders what will happen if Yoshimori ever learns to control his strength. Both Yoshimori and Tokine are determined to train and get stronger. Tokine practices at home by forming many small Kekkai piled on top of each other.[17]

Kouya: Hakubi's Hands-Off Policy

Tokine and Hakubi arrive at Karasumori in time to capture Nagao, a pheasant Ayakashi that snuck up on Yoshimori. Yoshimori has already subdued Nagao's friends Uhosuke and Honetaro. A fourth Ayakashi, a powerful wolf named Kouya, emerges and frees the others. Kouya knows Madarao as Ginro,[18] and Madarao admits they are old friends, but parted ways long ago. Kouya is willing to forgive Madarao, but hates humans. Tokine recaptures Honetaro, Uhosuke, and Nagao, and Kouya attacks, wounding Uhosuke in the process. Kouya transforms, and in order to fight him evenly, Madarao asks Yoshimori to remove his collar. Yoshimori does, allowing Madarao to transform to his true state. [19] Yoshimori carries Uhosuke away from the battle so he can recover, and Uhosuke's friends help him. Tokine warns Yoshimori it was dangerous to remove Madarao's seal, and Yoshimori asks her to watch Uhosuke and his friends. Tokine wonders if Hakubi is similar to Kouya and Madarao, but Hakubi says they shouldn't get involved.[20] After Uhosuke recovers, he and his friends return to the battlefield to witness Kouya's defeat, while Tokine and Hakubi collect the beads from Madarao's necklace.

Tokine on standby

Tokine gives the beads to Yoshimori and tells him to reseal Madarao quickly. Hakubi warns him that Madarao might die without it.[21] Madarao's true, fierce nature as an Ayakashi emerges, driving him wild. While Yoshimori struggles with repairing the collar, Tokine notices Madarao howling in pain. Hakubi says it feels like your body is being split in two. He adds that it hurts even more since Yoshimori isn't used to using Nenshi. Hakubi grows frustrated, asks Tokine for a favor, and flies up to Yoshimori, giving him the last bead. Hakubi explains that the seal is a burden, and Karasumori is both boosting and restraining Madarao's power at the same time, so the pain for him is maddening. Hakubi guides Yoshimori through reconnecting the Nenshi. Madarao begins to thrash wildly, and Tokine distracts him with a Kekkai, allowing Yoshimori to complete the seal. The excess power flies away, and Madarao is returned to his smaller spirit form, though is completely exhausted. Shigemori and Tokiko arrive immediately after, and Shigemori yells at Yoshimori for removing Madarao's seal. Then he sees the damage to the school and becomes even more furious. The Kekkaishi and their Shikigami begin repairing all the damage, with everyone annoyed at Yoshimori for causing it.[22]

Little Black Demon

After taking a bath, Tokine walks into her kitchen and spots something tiny lurking in a corner, which freaks her out. She goes to the Sumimura Home to ask for help, but Yoshimori is the only one available. Tokine reluctantly accepts his help. Yoshimori at first thinks she is describing an Ayakashi, but soon realizes that it is only a common cockroach.

A terrified Tokine accidentally pushes Yoshimori

He follows Tokine home, where Tokiko is just as afraid as Tokine is. Tokine says her mother usually takes care of cockroaches, but is away at a hot spring with a friend. Tokine leads Yoshimori to the kitchen and orders him to get started. The cockroach soon appears, but Tokine latches onto Yoshimori in fear, causing him to miss as he tries to catch it with a Kekkai. Tokine tells him to use some other method that won't be as messy. Yoshimori creates tiny Shikigami to draw out the cockroach and sends them around the kitchen. The cockroach emerges, but Tokine shoves Yoshimori in fear, causing him to fall on the cockroach. When he sits up, the dead cockroach falls off of his shirt, exposing its abdomen, terrifying Tokine even more. For three days afterward, Tokine refuses to speak to or come anywhere near Yoshimori. She finally approaches him at Karasumori and apologizes, giving him a brand new shirt before running away.[23]

Masamori: The Coolest Sumimura

At Karasumori, both Madarao and Hakubi are overwhelmed by the horrible smell of that night's Ayakashi. Yoshimori forces Madarao to search, anyway, and they soon spot the spider-like Ayakashi perched on the side of the school. Yoshimori

Examining Sasorigama's shell

collapses a Kekkai around it, but is shocked when the Ayakashi remains, totally undamaged. Yoshimori repeats the process, causing the Ayakshi to fall to the ground. Tokine examines the Ayakashi and determines it to only be a shell. She inwardly worries that an Ayakashi so resistant to Metsu might get even stronger at Karasumori, during which Yoshimori manages to destroy the shell after five Metsu. Tokine is annoyed because she didn't get to examine the shell further. Yoshimori points out that they would never find the actual Ayakashi if they left the shell around, since both have the same smell. He grabs Madarao and rushes off to continue the search. Tokine asks Hakubi if he can distinguish between the scent of the shell and that of the Ayakashi. Hakubi agrees there may be some distinction, but that it will be difficult. Neither notices that they are being watched from a nearby tree by a mysterious man. Tokine and Hakubi later spot the man fighting the Ayakashi Sasorigama. Sasorigama is confident that Kekkaijutsu is useless against its armored shell, but the man remains calm as he targets one of Sasorigama's sickles with a Kekkai. Though the sickle survives the Metsu, it is cracked, which shocks Sasorigama. Sasorigama rushes to attack the man, who reacts by surrounding the sickle with several Kekkai and collapsing them all at once, destroying the sickle. Now confident that his plan will work, the man surrounds Sasorigama's entire body with five Kekkai. Sasorigama pleads for its life, but the man destroys it and collects the fragments with Tenketsu, just as Yoshimori and Madarao arrive. Tokine is glad to see the man, but Yoshimori is annoyed. The man brings out Kurohime and introduces her. Yoshimori demands to know why he is here, and the man replies that Yoshimori has made no progress in three years. He is finally revealed to be Masamori Sumimura, oldest son of the Sumimura Family.[24]

The next night, Tokine and Hakubi report to Karasumori, meeting Yoshimori and Madarao on the way. Tokine asks if Masamori is coming as well, which angers Yoshimori, so he runs ahead.[25] Tokine and Hakubi arrive at Karasumori, finding a forest has sprouted up in the schoolyard, and Yoshimori destroying the trees one by one. Tokine tells Yoshimori to stop wasting his power and help her examine the trees. Yoshimori fears the forest will continue to spread, but Tokine points out that they couldn't destroy the trees one by one fast enough. In an attempt to learn more, Tokine surrounds a lower portion of a tree with a Kekkai and destroys it. The tree falls, and while the stump instantly regrows, the top half does not. Hakubi realizes they must target the roots, but Tokine adds that they don't know how deep the roots go. She mentions that her grandmother told her that there is a low-intensity Kekkai around the school that alerts them of intruders, but it should also prevent Ayakashi from going any deeper than one meter below ground. Hakubi corrects her, saying that if Ayakashi get too close to Karasumori, they are swallowed up. Yoshimori shows Tokine a large, spiked pod hanging from a tree branch. Madarao smells a strong poison and urges Yoshimori to destroy the pod at once. Yoshimori does so, and Tokine asks Hakubi if he can sense the roots. Hakubi says the roots are stretching out around them, and Tokine notices that the tree branches are connecting as well. Tokine suggests that they call for help since there are too many uncertainties, but Yoshimori refuses, not wanting to accept Masamori's help. Hakubi agrees with Tokine, though he admits he doesn't like Masamori. Yoshimori suggests that he could surround the entire forest and then burn it, which would prevent the fire from reaching the school. Tokine finally agrees to help him. Tokine starts a fire in the forest. Yoshimori attempts to enclose the entire forest in a Kekkai. It takes considerable effort, but Yoshimori succeeds. Tokine uses a small Kekkai to create a hole in the top of Yoshimori's Kekkai. Air rushes into the hole, starting a large explosion.[26] Tokine worries whether Yoshimori will be able to maintain the Kekkai long enough for the entire forest to burn. The Kekkai gradually grows unstable. Tokine quickly uses Tenketsu to collect the flaming debris, and once the Kekkai fails, Yoshimori does the same. The forest is destroyed, but remaining clean-up job is too massive, so Tokine insists on calling for help. Tokiko, Shigemori, Masamori, and Toshimori all show up to help. Shigemori yells at Yoshimori, and Masamori lectures him on being so reckless, though is inwardly amazed that Yoshimori isn't even tired from his efforts. Tokine is impressed by how many Shikigami Masamori can create. Yoshimori becomes jealous, and Tokiko drags Tokine away, scolding her for talking to a Sumimura.

The next night at Kararsumori, when Tokine arrives, Yoshimori immediately tells her he doesn't know where Masamori is. Tokine asks why he hates Masamori, and Yoshimori simply calls him a jerk. Tokine disagrees, saying Masamori is a brother worthy of respect. Yoshimori goes off to sulk, something Tokine notices he's always done when Masamori is mentioned. She doesn't understand their relationship as an only child. Yoshimori wonders why Masamori is not the Legitimate Successor, and Tokine warns him to never say that in front of Masamori. Yoshimori asks what Tokine thinks of Karasumori, and she says despite growing up there, she feels she understands it less and less recently. [27] Later that night, Tokine senses Masamori's power as it spreads across the city and is greatly alarmed by it. The next night, Tokine is disappointed when she learns that Masamori has left, since she planned to ask him to teach her more techniques, which upsets Yoshimori. She decides not to say any more, knowing it will upset Yoshimori further.[28]

Lord Uro's Return

A mysterious creature in a kimono makes its way through Karasumori Academy, going undetected by students as it takes food from their lunches. Tokine spots the creature in the lunch room and quickly runs after it, but loses sight of it when she bumps into a student. She wonders why she didn't sense it. Finding nothing

Tokine examines Lord Uro's moss

else unusual in the high school section, Tokine wants to check the junior high section, but wonders if she can rely on Yoshimori. She is about to create some Shikigami when Yurina Kanda spots her. Yurina eagerly reintroduces herself and offers to go get Yoshimori, but Tokine declines. Tokine asks if Yurina has seen anything strange, and Yurina mentions seeing both Gen-san and the creature wearing a kimono. Yurina leads Tokine to where she saw the creature sitting on the school gate. Tokine finds moss in that spot, and realizes she can track the creature by looking for more moss growing around the school. At home, Tokine is concerned that she was never able to find the creature again, and Tokiko tells her that it was probably Lord Uro. Tokine is surprised that she knows about it, and Tokiko explains that Lord Uro is like a nature god. She guesses that his bed has broken again.[29] The next day at Karasumori, Tokine is curious how things went with Lord Uro's bed. Yoshimori reports it as a success, but is vague on the details. She presses him for details, but this only makes him more uncomfortable.[30]

No Crying Over Spilled Curry

On her way home from school, Tokine runs into Toshimori and his friends, Taichi Komagome and Gaku Mikawajima. She greets them warmly, and Toshimori's friends are stunned by her beauty. Tokine asks Toshimori if he has noticed Yoshimori acting odd lately, which she has noticed since Masamori came to visit. Toshimori says he hasn't, since to him, Yoshimori always acts odd. Later that evening, Shizue Yukimura makes dinner for the Sumimura boys and asks Tokine to take it over to them. Since no one answers the door, Tokine lets herself in. Tokine encounters a cockroach in the kitchen. Her screams bring the boys running, but she accidentally tosses the dinenr tray, sending food flying everywhere. Everyone ends up covered in curry as a result, and Tokine helps Yoshimori clean up.[31]

Kokuboro's First Invasions

Shirahago and The Spy

Tokine spends the afternoon practicing multi-layered Kekkai in her family Dojo, a technique she saw Masamori doing on Sasorigama. Although the technique makes up for her lack of strength she knows that her stamina has its limits and she cannot use the technique more than once a day. Her grandmother catches her practicing and tells her that the technique is not suited for her. On the way to school the next day, Tokine catches Yoshimori walking to school before she does while sipping three cartons of coffee milk at the same time. Disgusted, she walks away without a word.

That night, Tokine catches Yoshimori with a orange aura around himself. She breaks his concentration by yelling at him. She questions him about what he was doing, he doesn't say anything that would help her suspicion. Tokine assumes that he's up to no good and tries to tell him to stop. He yells at her and leaves. As she sits on the school, she starts to realize her frustration and curiosity is eating away at her. As Shirahago land, Hakubi is the first to notice, then her. Hakubi informs her that he smells a human. Tokine manages to capture one of them, it transforms and breaks through her Kekkai. When Shirahago come together, Tokine captures Fuzuki with a three layered Kekkai. When she begins to transform, Tokine destroys her, leaving the other two awestruck. After Shirahago transform into their owl form, she creates another multi-layered Kekkai around herself to avoid being blown away. Shirahago shoots sharp feathers at the Kekkai, most of them bounce off but they start to get through. Thinking that she's done for, Yoshimori creates a Kekkai around her and Hakubi and himself at the same time. She's surprised at Yoshimori's power. They both begin to talk about a strategy. On cue, Tokine creates an arrow Kekkai that extends into Shirahago's head making it unable to move.

Yoshimori destroys its head. When it begins to regenerate, Yoshimori creates a large Kekkai around its whole body. Shirahago begins shooting sharp feathers at the Kekkai, and he is losing control so he asks Tokine to create a larg

Tokine pierces Shirahago

e multi-layered Kekkai around his own. She knows that she can't do it and focuses on the shards, gets ready, and makes several Kekkai arrows into Shirahago's body. When Yoshimori's Kekkai becomes stable he destroys Shirahago. He then proceeds to yell at her, being jealous that she knows more techniques than him. She just giggles at him. Hakubi mentions that he still senses danger around so Tokine lets some of her Shikigami birds check around the school. It ends up finding the Spy, startling him, making him destroy it. Hakubi says that the scent of the human has started changing, so Yoshimori elevates himself to the roof of the Academy and finds the spy, Tokine is left to clean up and wait for her grandmother to come and help.

After the Spy gets away, Madarao returns back to Yoshimori with an Ayakashi bird. Once he and Tokine meet up they go over their evidence. After Yoshimori gets frustrated because of all the complications Tokine just asks him if he's been hiding something from her. Judging by the way he reacted she tells him to look her in the face and say he's not hiding anything. He gives in and tells her about his plan to seal the Karasumori site. She tells him not to do things on his own.

Gen Shishio: The New Kid on the Block

Tokine and Yoshimori visit Tatsumi Mino at school. They warn him that Ayakashi may infiltrate the school in human form, and ask him to notify them if he sees anything suspicious. Mino agrees, but seems largely unconcerned and reintroduces his snakes, who have apparently grown due to Karasumori's power, and are now capable of speech. Afterward in the hallway, Yoshimori mentions that he gave the discarded arm from The Spy's human disguise to his grandfather, who said he would take it to an expert. Tokine notices how much Yoshimori has grown.[32]

Tokine senses an evil aura during school and runs to the spot, only to find Yoshimori standing before a huge set of claw marks in a wall. As they begin to repair the wall with Shikigami, Yoshimori explains that he felt an evil aura after his Shikigami was destroyed. He realizes that the culprit is deliberately provoking him, and races off to confront them, leaving Tokine to finish the repairs on her own. Afterward, Tokine tracks down Yoshimori, who is pursuing a new transfer student. However, she is annoyed by the fact that both are using their supernatural abilities in broad daylight. The two boys head to the roof, but Tokine takes the stairs. On the way, she senses an evil aura, and arrives in time to see the new student, his hand transformed into a large wolf claw, easily destroy Yoshimori's Kekkai. The student calls both Yoshimori and the Kekkai weak for a Legitimate Successor, and reveals that he is Gen Shishio of the Night Troop, assigned to assist Karasumori's Kekkaishi.[33] Yoshimori demands more information from Gen. Gen says that a large group of Ayakashi are targeting Karasumori, and that Kekkaishi will not be able to defeat them alone. Gen doubts Yoshimori's abilities again, and Yoshimori swears he will surpass Gen. Tokine hits them both with Kekkai for using their powers in the daytime. She points out that a Night Troop operative should be able to carry out missions without being noticed. She begins to introduce herself, but Gen walks past her without a word, which greatly frustrates Tokine.[34]

The Prince: Under Control

There was word from the entire school that a local idol has appeared at Karasumori Academy: Kimiya Hachioji of Chuou Higashi High School. The school buzzed with excitement. Tokine's friend, Kirara, read Tokine her fortune that afternoon, saying that all the boys the girls want will be hers. Tokine doesn't seem interested.

Kimiya and Tokine

During class, Kimiya walked in to Tokine's class, saying that he's looking for someone special. He spots Tokine, and says that he's found her. As he walks towards Tokine, Mao Shinohara falls into a fantasy moment and assumes that Kimiya is going for her. He passes her and walks directly up to Tokine. She doesn't look too thrilled, or surprised. After school, Kimiya and Tokine walk out of the academy together, holding hands. Tokine still doesn't look too interested, probably already knowing that Kimiya was possessed. They walk into an alley, where he lifts her into his arms and jumps up to a condemned building, where he reveals his true self. He is actually being controlled by an Ayakashi named Nouotoko, which controls the mind and greatly enhances its host's physical ability.

Nouotoko offers Tokine a deal: if she gives him her body, then he can enhance her abilities seeing as she's the weakest Kekkaishi. She agrees to this, but asks about the mysterious organization that he was hired from. He reveals the name of it to be: The Kokuboro. He then provides more information, but it is strictly limited. When she asks more, he tells her that she needs to make the trade, or he'd kill Kimiya. She puts her bag down a

Tokine beating Nouotoko

nd walks over to him, tells him Kimiya's name, and then whispers in his ear, warning him not to mess with her. Harshly, she uses a Kekkai arrow and slams it into Nouotoko's head. She hits him in the head numerous times until he agrees to tell her more about Kokuboro. He tells her everything he knows, and then attempts to throw a table at her and run. Instinctively, she uses a bouncy Kekkai, which throws the table back at him. She then frees Kimiya of Nouotoko's control and destroys him as Kimiya lays unconscious. When he regains consciousness, she apologizes to him. He then remembers the beating she gave him and runs away, begging for her not to hit him anymore. Tokine then catches Gen and Yoshimori hiding under the window. In the parking lot, she explains that she wants to cooperate with The Shadow Organization more now that they know the name of their enemy.

Tokine Alone; Yoshimori's Absence

After Yoshimori catches a cold from falling into the freezing pool, Tokine is forced to work alone that night, with Gen at her side. On her way to the Karasumori site, Hakubi makes a joke about if she'll be okay without Yoshimori there. She takes that to offense and runs off. In the forest, Hakubi picks up a familiar scent. Then, Shigemori Sumimura runs jumps out of the bushes with Madarao at his side, saying he'll be replacing Yoshimori for the night. As Tokine and Hakubi run to the Karasumori site, Hakubi picks up a human scent, and they encounter the Ayakashi later on. The Ayakashi was Hisui, the subordinate of Kokuboro's scientist, Aihi. Hisui becomes over confident and breaks out of his human skin. After Shigemori fakes hurting his back, she uses a dull Kekkai arrow to move him away as Hisui shoots his pink substance that melted the ground when he missed Shigemori. After Gen tries to kill Hisui, he transforms to small pockets of water, and then comes together in his original form. He does this twice, the second time punching Gen away. Tokine traps Hisui, who breaks apart; she then destroys the part of him she captured, but he regenerates again. Gen suggests using a large Kekkai, but she knows her limits and can't do it. Tokine decides to capture every piece of him when he breaks apart. She traps him again, and he disperses. She goes in and traps every piece of him she sees, and destroys all of them. Thinking she finished the job, Hisui regenerates and is twice as larger from before from taking in Karasumori's power. Before he could kill Tokine, he is finally captured and destroyed by Yoshimori.

Kokuboro's Second Invasions

Negotiatons, Kokuboro Style

Kaguro and a team of Ayakashi infiltrate Karasumori Academy during the day. They break into the broadcast room and announce themselves as members of Kokuboro. They invite the Kekkaishi to meet them at "the usual place" that night. Tokine, Yoshimori, and Gen rush to find Kaguro's team. Yoshimori and Gen spot them as they exit the school, but Yoshimori stops Gen from fighting because people would see him transform.[35] The school closes early because of the disturbance. Yoshimori, Tokine, and Gen Shishio meet up to discuss the intruders. Tokine suspects that one was the same Ayakashi that Yoshimori took an arm from, but Yoshimori says while the face was similar, the personality was different. Gen adds that aside from the black-haired one, the rest all had the same smell. Tokine is worried the Ayakashi might come back during the day, but Yoshimori feels confident they won't, since his grandfather told him they can't use their full power while wearing the disguises. Tokine wants to ask her grandmother for advice, but Yoshimori insists that they handle it themselves, since their grandparents would only refuse to work together and cause problems. Yoshimori asks for Gen's cooperation, but Gen only says he won't abandon his mission and leaves. Tokine asks Gen not to be reckless, but he doesn't agree to it.

That night at Karasumori, the Kekkaishi and Gen go to meet Kaguro's team, only to find them setting up tables and chairs (taken from the school) outside. Kaguro invites them to sit down, but Yoshimori refuses. Kaguro says they only want to talk. Sanan says if the Kekkaishi peacefully surrender Karasumori, they and the students will not be harmed. Though Gen cannot sense Kaguro's evil aura, he is still able to determine that Kaguro is the strongest Ayakashi present. Sanan tries to convince the Kekkaishi by claiming they don't want to harm humans, and in fact desire to become human. Gen tries to take Kaguro down first, but Kaguro's speed is far greater, and he seriously wounds Gen with only one attack, taking him out of the fight for the moment.[36] Kaguro quickly destroys Madarao and Hakubi, and decides to leave the rest to his team. Sanan picks up Gen, quickly retreating with the others. Yoshimori follows, leaving Tokine with no choice but to follow him. They are lead into an area marked off with four large, square stones. Yoshimori tries to attack but fails. Sanan explains that the area seals Kekkai abilities, meaning the Kekkaishi are essentially normal humans within it. The Kekkaishi try to escape, only to be forced to stop by Sekia. Sanan explains that his plan is to force them to negotiate while they are powerless. Sekia begins launching trees at the Kekkaishi.[37] Tokine tells Yoshimori to escape the trap while she provides a distraction. However, Tokine is wounded in the process, and Yoshimori returns to protect her, insisting that with Gen already down, he doesn't want to see anyone else get hurt. Yoshimori theorizes there must be a limit to how far the boundary extends. After Tokine gets a running start, he boosts her straight up into the air, where she is able to surround all four Ayakashi with individual Kekkai, though cannot collapse them all at once. Haizen reveals his ability to shoot an acid-like substance from his mouth that easily melts the Kekkai. The four Ayakashi discard their human disguises[38] revealing their true forms. Sanan picks up an anti-Kekkai stone and throws it at the Kekkaishi, forcing them to dodge. Haizen floods the area with smoke, then produces acidic rain. Yoshimori and Tokine take cover beneath the anti-Kekkai stone. Tokine says she informed her grandmother even though Yoshimori asked her not to, so they could wait until she arrives, since she would be able to sense the Ayakashi now. Yoshimori refuses to wait. They use a Kekkai coated with another as an elevator to boost them high above the ground, startling the Ayakashi. Tokine impales Haizen with Kekkai, allowing Yoshimori to destroy him.[39] Tokine has little power left, but Yoshimori tells her to leave the rest to him. The Ayakashi begin to argue among themselves. Yoshimori quickly destroys Haroku. Yoshimori and Tokine feel Gen's aura and realize he must be safe. While they are distracted, Sekia grabs Tokine. Sanan and Sekia use Tokine as a hostage and tell Yoshimori to surrender. In his anger, Yoshimori is surrounded by a dark aura as he orders them to release Tokine. This interests Kaguro, who suddenly kills Sanan and Sekia for sinking to using a hostage.[40] With Tokine freed, she falls into the debris of the remains of Sanan and Sekia and is buried. Yoshimori digs Tokine out of the debris, finding she protected herself with a Kekkai. He apologizes for allowing her to be taken hostage, and he forgives him, embarrassed by how worried he is. Kyoichi Hiba approaches, carrying the unconscious Gen, and introduces himself. He explains because Gen broke the rules, he'll be dismissed immediately from Karasumori. Yoshimori is confused that Hiba seems so casual about this since he and Gen are comrades. Hiba says that to him, Gen is a monster who attacked his own family. Gen wakes up and says he'll leave without protest. Yoshimori and Tokine are shocked by how easily Gen gives in and walks away.[41]

The Trouble with Gen

Yoshimori and Tokine discuss their not wanting Gen to leave. Yoshimori wishes Gen would at least give some sign that he didn't want to leave. Yoshimori confesses that he wishes the Sumimuras and Yukimuras could forget their grudge and work together, and urges Tokine to think the same.[42] Since Gen refuses to talk to them, Yoshimori and Tokine set a trap with a small Ayakashi tied to a bucket. When Gen shows up to destroy it, Yoshimori flattens him with a huge Kekkai. Tokine yells at Yoshimori for being too excessive. Gen tries to escape, but Tokine drags him to the ground, annoyed that he seems to be afraid of them. She states clearly that they want him to stay, and they'll find a way for so they can fight together as a team. Yoshimori angrily encourages Gen to fight to keep his job. Gen says it's impossible for him to cooperate with humans. Hiba arrives and informs them that Gen will stay, with a strict warning that he won't get a second chance. Gen thanks him, but Hiba admits it wasn't his decision. Yoshimori and Tokine happily congratulate Gen.[43]

Atora's Teamwork Training

The Kokuboro War: The First Battles

Tokiko leaves home to attempt to gain entry into Kurosusuki, the location of Kokuboro's castle. She leaves a Shikigami clone to watch over the Yukimura Home in her absence.[44] Tokine is concerned, since the mission is dangerous and Tokiko has never been away for more than a day, but is confident Karasumori has plenty of people supporting it.[45]

A massive, black cloud appears over Karasumori,[46] and hundreds of Ayakashi emerge from it. Tokine, Yoshimori, and Gen attack the invaders. Gagin finally sets foot on Karasumori, incinerating everything nearby with his entrance.[47] He displays his overwhelming attack power, and quickly transforms into a six-armed centaur.[48] Gagin focuses all of his attacks on Gen, but Gen refuses to give up. [49] Tokine and Yoshimori try to protect Gen, but Gagin destroys most of his arms, though they quickly regenerate due to Karasumori's influence. Gen decides to transform as well, revealing his wolf-man form.[50] Gagin prepares a huge fireball, and as he launches it, Tokine creates a stairway of Kekkai for Gen to reach him,[51] while Yoshimori attempts to deflect the fireball back at Gagin. The plan succeeds, and Gagin is moments from death when Kaguro suddenly appears and drives two swords deep into Gen's back. Kaguro gives Gen one last chance to become his ally, but Gen refuses. Kaguro rips his swords free, mortally wounding Gen as Yoshimori and Tokine look on in shock.[52] Yoshimori tries to attack Kaguro, but he escapes, and Kokuboro's forces retreat. Gen reverts to his human form, but is not healing. Shigemori and Hiba arrive, and Hiba only seems concerned that Gen broke the rule not to transform. Tokine tries to explain that his doing so saved their lives, but Hiba explains that Ayakashi Majiri are more vulnerable than true Ayakashi, which is why Gen isn't allowed to transform. As an Ayakashi Majiri himself, he can sense Gen's life ending and admits that while he hates Gen, he never wished for his death. Gen asks Hiba to take his apology for failing to defend the land to Masamori. Masamori arrives at Karasumori with the Night Troop's Relief Unit, but is shocked when Yoshimori tells him that Gen is already dead.[53]

The night of Gen's funeral, Tokine arrives at Karasumori to find Yoshimori trying not to cry. Yoshimori insists that Gen had no reason to risk his life for Karasumori, but Tokine thinks he had a different reason for doing it. Tokine says it's okay for him to cry, but Yoshimori thinks she'll make fun of him. Tokine insists that she wouldn't, inwardly admitting she hoped they could cry together. Yoshimori swears he'll become stronger, so that he won't have to cry anymore.[54] Tokine informs Yoshimori of her grandmother's return. Tokiko intends to create a path to Kokuboro's castle in Kurosusuki. Tokine is worried about how dangerous it is.[55]

The Kokuboro War: The Second Battles

Tokine overhears Yoshimori rededicating himself to training and decides to do the same. Masamori moves the Night Troop to Karasumori in preparation for Kokuboro's next attack.[56] Most of the female members and some children stay at the Yukimura Home. Tokine notices Atora's absence, and Miki Hatori tells her that Atora is staying in Gen's old apartment. Tokiko begins the process of opening a dimensional gateway to Kurosusuki in the side of a mountain.[57]

At Karasumori, Tokine finds it odd to have so many allies present, and notices Yoshimori has something on his mind. Hakota spots Kokuboro's forces approacing and alerts everyone else. Odo creates a huge fireball, and Todoroki knocks it into the black cloud with his kanabo, destroying many demons in the process.[58] Yoshimori abandons the battle in hopes of finding Kaguro, but orders Tokine not to come when she tries to follow. After Masamori defeats Gagin, Tokine informs him that Yoshimori has left the battle.[59]

The Kokuboro War: The Final Battles

After learning from Madarao that Yoshimori allowed himself to be taken hostage, Masamori gathers all members of the Night Troop still able to fight. They, along with Tokine and Shigemori, track down Tokiko, who has opened a portal to Kurosusuki. She gives them permission to use it, but warns them that the dimension is collapsing, so they must return before within vanishes completely. Masamori selects a small team to go in and rescue Yoshimori and Sen Kagemiya: himself, Mukade, Hakudo, Odo, Hakota, and Yukimasa. Shigemori insists on going as well. Tokine wants to go, but both Masamori and Tokiko refuse to let her. Tokiko says it was reckless for Yoshimori, as a Legitimate Successor, to abandon Karasumori.[60] Tokine assists her grandmother in maintaining the portal. Tokiko forms a net to pull out Masamori's team. Tokine is stunned to see Yoshimori returned to them safely.[61] Tokine rushes over and slaps Yoshimori, knocking him to the ground. She yells at him for rushing off recklessly and endangering himself, without considering the people who would worry about him. Tokine says she won't forgive him if this happens again as Yoshimori tries desperately to apologize. He tries to explain that he had to avenge Gen. Tokine suddenly hugs him, urging him to take better care of himself. Yoshimori suddenly collapses, exhausted from his efforts.[62]

The Apprentice Exorcist's Quest

Tokine and Hakubi arrive at Karasumori just before an intruder is detected on the grounds. Yoshimori and Tokine chase a dark creature across the site. Without warning, the demon is struck from behind by a flying stake. Yoshimori and Tokine both catch sight of a hooded figure leaping toward them. With a loud cry, the hooded figure channels a large column of spiritual power into the demon, using the stake as a focus. The Kekkaishi are shocked as the hooded figure rushes past them to inspect its prey. The large portion of the demon near the stake has been vaporized. The hooded figure notes that the demon is "the wrong one" and even offers a small apology to it as Yoshimori demands an explanation. The hooded boy offers to clean up the mess that he caused, but Yoshimori explains that the land is the responsibility of the Kekkaishi, and asks him not to act on his own. Upon realizing that he is in Karasumori, the hooded boy becomes excited, stating that spirits would come there to recover faster. He murmurs that Karasumori is "that guy's" target, then quickly laughs it off. At Tokine's prompting, the boy introduces himself as Takeshi Kongo, a 16 year-old exorcist, then quickly collapses from exhaustion. Yoshimori and Tokine pick up Takeshi and his pack, which is full of large stakes. Yoshimori takes Takeshi home with him, but reveals to Tokine the next morning that despite being weak and covered in wounds, Takeshi vanished overnight. However, Yoshimori is confident that he will return, since he purposely hid one of Takeshi's stakes.[63]

That evening, on their way to Karasumori, Tokine and Hakubi find Yoshimori sitting against a wall, with a stake driven through his backpack to prevent him from moving. Tokine frees him, recognizing Takeshi's handiwork. Angry at himself for losing to Takeshi, Yoshimori goes alone to retrieve the stake that he hid, so that he can return it, and tells Tokine to go ahead. Madarao admits to Tokine that he was surprised by Takeshi's strength, but realizes that this means the spirit he's after is also very strong. Yoshimori (now carrying Takeshi's missing stake), Tokine, Madarao, and Hakubi soon reach Karasumori. Yoshimori calls for Takeshi, but spots Jaren, an evil spirit instead. Takeshi soon appears, wounded from battle, and sadly reporting that Jaren was able to free himself from all of the stakes that Takeshi had worked so hard to embed in him. He worries that he will never be able to seal Jaren because his will is no longer strong enough.[64] Takeshi claims that having an unwavering will can bring out a person's strength, but that he can't do it in his current state. Madarao and Hakubi locate Jaren as he appears before the group. Jaren attacks, but Yoshimori knocks him away with a Kekkai. Jaren decides to deal with them slowly and runs away. Since Jaren seems to be targeting Takeshi, Yoshimori places a protective Kekkai around Takeshi, still thinking on willpower. Tokine adds her own Kekkai around Yoshimori's, and assures Takeshi they will somehow defeat Jaren as she leaves with Yoshimori, Madarao, and Hakubi.[65] Jaren appears in front of Yoshimori, Tokine, and Hakubi. Yoshimori is impressed by the evil aura he senses, but Tokine feels suffocated, as if something is probing them, and warns Yoshimori to keep his distance. Yoshimori points out that he can't fight if he stays far away, and surrounds Jaren with a Kekkai. Oddly, Jaren does not seem alarmed, and Yoshimori is still able to sense Jaren's malice with through the Kekkai. Yoshimori watches in shock as Jaren simply walks out of the Kekkai, melting it away at his touch. Jaren dissolves his body into a black whirlwind and surrounds Yoshimori, and uses twisted logic to make Yoshimori doubt his worth as a Kekkaishi. Tokine and Madarao are unable to get closer, and Hakubi realizes that Jaren is targeting Yoshimori. Yoshimori's will weakens, and Jaren instantly attacks him. Jaren is then struck by Takeshi's stakes and driven back. Takeshi rejoins the group, warning them that Jaren is skilled at using twisted logic, which allows him to devour the hearts of weak people. He tells them to retreat, because confidence is the only thing that can keep them from being consumed. Yoshimori is worried because Takeshi hasn't fully recovered, but Takeshi says that he will not waver because he shares his master's wish that no one would be hurt due to their own weakness. Jaren begins to taunt Takeshi: he says that Takeshi isn't a real disciple because he only trained three days, and that Kurogane didn't deserve such loyalty as a man who harmed others to make his wishes come true. Takeshi recalls that Kurogane warned him not to be like himself, proof that at least some of Jaren's words are true. Jaren says this is because he ate Kurogane's heart, but Yoshimori says the relationship between Takeshi and Kurogane isn't something for Jaren to decide. Yoshimori and Tokine pummel Jaren with their Kekkai, causing him to flee. Yoshimori chops Takeshi on the head, saying that he should take his own advice and not listen to Jaren. Tokine says that she and Yoshimori are good at what they do, and that the three of them will be stronger together. Takeshi says that he must reset the master and follower contract with Jaren. He explains that he initially planned to use the thickest stake (the one Yoshimori hid earlier) to destroy Jaren, but will use it to make the contract instead.[66]

Yoshimori and Takeshi fall into a cycle of pursuing Jaren: pummeling him with Kekkai and stakes until he dissovles and flees, and repeating this once they corner him again. Tokine and Hakubi chase after them, wondering what the pair could be thinking. She recalls that Takeshi has already told them that normal attacks are useless: Jaren will only dissolve and escape, manipulating the opponent until it devours their heart, leaving only an empty corpse. Yoshimori suggests that they maintain an overly positive attitude: Tokine dislikes this plan, but Takeshi agrees. Jaren suddenly stops running and confronts the pair. Tokine catches up and warns them to get away as she sees Jaren gathering power. Takeshi tells Yoshimori to get away as well, since he's not used to Jaren's malice, but Yoshimori claims that he'll only know if it's possible for him to fight Jaren if he gets closer. Jaren suddenly grows in size, and says he's stronger because of the malicious hearts of humans, which give him power. Jaren claims that Kurogane was especially tasty. Yoshimori is confused, because Jaren's words have no effect on him: from what Takeshi told him of Kurogane, he feels Jaren is mistaken about him. Takeshi realizes that Jaren is only focusing on a small part of the overall man that was his master, and knows that Kurogane truly regretted his crime, and hunted Jaren to make up for it. This makes Takeshi more determined to stop Jaren. Yoshimori surrounds Jaren with a Kekkai, and Takeshi throws a stake imbued with his power at Jaren. Jaren shrieks as he is struck, and Takeshi says he will bear all of Jaren, and commands him to kneel with an explosion of power. Takeshi proclaims the contract a success, and Jaren seems stunned before he dissolves and flees again, this time leaving Karasumori for good. Yoshimori is alarmed, but Takeshi assures him that Jaren cannot move too far away from his master, and that he will take care of Jaren slowly later on. Yoshimori and Takeshi begin to loudly celebrate, much to Tokine's embarrassment.[67] Takeshi intends to keep chasing Jaren. Tokine warns him not to strain himself, but he replies that he wouldn't be successful if he didn't. Takeshi and Yoshimori both promise to keep pursuing their individual goals, and they part ways as friendly comrades. A few days later at Karasumori, Yoshimori and Madarao encounter Udedango, a rolling Ayakashi. Yoshimori decides to test his still imperfect Zekkai on it, but Udedango merely knocks him aside and keeps going, until Tokine uses her Kekkai Spear on it. Tokine inwardly notes that Zekkai feels dangerous and uncomfortable, and Madarao frustrates Yoshimori further by comparing his lack of improvement to Takeshi, who learned quickly. Yoshimori decides that Zekkai doesn't suit him, and chooses to walk a different path than Masamori, planning to make a new technique to seal Karasumori. Tokine and Hakubi decide to leave him alone, and Tokine admits that he has great intuition, so one day he might even be successful. [68]

The Box Plot

The Mysterious Boxes

At Karasumori, Yoshimori brings a chocolate cake for Tokine to try, but she tells him she prefers cheesecake. Okuni of the Group of Twelve arrives in a palanquin carried by her hooded subordinates. One of them asks where Masamori is, but Okuni says she doesn't really need a guide. She is the first to spot a mysterious box on the ground behind Yoshimori.[69] Madarao confirms that it has no scent, and Okuni says they should be more alert, as the box was already there when she arrived. Yoshimori mistakenly assumes she put it there and destroys the box immediately. Madarao detects something else, and Yoshimori heads up to the school roof to investigate. Miki Hatori and Higurashi from the Night Troop arrive. Hatori apologizes to Okuni for being late, and explains that Masamori was held up by an emergency, so she has come as his representative. Yoshimori returns holding another box. Alarmed, Hatori tells him to put it down and get away from it at once, as it has the same appearance of a box that caused the current crisis at Night Troop Headquarters. Tokine is confused by this reaction, and Okuni explains that she was sent to investigate Karasumori with Masamori as her guide. After confirming that Masamori is dealing with the same crisis as well, Okuni asks Hatori to explain it in detail. Hatori reveals that a strange box was delivered to them, and it quickly swallowed up Misao, a young trainee. Masamori gave orders not to open the box, but it soon opened on its own, releasing Amaarashi, an Ayakashi that controls rain clouds and wind. After being caught, its belly exploded, releasing many smaller demons. In the chaos that followed, Akira, another trainee, went missing. Night Troop members began to find boxes in other places around the headquarters. After hearing the story, Madarao suspects there are more boxes at Karasumori as well. Okuni decides to solve the mystery of the boxes in addition to her inspection.[70] Yoshimori remains with Okuni while Tokine helps the others search for more boxes.[71]

Okuni eventually gathers everyone and has her subordinates perform a spell on the box, and are then able to remove the lid. Okuni explains that because it was too difficult to dispel, they broke the spell by force. Inside the box is a paper with the number four written on it, though the paper is ripped in two. Okuni says the box is for entry and exit, and that the ability user controlling it can manipulate dimensions like a Kekkaishi. As an example, Okuni uses a seashell pendant to open an eye-shaped portal in the sky, through which an enormous archive of books can be seen. Okuni goes through the books to narrow down the box culprit, and finds out quickly due to it being such a unique ability. Hatori tells Okuni that the box at Night Troop Headquarters is no longer active, and Okuni guesses that this is because the ability user is now dead. Okuni says that there are generally limits to a person's ability, and that if anyone had enough power to manipulate boxes at Karasumori and Night Troop Headquarters at the same time, she would definitely know about them. Okuni abruptly ends the discussion, saying she knows all she needs to, but refuses to share what she's learned with the others, which makes Yoshimori furious. Suddenly, four boxes around Karasumori open, releasing four strong demons.[72] Hatori volunteers herself and Higurashi to help deal with the new threat. Okuni and her subordinates watch as the others decide on a strategy. Hatori offers to provide cover, but insists that the Kekkaishi should be the ones who actually defeat the Ayakashi. Higurashi reveals a strange ability to grow large, black wings, and after Hatori hops on his back, they take to the sky. Tokine suggests that they split up, and Yoshimori agrees.

Tokine and Hakubi defeat the first Ayakashi, which resembles a large spider. Yoshimori attacks the second Ayakashi, which resembles a giant snake. The third Ayakashi, which resembles a flying manta ray, approaches from the air, and is easily destroyed by Hatori's Black Wing projectiles. Okuni seems somewhat impressed with the progress, but suggests they should be figuring out what the box user is actually after. Madarao has some trouble tracking the final Ayakashi because it keeps moving, but finally leads Yoshimori to it. Unlike the others, this Ayakashi resembles a woman with short, wild, dark hair, and is dressed in a kimono. The Ayakashi immediately attacks with long strands of hair. Hakubi leads Tokine to the battle, but she spots a dark, human figure watching from inside the school, and decides to investigate it.[73]

Tokine vs. Reiji Kakushino

Tokine and Hakubi observe the stranger from a nearby hallway. Hakubi notes that he has no scent, and Tokine realizes he is responsible for the boxes around Karasumori. The stranger spots them and runs into a classroom. Tokine chases him, but finds the classroom empty. She notices the teacher's desk has been moved, and finds one of the numbered papers, similar to the one she saw in the box. Recognizing that it must be some kind of gateway, Tokine attempts to use her phasing ability on the paper. She eventually succeeds, tumbling through the paper and into a private dimension, directly in front of the stranger, who is carrying an identical paper.[74] He is shocked that Tokine Yukimura was able to penetrate his gateway. Tokine surrounds him with a Kekkai, but he uses his inkbrush to open a hole in the Kekkai and escape, then creates a wall between he and Tokine. Reiji places talismans on the wall, and is confident that Tokine is trapped because the dimension is under his control.[75] Tokine searches for a way to escape the room created around her. Because everything in the dimension in under the stranger's control, her Kekkai have proved useless. She reasons that she should be able to use spatial phasing to pass through his creations, but the process is taking longer because the dimension is more difficult to read than the gateway was.[76] Tokine manages to phase her way into a room alongside the main chamber, despite numerous talismans placed along the dimension's walls. Shocked and desperate, the stranger prepares for her arrival. Tokine phases into the chamber, but he is gone. She studies the gateways along the wall, but doesn't notice an additional one placed on a screen behind her.

Tokine unexpectedly reappears, where her grandmother and Shigemori have joined the clean-up efforts. Yoshimori immediately worries that Tokine may have been harmed. After assuring him that she is fine, Tokine explains that she was chasing the box culprit. Okuni says she now has a good grasp of the situation, and a better understanding of how dangerous and problematic Karasumori is.[77] Okuni blames the Kekkaishi for simply maintaining the status quo for 400 years and allowing the danger of Karasumori to remain unchecked the whole time. She states that she cannot ignore this. Shigemori warns her that if she were to make rash judgments without consulting the Kekkaishi, they would have to treat her as an enemy. Okuni responds by laughing and directing the full force of her hostility at the group, overwhelming them. She explains that the only reason the Shadow Organization doesn't control the world is because they only wish to preserve it, and if Karasumori threatens to disturb the order, they will correct it regardless of their wishes. Okuni advises Tokiko and Shigemori to better control their Legitimate Successors and leaves abruptly.[78] Tokine doubts that the power Yoshimori felt recently was actually Karasumori's, and he tries to re-summon it as proof, but cannot. Tokine questions why the power would aid him when it only helped Ayakashi before, and Yoshimori guesses it's because he's a Legitimate Successor. Tokine guesses that Karasumori built up stress and just needed to release it. Yoshimori wonders if he should have listened to the power, admitting that he doesn't hate Karasumori.[79]

Yoshimori's New Girlfriend?

Madoka warns Tokine that fellow high schooler Julia Roppongi has taken an interest in Yoshimori. Tokine assumes she's joking, but Madoka says there's a rumor that after her last break-up, Julia threw herself off the roof, and Yoshimori saved her. Tokine inwardly admits that it sounds like something Yoshimori would do. Madoka is concerned, because if it were a normal girl, she'd try to convince Tokine to interfere, but she's afraid Tokine would get killed since Julia is involved.[80] Julia comes to Tokine's class and asks to speak with her. They go up to the roof, and Julia asks what Tokine's relationship is with Yoshimori. Tokine asks what Yoshimori said, and Julia angrily points out that Tokine is the one that started the trouble by returning the lunch Julia had made for Yoshimori. Tokine naturally denies this, but soon realizes that Yoshimori must have used a Shikigami clone of her. Tokine becomes angry that Yoshimori would drag her into his mess without asking, especially since she would have been willing to help him with Julia otherwise. Tokine says that she is simply Yoshimori's neighbor, and that Julia can do what she wants with him, but that Yoshimori is only a stupid kid. Julia assumes Tokine is trying to trick her into giving up, and states that based on his rescuing her, she is certain Yoshimori will grow up into a fine man. This makes no sense to Tokine, who remembers Yoshimori as a crybaby kid. She tells Julia not to make up rumors and to leave her out of it before walking away.

Yoshimori goes to the high school section to ask Tokine to pose as his girlfriend so he can get rid of Julia. Madoka notices him and warns him to do something about Julia, since Tokine is really mad. She offers to go get Tokine, but soon comes back and sadly reports that Tokine doesn't want to see him. After school, Julia chases Yoshimori down and drags him to a nearby park, but neither is aware that Tokine is angrily watching them from the bushes.[81] Yoshimori tries to think of some way to escape from Julia, but is stunned when she says that she wants to get to know him better. Tokine is greatly annoyed as she watches from the bushes, wondering why Yoshimori doesn't simply run away. Julia thanks Yoshimori for saving her and compliments him, something he isn't used to. Julia begins talking about their future together, which at first overwhelms him, but he doesn't seem to disagree with her ideas. Yoshimori realizes how cute Julia is, but quickly reminds himself that Tokine is the only girl he thinks of. Oddly, Julia is able to sense he's thinking of another girl and gets annoyed. Tokine decides that she won't save Yoshimori anymore. Unable to resist Julia, Yoshimori creates a Shikigami clone of Tokine and has her try to pull him away from Julia. Tokine emerges and furiously punches Yoshimori in the head, yelling at him not to use her face like that. Julia faints in shock, and wakes up later in the arms of Yoshimori's Handsome Shikigami, who comforts her.

That night at Karasumori, Tokine is still mad and won't talk to Yoshimori. He apologizes again, but Tokine blames him for not being firm with Julia and being nice to her, instead of driving her away. Yoshimori admits he has no idea why Julia likes him, and Tokine says it's because Julia thought he saved her life. Yoshimori gets mad and bumps Tokine off the school roof with a Kekkai, bouncing her off another and catching her in his arms. Yoshimori says he did it as a simulation of the time he saved Julia, and asks if Tokine will fall for him now. Tokine starts to see why Julia like Yoshimori so much, and Yoshimori promises to turn Julia down properly. The following day at school, Yoshimori finds out from Hiromu that Julia dumped him. It turns out that Julia has fallen in love with Yoshimori's Handsome Shikigami, but she also took the time to spread rumors that Tokine had magic powers.[82]

The Dragon Deity

In the Yukimura Home's dojo, Tokiko watches as Tokine attempts to phase through a large kekkai. Tokine succeeds within the set time limit. Tokiko says that Tokine's ability to finely manipulate her power may mean that she has true talent as a phaser. Tokine notes that it would not be useful against Ayakashi, but Tokiko points out that it is helpful against other ability users. She further explains that understanding an opponent's technique may provide insight into their ability, attitude, and way of thinking. Tokiko urges Tokine to continue the training, since she may be forced to fight ability users in the future.

At Karasumori Academy, Yoshimori tries unsuccessfully to call out Karasumori's power. Tokine and Hakubi soon arrive, and Tokine suggests that Yoshimori should focus on other training. She worries that Karasumori is being targeted again, but Yoshimori has no idea what she means. Tokine reminds him that after the incident with the Kakushino Twins, Kyoichi Hiba came to their homes to talk with their grandparents. Yoshimori is frustrated by his inability to understand, and Tokine criticizes him for not listening well. Yoshimori shrugs this off and rededicates himself to protecting Karasumori and solving its mysteries. Madarao notices that the rain clouds are very large, and Yoshimori sees something white falling from them. An enormous dragon crashes to the ground in front of them, and it attacks Yoshimori as soon as it wakes up, saying it will not forgive.[83] Madarao tells Yoshimori a legend of how the young lord of Karasumori was said to have had a dragon for a playmate. Tokine interrupts them, asking if they should be so calm about the dragon currently occupying Karasumori. Yoshimori angrily demands if she thinks they should destroy it. Tokine points out that the dragon is covered in wounds, so Yoshimori assumes that someone really strong and mean was responsible and offers to get rid of them. The dragon's tail suddenly smacks Yoshimori and sends him flying. Yoshimori catches himself with a Kekkai and demands to know why the dragon hates him. The dragon recognizes the technique, and Madarao warns Yoshimori to be careful, since such a high-level Ayakashi is bound to be very proud.

Tokine introduces herself to the dragon, explains their duty as Kekkaishi and desire to settle the matter peacefully, and requests that the dragon leave as soon as possible. The dragon seems calm enough, but insists that Yoshimori stay away, since it doesn't like him for some reason. Tokine discovers that the dragon didn't choose to come to Karasumori, assures it that its wounds will heal swiftly, but asks it to leave immediately after, since they don't know what impact Karasumori will have on the dragon. The dragon finds this funny, and tells her that it cannot be toyed with by another power. The dragon focuses on regenerating while Tokine checks for traces of any technique used on it, but only finds marks indicating it had been tied up, indicating that the person who transported it had incredible skill. From the dragon's interest in Kekkai, she assumes that someone with similar abilities is responsible. Yoshimori asks if it could be a prank, but Tokine says that toying with a land-god class Ayakashi is practically suicidal, even though she senses no malice behind the act. Suddenly, water begins to spray out of the dragon's body, damaging the school. Hakubi warns Tokine that if this continues, they won't be able to stop the dragon. Just then, Yoshimori realizes who the culprit must be.[84] Yoshimori becomes furious, and addressing the culprit, he wishes that they would have more consideration for others as he launches the dragon into the sky by creating an enormous Kekkai beneath it. Tokine, Hakubi, and Madarao are all shocked, and Tokine inwardly notes that Yoshimori's power has really increased, and wonders if Karasumori is responsible. Yoshimori boosts himself into the air using a Kekkai, calling his mother an idiot as he goes. Tokine realizes this means that Sumiko Sumimura is the one who moved the dragon, and Hakubi agrees that it sounds plausible. Tokine notes that before, Hakubi said Karasumori felt as if it were suffering from a stress build-up, but since the dragon has been evacuated, that feeling is gone. Later, as Tokine and Yoshimori clean up the site with their Shikigami, Yoshimori is still angry at his mother for causing so much trouble. Tokine suggests that Sumiko may have some sort of plan, and Yoshimori replies that even if she did, it wouldn't make sense to them. Tokine gets the impression that Sumiko knows something and that she is far beyond their level, as she seemed to know Karasumori's status even though she was wandering the world. Tokine tries to comfort Yoshimori, but finds out in the process that the real reason he's upset is because he didn't get to see his mother.[85]

The Spring Shinyuuchi Project

As Yoshimori's first year of middle school ends, he recieves an offer to do some Shinyuuchi-related work from Masamori during the spring holiday. Despite having agreed, Yoshimori is in a bad mood that night at Karasumori. Tokine assures him she can handle things there since it seems to be a quiet night with no Ayakashi turning up. She can't understand why the two brothers don't get along, and Yoshimori claims that even if he tried, Masamori wouldn't let him. Masamori appears suddenly, and Tokine inwardly notes that he seems different. Yoshimori suddenly becomes nervous and tries to change his mind, saying he thinks something might happen at Karasumori. Masamori says their grandfather will help out if anything happens, and boosts them into the air with a Kekkai, where Mukade is waiting on one of his shadow bugs to transport them.[86]

After he returns, Yoshimori explains to Tokine, Hakubi, and Madarao that the shrine, which was originally one but split into two, became unstable, but that Masamori united the shrines and restored stability. Yoshimori excitedly notes that fixing dimensions is part of a Kekkaishi's power, which must mean he can do it as well, though Tokine seems doubtful. Yoshimori wonders why Masamori lied about being recovered so quickly when he was obviously still wounded, causing Tokine to smile. Yoshimori wonders if the Shinyuuchi will be okay, since it was a nice place, apparently unaware that he has drawn a doodle of Lord Tan'yuu in the dirt, which makes Tokine laugh. Tokine says everything will be fine, inwardly noting she has never heard Yoshimori talk about his brother like this, and wonders if they're getting along now.[87]

The Prophecy

The Psychic's Butterflies

Yoshimori is exhausted as he begins his third year of middle school, due to Kekkaishi duties the previous night. Tokine merely tells him he should be more mature and try harder, before leaving him behind on the way to school. Tokine meets up with Yoshimori and Shu (who, along with Sen, is now both a student there and assigned to observe Karasumori as part of the Night Troop's Intelligence Unit) after school. Shu begins to explain how membership in the different units of the Night Troop works, but Sen finally appears to interrupt him. Shu immediately demands answers from him on why he skipped the first day.[88]

Days later, Yoshimori catches up to Tokine on the way to school and expresses concern over Sen and Shu. He notes that they seem distant, and that Sen in particular seems tense and probably has trouble connecting with people. Tokine is inwardly concerned about why Sen and Shu were sent to Karasumori, but realizes Yoshimori really wants to get along with them. While in class, Tokine senses an Ayakashi. Tokine quickly excuses herself from class and sees a butterfly Ayakashi in the hallway. She is barely able to detect words coming from the butterfly, but is only getting pieces of the message. Before she can get the rest, Shu grabs the butterfly and destroys it. Tokine asks if he heard it say anything, and Shu admits he's only been destroying them without pausing to listen. Tokine is startled to realize there is more than the one she sensed, and Shu confirms he's destroyed five already.[89] Tokine asks Shu to destroy any additional butterflies he comes across without drawing attention. She does the same, but becomes frustrated as more butterflies seem to appear as soon as she clears an area. She is approached by her friend Madoka, whose face is inexplicably covered in butterflies (Tokine's resulting shriek scares most of them off). Madoka explains she came to check on Tokine, who claimed she wasn't feeling well as a way to get out of class. Tokine says she'll probably miss the next class as well and hurries off.[90]

Tokine finally hears the message the butterflies have been repeating, and wonders if it is a threat. Suddenly, a girl nearby (who has a butterfly on her head) begins to repeat the message out loud, alarming Tokine. The girl then collapses, and Tokine rushes to get her grandmother. Tokine later senses a familiar evil aura, and realizes it is probably Sen attempting to track an Ayakashi. The butterflies gradually grow stronger, first making people feel ill, and then developing the ability to actually cut them. On the school roof, Yoshimori plans to surround the entire school with a Kekkai and manipulate it so that it only destroys the butterflies. Tokine appears and tells him not to. Yoshimori ignores her and creates the Kekkai. Tokine insists that he isn't skilled enough, and Yoshimori replies that there isn't time to evacuate. Yoshimori is desperate to save the people, but before he can proceed, Tokiko arrives and uses Sekkai to cancel Yoshimori's Kekkai.[91] Tokiko says that what Yoshimori intends is impossible for him. To prove her point, Tokiko creates a Shikigami clone of Tokine, and challenges Yoshimori to create a Kekkai around both Tokine and the clone that will only destroy the clone. Yoshimori tries, but in the end cannot bring himself to endanger Tokine. Tokiko shocks everyone by completing the challenge herself, safely destroying the clone. Tokiko points out that if Yoshimori cannot even do that much, there is no way he could successfully carry out his plan. However, she admits it is basically a good idea, and that she will do it in his place. Shigemori interrupts, insisting she cannot do it, either. He proposes that the four Kekkaishi work together to form the Kekkai. Tokiko reluctantly gives in when the other three agree to try.[92] On a Kekkai above the school, Tokiko explains the plan: she will create the initial structure and footholds for the Kekkai. Tokiko admits that her biggest concern is Yoshimori, since the Kekkai will depend on their complete synchronization and their powers complementing each other. As they separate, Yoshimori apologizes to Tokine for his earlier actions, but she says it's okay and wishes him good luck. With one Kekkaishi positioned at each corner of the school, Tokiko initiates the Kekkai. Yoshimori and Tokine are both unsettled by the sensation, but manage to proceed through the steps of accepting the power of the other Kekkaishi, adding their own, focusing it until it is stabilized, and then acting as a pillar to send the power upward. They manage to form the Kekkai successfully. The butterflies are all collected by the Kekkai as it gradually moves upwards and through the school. Most of the Kekkaishi are strained as they boost themselves up into the air with elevator Kekkai, slowly raisng the Kekkai filled with butterflies above the school. However, the Kekkai becomes unstable and is close to collapsing.[93] Tokiko is able to stabilize it, but the butterflies begin to transform, causing the Kekkai to swell. Yoshimori floods it with his power, Tokiko suppresses the excess, Tokine regulates the power, and Shigemori maintains the Kekkai's stability. Once the Kekkai is complete, the Kekkaishi began to move closer in order to compress it. Once the Kekkai is small enough, the Kekkaishi destroy it together.[94] Tokine and Shigemori are noticeably exhausted from their efforts, though Yoshimori and Tokiko are not. Though Tokine and Yoshimori are supposed to return to school, Tokine instead brings him along to follow their grandparents, who have tracked down the psychic Saki, who summoned the butterflies.[95] Saki reveals she came simply to deliver a prophecy: that Karasumori is in danger. However, the butterflies that carried the message reacted to Karasumori and grew beyond her control. She cannot reveal any other details about her task, which causes some suspicion. As a compromise, Saki summons a butterfly Ayakashi and has it cut off part of her hair. For a shrine maiden such as her, this act lowers her spiritual power, and she offers her hair in place of her life, so that she might be released. Tokiko finally allows Saki to leave, not liking the idea of picking on someone so weak. While she does not fully believe Saki's prophecy, she admits that her uneasiness has increased. Tokine is determined to grow strong enough to stop Yoshimori from losing control, realizing that he goes so far mainly to protect her.[96]

A Trip to Aibasan

Tokine finds Yoshimori deep in thought, and assumes he's stressed out over the prophecy. She tells him not to worry, and to depend on the people around him, especially since he isn't the only one protecting the site. Yoshimori agrees.

Tokine sleeps late the next day, waking up in the early afternoon. She is startled to find Sen and Shu in her house. Shizue explains that she invited them over after hearing what kinds of food the Night Troop members were eating, and after realizing she had a surplus of food in storage. Meanwhile, Yoshimori has sent a message to Shidou in Aibasan to ask about the prophecy. He is approached by twin karasutengu, who introduce themselves as Haikawa and Haisawa. Shidou cannot leave Aibasan at the moment because he is overseeing Kokuunsai's attempt to continue the bloodline. The twins have been instructed to bring Yoshimori to the castle. Recalling Tokine's offer to depend on her, Yoshimori decides to bring her along as well. Tokine is training in her family dojo while Sen watches. One of the karasutengu twins flies in, asks Tokine if he can borrow her, and carries her off before she can answer. They soon catch up to Yoshimori and his karasutengu, who have flown ahead, but Yoshimori is shocked to see that Sen grabbed onto Tokine and is being brought along as well.[97] After they land in Aibasan, Shidou demands to know why Yoshimori brought girls to the castle (he mistakes Sen for a girl until Yoshimori corrects him), knowing his master's perverted nature. Suddenly, there is a large thump that shakes the whole castle.

Shidou grows alarmed, worrying that the seclusion has failed because Yoshimori brought a girl into the castle, and that Kokuunsai has sensed her presence. A nearby mountaintop erupts, showering the castle with rocks. The castle is then hit by a storm consisting of rain, lightning, and a tornado, forcing Tokine to protect herself and Sen with a Kekkai. Sen notes that she is calm, and she replies that she's used to all the trouble that Yoshimori causes. As the tornado bears down on the castle, Yoshimori attemts to protect the area with several large Kekkai. Sen asks Tokine what she will do if the prophecy of Karasumori's destruction is true. Tokine admits she is limited in what she can do (which Sen notes is similar to Yoshimori's answer), but that she'll keep a close eye on Yoshimori, because he acts to protect others, but does so without thinking. The weather suddenly clears up, and the karasutengu gather again. The mountaintop splits open, releasing two large tornadoes. Shidou announces that the heir has been born.[98] They soon met young Tobimaru, who appears to be just as perverted as his father. Kokuunsai declares they will have a feast. After, Shidou later confirms that he was visited by Saki's butterfly, but knows nothing of the "god of disaster" that was mentioned in Karasumori's prophecy. He says that his version of the prophecy said that every Shinyuuchi would be in danger, and to be careful around humans, especially ability users. Shidou suspects that since Karasumori's prophecy was more specific, it means that Karasumori is in more danger. He says that he would not normally believe the words of a random stranger, but heard rumors of a large Shinyuuchi in the north having vanished.[99]

Feeling Left Out

Yoshimori tells Tokine that Rokurou Ougi is a wind ability user. Yoshimori is still angry about Rokurou calling his mother a black sheep. Tokine asks if there is any way to contact her, and Yoshimori says no, causing Tokine to wonder if Sumiko even knows she is suspected of hunting Shinyuuchi. Yoshimori reluctantly agrees she may be powerful enough to do it, but can't believe she would, since the only reason to hunt Shinyuuchi is to gain power.[100]

On the way home from school, Yoshimori spots a Flying Shikigami. He follows it, unaware that Tokine is following him as well. The Shikigami leads Yoshimori to one of Okuni's masked subordinates, who reveals himself to be Namihira.[101] Tokine secretly listens from nearby, but can't hear everything being said. Namihira summons two Flying Shikigami to transport them, and Tokine is alarmed as she watches them fly off. She is then joined by Sen and Shu, who were following Yoshimori and are just as concerned.[102] Yoshimori returns some time later, carried by a Flying Shikigami. Tokine grabs him with a Nenshi and slams him to the ground, destroying the Shikigami in the process. Tokine is furious that Yoshimori left without telling anyone and made them all worry. Noticing that he made her cry, Yoshimori desperately apologizes to her.[103] Yoshimori tries to catch up with Tokine as they both leave for school the next morning, but Tokine runs ahead because she is still mad at him for leaving her behind, which sends Yoshimori into another fit of depression. Desperate to earn her forgiveness, Yoshimori makes her a whole cheesecake and promises he will change his ways gradually. Tokine accepts the gift and decides to forgive him.[104]

Attack of the Mad God

A mysterious figure slowly descends on Karasumori while holding an umbrella. Hakubi and Madarao determine that it is a god, and likely one that should normally be unable to leave its land. Blood rain begins to fall, and the god releases a large amount of malice. Sen suspects that this is the god of calamity that Saki warned them about.[105] Yoshimori forms a Kekkai around the god, but Sen stops him, explaining that killing a god is a serious crime. Worse, Yoshimori's family is already under suspicion for a related matter. Madarao suggests chasing the god away, which Yoshimori quickly agrees to, but Sen stops him again, since they know nothing about the god's abilities.

Tokine notices that the land beneath the god's feet has turned black. Without warning, the land sinks into the black space, taking the Kekkai with it, but the god remains. Yoshimori decides to discuss strategy with Tokine, and Sen goes with him to get a closer look, and asks Shu to observe the area not yet touched by the god's blood rain. Because they don't know what impact the rain will have on Shu, Yoshimori creates a long, Kekkai roof for him to fly under. While they regroup with Tokine, the god's black area expands. Tokine thinks they should make the god leave before he does anything else. The black spaces begin to expand at a faster rate. Yoshimori lifts the god off the ground with a Kekkai, but suddenly finds his arms weighed down by a tremendous force as the Kekkai quickly sinks into the ground again. Tokine wraps a Nenshi around the god in an effort to move him, but is unable to. Tokine's Nenshi begins to sink as Yoshimori's Kekkai did, dragging her forward. Yoshimori and Hakubi grab onto her, and Tokine lets go so she won't be pulled in. Shu calls Sen and tells him that a giant umbrella has appeared over the school and is releasing the blood rain. Worse, it seems to slowly be getting bigger. Sen confirms with Shu that the god's black spaces have nearly surrounded the entire school. The entire school begins to sink.[106]

Tokine notices the god's umbrella starts to spin, and Shu reports the same is happening with the giant version above the school as well. This seems to increase the amount and force of the blood rainfall, which in turn begins to sink objects in the area faster. Yoshimori desperately forms a Kekkai around the entire school, but doing so makes him feel enormous pressure. Tokine explains that when she used Nenshi on the god, every raindrop made her feel as if the weight was increasing. Sen realizes that both the rain and the black area cause the sinking effect independent of each other, so they are even more powerful when combined. Sen asks Tokine to destroy the god's umbrella, since it is likely connected to the larger one and is probably the key to stopping the rain. Tokine destroys the top half of the umbrella, and the giant version takes the same amount of damage, but both quickly regenerate. The god increases the sinking effect as a result, so Tokine snatches away his umbrella with a Nenshi and runs, trying to lure the god away from the area. The god begins to follow Tokine, firing blood rain at her. Tokine uses the umbrella to protect herself, but her leg gets splashed and lands on a black area, causing her leg to sink in. She is unable move as the god approaches her.[107] Tokine raises the god's stolen umbrella and offers to return it if he leaves, asking where he comes from. Instead of answering, the god begins to change again, its appearance becoming more threatening. Yoshimori grabs the umbrella with a Nenshi, yanking it away from Tokine. The god moves toward Yoshimori, and begins to cry tears of blood, demanding that his umbrella be returned. Yoshimori simply holds the umbrella out to the god and apologizes. The god sprays blood in Yoshimori's face, and the pressure on both he and the school immediately increases. Yoshimori is nearly swallowed up by the ground, but manages to save himself with a Kekkai to hang onto. Sen comes to help Yoshimori up, but begins to sink as well. Sen yells at Yoshimori for endangering himself, since he is the Legitimate Successor and is vital to Karasumori's protection. Tokine surround the god with a triple-layer Kekkai. Sen tries to stop her, but Tokine reluctantly destroys the god.[108]

The blood rain stops falling, the giant umbrella over the school vanishes, and the black areas making up the god's territory vanish as well. Sen Kagemiya asks Tokine if she really understands what she's done, and Tokine says they had no choice. Noticing the still crumbling school, Tokine sends for reinforcements, since they are all still stuck in the ground. Tokiko and Shigemori arrive to help, and shortly after, one of Okuni's masked subordinates arrives. The subordinate explains that he was investigating a nearby Shinyuuchi hunting incident, and says that the god who appeared in Karasumori was the master of Hidagou, a damaged Shinyuuchi. Tokiko asks why the master didn't disappear if the land is gone. The subordinate says that is often the case, but not this time. He announces his intention to report everything that happened back to the Shadow Organization, and warns Tokine that she may bear the greatest responsibility. He agrees that there was no other choice, but killing a god is still a serious crime. Yoshimori is clearly worried, and Tokine reassures him, saying no one was seriously hurt.[109]

The next day in the Yukimura Home's dojo, Tokine hears her mother calling, and rushes outside to find two strangers and a gaint demon in the yard. They introduce themselves as members of the Shadow Organization's Prosecution Office, and ask Tokine to come with them and answer questions about the Hidagou Lord's murder.[110]

Tokine Imprisoned

The Special Investigations Team

Tokine sends a Shikigami bird to her grandmother in Hidagou and leaves with the Special Investigations Team. Initially, Yashiro is polite to her, while Kiyoderu Yuugami is rather cold. Tokine is transported via Kiyoderu's flying demon Kamina to the Prosecution Office's headquarters on Guillotine Island,[111] which is composed of three islands. On the first island, Tokine is taken to Administration, where she processed and given a special stamp on her hand, which allows them to track her movements. Yashiro orders Kiyoderu to summon Kamina again, so they can transport Tokine to the third island. There Tokine is taken to an interrogation room, guarded by aquatic demons. Kiyoderu suggests that they can make Tokine disappear.[112] He says that she is the least important to Karasumori, and likekly started trouble because she was aware of this. Tokine denies this. He doubts her commitment to protecting Karasumori, which she also denies. Yashiro leaves the interrogation room to prepare a brainwashing room. Kiyoderu suddenly tells Tokine that she needs to leave, or she could have her secrets exposed, be brainwashed, or even killed. Tokine is shocked by this sudden change in attitude. Kiyoderu says he is suspicious of how the investigation of the Shinyuuchi hunting has proceeded, and says he will help her escape. Tokine agrees to trust him, because before she didn't feel he'd genuinely treated her like a criminal.[113] They find the door of the interrogation room locked. Kiyoderu explains that the three guards in the water are trained to attack anyone who forces the door open. He gives her his suitcase, which contains Kamina, so she can get away from the island. Tokine breaks down the door with a Kekkai and runs, with two of the creatures immediately chasing her. Kiyoderu stays behind to deal with the last guard. Tokine uses Kekkai to pin the two creatures in a corridor. As she runs, she wonders if the purpose behind brainwashing her was to either frame her as a Shinyuuchi hunter, or force her to actually be one. Tokine reaches the outside and releases Kamina. However, once they are in the air, Kamina begins to melt and fall.[114] Tokine leaves Kiyoderu's suitcase in a small cave. Since Kamina proved useless to her, she decides to try swimming away from the island. However, she spots a bloody body floating in the water, and as she pulls it in with a Nenshi, realizes it is Kiyoderu. As Tokine tends to Kiyoderu, she hears an announcement that she is now being hunted for his murder.[115]

Escaping with Kiyoderu

Kiyoderu suggests that he and Tokine escape together. Tokine worries that the stamp on her will ensure they'll be found by the prison staff right away, and suggests that only she needs to escape. Kiyoderu insists that their circumstances are the same now, since by now Yashiro will now he isn't dead. Tokine retrieves Kiyoderu's suitcase, and Kiyoderu takes her to his room in the hidden dorm for prison staff. Kiyoderu takes some stored blood from a safe to partially recreate his tie. He mentions there are hidden routes from before the Prosecution Office was built, and that they should use those.[116] Kiyoderu explains to Tokine how it is common practice for Shadow Organization offices to build escape routes into their bases. He states that they are not physical routes, but likely gates connected to the spirit world, created by ability users. Kiyoderu believes such a gate would be on the first island, since the buildings there are the oldest. Saigo Enjouji, the island co-warden, arrives abruptly, causing the pair to flee. Tokine manages to momentarily delay her by blocking the hallway with a Kekkai, but this only makes Saigo more furious as she continues hunting them.[117] Kiyoderu leads Tokine down an underground passage. He takes keys to the second island's basement prison (paying off a staff member along the way), and frees disruptive prisoners as a distraction. They barge into the cell of Rakii Yoshida, an older prisoner who has secretly been tunnelling his way out. Kiyoderu pays him off for use of the tunnel. Kiyoderu asks Tokine if she is fully aware of the consequences of her decision to kill the Hidagou Lord. While he recognizes that she did so to protect Karasumori, he points out that sacrificing herself did not close the matter, and that people must be in despair because of her choice. Tokine realizes her family must be worried about her, even though they tried to hide it, and Yoshimori as well. The idea that she made them all sad brings tears to her eyes.[118] Kiyoderu suggests to Tokine that they go through the forest in order to reach the first island. Tokine reminds him that he told her the forest had spells to trap intruders. Kiyoderu says they won't work on him since he is an employee, and that it will work if she is willing to ignore her senses and place her trust entirely in him. He takes her hand and leads her into the forest. Tokine recalls sensing Sen's aura earlier, and wonders if it means Yoshimori is on the island as well. She dismisses this as something she only wants to be true. She soon notices that trees are chasing her, but Kiyoderu insists it is all in her head. Tokine continues complaining, so he picks her up and continues running. Tokine covers her ears and closes her eyes so the spells will have less impact on her. Shortly after they leave the forest, they are attacked by Saigo, who has finally caught up with them. Kiyoderu is knocked out, leaving Tokine to defend herself.[119] Saigo's seemingly rubber arm and her mastery of the kusarigama give her extremely wide area of attack, making it difficult to dodge. Kiyoderu wakes up and offers to trade something for Tokine's life, but Saigo refuses and plans to kill. Kiyoderu suddenly stabs her in the throat. He instructs Tokine to run because she cannot defeat Saigo, who essentially cannot be hurt. Tokine insists that he should leave while she fights, since she cannot spare the strength needed to protect him. Just as Saigo begins to attack again, Yoshimori arrives and sends her flying with a huge Kekkai. They are then confronted by Yashiro and the other co-warden, Saikaku Enjouji.[120]

Confrontation with Yashiro

Kiyoderu tells Yoshimori to take Tokine and run, as Yashiro is an extremely dangerous opponent. Saigo returns, ordering Yashiro to back away from her prey. Yashiro refuses, and Saikaku shouts out a warning as Saigo charges, but she instantly collapses. Kiyoderu realizes they will have to fight, and warns that Yashiro has incredible psychic abilities, and that only those like her will be able to clearly see her attacks, but he collapses immediately after. Yashiro blames the entire incident on Tokine trying to escape, and orders her to submit to brainwashing, or be responsible for the deaths of everyone present. Tokine is prepared to sacrifice herself, but Kiyoderu advises her to attack with Yoshimori instead. Though unable to see Yashiro's attacks, Yoshimori is able to sense them coming and defends himself with his Zekkai armor, rendering Yashiro's attacks useless.[121] Kiyoderu asks Yashiro if her goal was to have Tokine brainwashed so she would commit the Shinyuuchi huntings. Hearing this, Yoshimori demands to know if Yashiro is connected to the Shinyuuchi huntings. Yashiro backs away and falls to her death. Saikaku examines Yashiro and pronounces her dead. Yoshimori is startled, but Kiyoderu suggests that Yashiro's reaction was programmed into her to avoid revealing info. He further suspects that whoever was controlling Yashiro also gave the order to have Tokine brainwashed. Yoshimori mentions his meeting a suspected Shinyuuchi hunter in Hidagou that same morning. Kiyoderu is concerned that Yashiro's ability should not have been so strong. Saikaku mentions that Yashiro talked about destroying the past so the Shadow Organization could undergo a revolution. Hatori arrives with Sen.[122] Yoshimori is overly worried about Tokine, even offering her his shoes when he sees she is barefoot. Tokine refuses, but reluctantly accepts when Hatori offers her Sen's boots. Tokine mentions that Kiyoderu has been helping her, so Hatori politely introduces herself and thanks him. Tokine suddenly realizes that neither she nor Yoshimori will be available to guard Karasumori. Yosimori is unconcerned, confident that their grandparents will take care of things for the night. Tokine criticizes for him not taking his duty more seriously. Yoshimori can't understand why she's mad since he came only to save her. He admits he doesn't know what he'd do if Tokine wasn't by his side judging his mistakes. Tokine laughs at this. Yoshimori asks her to rely on him more, but eventually starts to mumble as he becomes nervous. Kiyoderu says that Yoshimori is Tokine's prince, since he opened a door in the room that she had shut herself in and saved her, which is a prince's duty. Saikaku says the charges against everyone will be dropped, transportation off the island provided, and he will handle everything else himself. Kiyoderu is not totally satisfied with this, and suspects Saikaku will not investigate who was controlling Yashiro. The boat arrives, and Kiyoderu urges Tokine to rely on Yoshimori more. As they leave, Yoshimori wants to know what Kiyoderu said to Tokine, but she refuses to tell him.[123]

Thanks for the Save

Tokiko places Tokine on restriction because of her recent actions, and takes over Tokine's duties at Karasumori. Tokine notices that Yoshimori seems distracted after their return, and concludes that he is upset because she didn't thank him for saving her. She asks her friend Madoka for advice, and Madoka urges her to rely on Yoshimori more. Tokine decides to apologize to Yoshimori once she is allowed out.[124] Tokiko later commends Tokine on her devotion to training the past few days and lifts the restriction, allowing Tokine to resume her duties at Karasumori. Tokine is depressed because Yoshimori keeps avoiding her. She admits to Madoka that because Yoshimori is younger than her, she didn't take his feelings seriously. Madoka suggests giving Yoshimori a homemade gift. Unaware that Tokine's restriction has been lifted, Yoshimori is shocked when they run into each other at Karasumori. He immediately runs away again, causing Tokine to get so frustrated that she knocks him down with a Kekkai to the face. They both desperately apologize, causing more confusion. Yoshimori says he doesn't deserve to be relied on. Tokine disagrees, finally admitting that seeing him on Guillotine Island reassured her, and thanks him for his help. She gives him a box of cream puffs, admitting they're storebought because she messed up on the one she tried to bake herself. Recalling both the advice of both Madoka and Kiyoderu Yuugami, Tokine asks if Yoshimori can teach her how to bake. Shocked, Yoshimori agrees.[125]

A huge fissure mysteriously appears in Karasumori Academy's schoolyard. Sen tells Tokine and Yoshimori that Mount Okubi, the central Shinyuuchi of the Tohaki region, was destroyed. Unlike the previously attacked sites, Mount Okubi was of far greater importance, as it gave balance to the Shinyuuchi around it. The Night Troop evacuated citizens and closed off the area, but the god remains on a rampage. Tokine suspects there is a connection between the incident and the fissure in the schoolyard. Sen agrees it is likely, and says that in addition to Saki's prophecy, more precise prophecies have surfaced prediction locations likely to be attacked: Mount Okubi was first on the list, and Karasumori was next. Yoshimori and Tokine are alarmed, but Sen says there may be reinforcements on the way.[126]

Rise of the Shinyuuchi Hunters

Souji Hiura, the Mysterious Assistant

Todoroki, Makio, and Takemitsu arrive at Karasumori and reintroduce themselves to Yoshimori and Tokine. Makio says that their orders are not to defend Karasumori this time, as they were sent by the Shadow Organization Headquarters. Makio reassures the Kekkaishi that the team will provide full support without interfering. The Kekkaishi welcome the support team warmly. Suddenly, Yoshimori and Tokine sense an Ayakashi, and rush off to deal with it. A huge monster appears overhead, but is instantly torn to bits. A cloaked figure lands among the raining debris. The stranger introduces himself as Souji Hiura, sent by the Shadow Organization to assist the Kekkaishi in protecting Karasumori. The support team checks Souji's credentials. Souji bows to the Kekkaishi, pledging to defend Karasumori with his life.[127] Tokine tries to greet Souji, but Yoshimori is suspicious of him and won't let her anywhere near him. Makio asks which office Souji works for within the Shadow Organization, but Souji claims not to know and cannot even say who he reports to. Souji presents a letter that requests he be allowed to stay at the Yukimura Home. Yoshimori instantly orders Souji to come home with him instead, and Tokine is puzzled by his strong feelings.[128] Souji asks Tokine for instructions on what he should do to help. Tokine suggests that he accompany her so she can teach him, and that he try to be more casual, but Souji remains stiff and slow to react to her words. Yoshimori remains wary of Souji, but Tokine believes he has no bad intentions. A pair of giant Ayakashi drop onto Karasumori. Souji protects Tokine from the explosion and asks for permission to fight the Ayakashim but Yoshimori stops him, still suspicious of him.[129] Tokine interrupts them, stating that this isn't the time for arguing. She tells Yoshimori to observe how Souji deals with Ayakashi, and points out that Yoshimori had reservations about Gen as well, at first. Souji displays great agility as he scales the building and leaps at the white Ayakashi with a blade aura around his arm. The white Ayakashi opens its mouth, firing spheres that explode on impact with him. Concerned, Tokine catches him with a Kekkai, but Souji says he isn't hurt. By now, both Ayakashi have begun releasing spheres, which are starting to land and explode on the ground. Souji narrowly saves Yoshimori from an explosion. Yoshimori is annoyed that Souji saved him. Souji says that the Kekkaishi are his masters, and that he will protect them and Karasumori. To prove to Souji that he doesn't need to be protected, Yoshimori says he'll destroy the black Ayakashi, and challenges Souji to handle the white one.[130]

Tokine is dealing with the exploding spheres as best she can. Souji suddenly approaches Tokine and asks for her help in defeating the white Ayakashi. Yoshimori manages to destroy the black Ayakashi on his own, but is shocked to see Tokine assisting Souji by creating Kekkai in mid-air as stepping stones, making it easier for him to reach the white Ayakashi. Tokine notes that though they've never worked together before, Souji is able to easily match her timing. She blocks the Ayakashi's mouth with two spear Kekkai, which eliminates the threat of more spheres emerging. Souji creates a giant-sized blade around his arm, slicing the white Ayakashi in half. after its defeat, Souji begins hacking away at the white Ayakashi, getting covered in its blood in the process. Horrified, Tokine cries for him to stop. Though he does, Souji approaches her with a cold look in his eyes and a blade still around his arm.[131] However, he merely thanks Tokine for her help and compliments her skill. Souji finds an object attached to the Ayakashi and instantly leaves the site before anyone can stop him. Tokine identifies the object attached to the Ayakashi as a controlling charm, and guesses that Souji is pursuing the person responsible. Madarao also informs them that there were three other intruders, but they got away. Makio suggests to the others that the two Ayakashi were decoys while the intruders accomplished something else. Souji returns with one of the intruders captured, and asks if they should interrogate him, or kill him to set an example.[132]

On the way to school, Yoshimori asks for Tokine's opinion of Souji. Tokine notes that he does his job and nothing else, and seems lonely. She admits there are times when he seems dangerous, but she doesn't think he's evil. Yoshimori admits that Souji may be connected to the Shinyuuchi hunters, and Tokine immediately demands to know why he didn't say so before. Yoshimori says he now feels the same way Tokine does: he doesn't think Souji is evil.[133]

The Invisible Mark on Karasumori

Fumiya Somegi, head of the Night Troop's Sorcery Unit, introduces himself to Yoshimori, Tokine, and Souji. Fumiya says he is a charm designer, while the girl with him, Ito Orihara, is a charm neutralizer. Fumiya explains that the location he has marked off in the schoolyard gives off a strong magical response, and he suspects something happened there, though it is most likely invisible to the naked eye. Fumiya creates a floating copy of the mark that was applied to the ground. After conferring with Ito, he says that it is a common charm technique: a way of marking a caster's territory, so that it will respond better to that person's power, and be difficult for others to use their power on. Tokine asks Souji if he has seen the mark before, and Souji says he has. Ito returns the floating copy to the ground, and begins to remove the mark. However, Yoshimori immediately senses danger to the point where he falls to his knees.[134] Yoshimori shouts for Fumiya and Ito to stop removing the mark at once. Suddenly the ground begins to shake. Yoshimori explains that Karasumori is weakened, due to both the fault line that appeared after Mount Okubi fell, and the intruders that left their mark, combined with the land's instability, even removing the mark would be bad. Yoshimori says this isn't the first time he's heard that scream in his head, and Fumiya is confused since Yoshimori talks about that land as if it were alive. Fumiya then realizes that the mark is not a target sign, but a collar that forces the target to obey. Removing it would cause all of the force applied to the land to be released at once. Yoshimori apologizes to the land for not noticing earlier. As Fumiya instructs Ito to put the mark back, Karasumori's power begins to leak out of the ground and push against the mark. Yoshimori recognizes it at once, and begs the land not to resist. The earthquake gets worse. Both Sen and Todoroki begin to transform due to Karasumori's influence.

Tokine is suddenly attacked by a winged figure, but Souji protects her. Sen explains that as an Ayakashi Majiri, he is able to hold back most of his evil aura, but Shu will fully transform if exposed to Karasumori's power.[135] Takemitsu and Makio have already knocked out and restrained Todoroki to prevent his transformation. Makio asks Tokine and Yoshimori to help him capture Shu. Tokine suggests that Yoshimori should stay in case something happens with Karasumori again. Tokine asks Souji to help her, and Yoshimori reminds him of their promise, explaining that Shu is a friend, so Souji shouldn't harm him. Makio, Souji, and Tokine position themselves on a Kekkai high above the school. Makio says the biggest concern when Shu is transformed is his personality shift: as a vampire, he becomes violent and will most likely attack people, especially young girls. Shu suddenly attacks, but Souji blocks him. Souji says he can match Shu's speed if he can attack from close by. Tokine positions several more Kekkai nearby for Souji to stand on. Makio plans to defend Tokine so that she can focus on Souji. He warns her to stop Souji if he goes too far in stopping Shu. Tokine agrees, but mentions that Yoshimori trusts that will not happen. Shu uses the clouds to conceal himself and attack from behind, but Souji grabs him and forces him away. Shu is quickly restrained, and Tokine thanks Souji for saving her. Makio notes that Souji kept his word and barely hurt Shu at all. Shu suddenly wakes up and bites Souji, but Souji does not defend himself in order to keep his promise to Yoshimori. Makio restrains Shu again, and is shocked that Souji didn't react even though he could have.[136] Yoshimori and Madarao go to meet the Shu Akitsu retrieval team. Makio reports their success, and once Shu wakes up, he immediately apologizes to Souji for biting him. Fumiya applies a temporary medicinal herb tattoo on Souji's wound to ease the pain, which Souji thanks him for. Yoshimori thanks Souji for keeping his promise not to hurt the people around him, but reminds Souji that he himself is also one of those people, so he can't allow himself to get hurt, either. Souji admits he was confused and that slowed his reaction time, but next time he'll do better.

Fumiya asks how Yoshimori dealt with Karasumori's anger, and Yoshimori says he talked to it. This shocks everyone. Yoshimori explains how the voice wanted to leave, and Yoshimori promised to provide a more interesting place later, though he admits to having no ideas about how to manage this. Fumiya and Ito neutralize the mark that was left on Karasumori with Yoshimori monitoring the process this time. Tokine asks Souji where he saw the mark before. Souji recalls it was near a castle. On the way home, Tokine wonders how long Karasumori will be willing to wait, but recognizes it has a certain connection with Yoshimori. Yoshimori shows Tokine the "no thought" box. To his shock, though Tokine has never heard of it, she seems to understand the principle behind it at once. Tokine explains she has practiced reading techniques with her fingers. She suggests that because all ability users have different ways of understanding, Yoshimori's grandfather gave him the box in hopes it would improve his understanding.[137]

Awaiting the Cruel Future

The psychic Saki returns to Karasumori. She apologizes for her last visit, explaining that she was a member of the secret prophetic group Serpent's Eye, which predicted the future concerning the Shadow Organization. Their leader Nozomi tasked Saki with secretly visiting the country's Shinyuuchi, in hopes of avoiding a cruel future. However, when Saki returned, she found that Nozomi had committed suicide, and a new leader was to be selected. Because of the leader's importance, they were forbidden to leave the group, and Saki realized Nozomi had entrusted the task to her because she, more than the other members, desired to see the outside world and often snuck away to do so. However, if Saki were chosen to be the next leader, her ability to move would be taken from her. Saki left the group, which was dissolved shortly after because their prophecies were leaked. Makio confirms Saki's worry, announcing that two executives have recently been killed. Saki warns everyone of an incident that will involve Karasumori, though she can provide no further details. She promises to seclude herself, continue her predictions, and send word if she learns anything.[138]

Mikeno, the Yukimura Family's nekomata, requests that Tokine be sent to her for advanced training.[139] Yoshimori hits a roadblock in his own advanced training, and discusses his failure with Tokine, who is completely in the dark concerning his training. However, she mentions it is entirely different from her own. Shichirou Ougi suddenly descends from the sky onto Karasumori.[140] He introduces himself and apologizes for the trouble that his brother Rokurou caused the Sumimuras. Shichirou claims he is interested in Karasumori. Yoshimori tells him to leave, because people interested in Karasumori always have bad intentions. Shichirou says he is unimpressed with Yoshimori, and that it was the same when he met Masamori. Yoshimori prepares to attack, but Sen warns him not to because Shichirou is too dangerous. Shichirou silences Sen with a gust of wind, then flies into the air, easily avoiding the Kekkaishi's attacks with his speed. Yoshimori enters the blank state and captures Shichirou in a Kekkai. Before Yoshimori can collapse the Kekkai, Shichirou slices through it, slashing through the entire school in the process. Yoshimori again demands that Shichirou leave. Shichirou asks if he has ever felt the limits of his power, and Yoshimori says he hasn't. Shichirou seems pleased to have finally found some common ground with Yoshimori, and leaves.

The following day, Shichirou waits for Tokine as she leaves school. He invites her to a nearby cafe, where he playfully apologizes for destroying the school, much to her disbelief.[141] Shichirou notes how quickly the Kekkaishi were able to restore the school, and calls their power excessive. Tokine argues that it is simply a necessary power. Shichirou doesn't think something like Karasumori should exist, as his power came with a pre-chosen fate. Tokine asks him if he will be involved in things that will happen to Karasumori. Just then, Sen marches in and practically drags Tokine out over her protests, determined to remove her from danger.[142]

Karasumori Hunted

Noticing Yoshimori seems extremely focused, Tokine asks if he is focusing too much on the blank state, though she does not really understand it. Yoshimori does not respond.

Kakeru returns to threaten Karasumori,[143] accompanied by Ichigou. Kakeru recognizes Souji as "Number Three", a former comrade, which startles Yoshimori since Souji claimed not to know them. While Ichigou draws Souji into a fight, Kakeru uses a spell to transport the school into the sky, and creates a giant gear around it capable of destroying the entire town.[144] Yoshimori and Tokine try to attack Kakeru, but they are blocked by Nigou, a phoenix Ayakashi Majiri that manipulates fire.[145]

Yoshimori cannot summon the blank state,[146] as he is plagued with doubts about Souji. Kakeru threatens to destroy the town if the Kekkaishi move against her. Souji manages to cut off Nigou's arm, temporarily removing him from the fight. Ichigou pins down Souji, then asks why the Commander chose Souji, but abandoned Ichigou and the others.[147] Tokine reflects on Ichigou's words, and realizes that the invaders were abandoned by the Commander, and are hunting Karasumori for revenge, while Souji is still serving the Commander. She angrily points out to Yoshimori that Souji is on their side and tells him not to hesitate any longer. Yoshimori becomes determined to protect Souji from the person who gives him orders. Souji reveals that the Commander's plans are centered around revenge.[148]

Yoshimori assists Souji, just as Nigou transforms and re-enters the battle. Souji overpowers him and is about to kill Nigou, but hesitates upon recalling his last promise to Yoshimori. Ichigou uses the distraction to grab Nigou. Sen informs Yoshimori that Fumiya Somegi and their allies have gathered to neutralize Kakeru's spell.[149] Ichigou uses a giant cyclops connected to his body to pursue Karasumori's defenders.[150]

Ichigou fills the schoolyard with copies of his giant, creating a ceiling and effectively trapping Karasumori's defenders inside. Yoshimori enters the blank state and successfully summons his landlord Shiguma. Just as Nigou and Ichigou move to capture everyone, Yoshimori places Kekkai around them both, halting their movements. Both Nigou and Ichigou prove unable to break or escape Yoshimori's Kekkai.[151] Kakeru sets the gear into motion, breaking the Kekkai that Tokiko had set in place to prevent it. Yoshimori creates several Kekkai able to hold the gear in place, and tells Sen to go help the Sorcery Unit.[152] Fumiya completes his preparations and activates his counterspell, destroying the gear.[153] There is a large distortion as the school returns to the ground. Yoshimori captures Michiru and Kakeru with a Kekkai.[154] Yoshimori asks Michiru and Kakeru if they realize what they've done. Michiru says they do, and Kakeru is shocked that Michiru would cooperate as if they were prisoners. Michiru tells her that this is the end. Kakeru desperately apologizes to Michiru and bursts into tears. This makes Tokine hesitate on what should be done with them. Yoshimori decides that he won't punish them.

Shichirou Ougi touches down on Karasumori, immediately landing mortal blows on Michiru, Kakeru, Nigou, and Ichigou with wind slashes. Shichirou explains that he waited for the Kekkaishi to settle their business, and hopes they won't interfere with his. Noting that Karasumori is Yoshimori's family business, Shichirou says he is doing the same for his family, and he is tasked with ending the situation in a grand fashion. He then releases numerous wind slashes, greatly damaging the school and the surrounding area.[155] Yoshimori tries to stop Shichirou, who manages to hold him off while focusing on his goal of damaging the school. During the battle, Shichirou mistakenly but seriously wounds Souji Hiura, mistaking him for Ichigou.[156] Tokine catches Souji with a Kekkai and tries to wake him up. Shiguma tries to get Yoshimori to calm down, but Yoshimori angrily leaves to confront Shichirou, starting to dispel the blank state and Shiguma as well. Realizing something is wrong, Tokine tells Sen to look after Souji and chases after Yoshimori. Shiguma vanishes, and Tokine begs Yoshimori to stop because he isn't acting like himself. Suddenly, a huge, white sphere surrounds the school, and Shichirou vanishes. The damage to the schoolground begins to vanish. Sen recognizes the sphere as the same type Yoshimori used in defeating Kaguro, though on a bigger scale. Tokine feels this type of power is abnormal and that Yoshimori has surpassed human limits.[157] Tokine is very worried about Yoshimori, but Sen assures her that he did the same thing while fighting Kokuboro, and that the "white Zekkai" will only harm enemies, as it is born out of a desire to protect. Tokine tries to get Yoshimori to respond to her voice, with no success. She finally grabs him, and he does not seem to recognize her. Tokine hugs him in desperation, and the white sphere vanishes. At the same time, Souji, who had sat up while the sphere was in place, collapses.

Souji is taken to the Sumimura Home to heal, while Tokine stays to help with repairs to the school. Once they are completed, Tokine asks Makio for an update on Souji. Makio tells her not to worry, and to cheer Yoshimori up if he becomes depressed.[158] On the way to school the next day, Tokine tries to reassure Yoshimori about Souji's treatment. Her attempt at comforting him makes Yoshimori realize that Masamori was right: he cannot ignore it when Tokine is worried for him. He apologizes for making her worry, and though Tokine laughs this off, Yoshimori sees it as an exaggerated response. He questions all his efforts at training, if he is still hurting Tokine. Yoshimori promises Tokine that he will never do anything to make her cry again, and asks her not to worry about him.[159]

Operation: Seal the Lord

Sumiko Returns for Karasumori's Lord

Tokine and Hakubi leave the Yukimura Home for Kekkaishi duties, and spot Yoshimori leaving his home as well. Tokine thinks Yoshimori looks depressed and assumes it's because of Souji Hiura being missing. She goes to talk to him, but is shocked by the sudden appearance of Sumiko Sumimura in a Kekkaishi uniform. Sumiko tells Tokine to come help them get the lord, and though she is greatly confused, Tokine follows them to Karasumori.[160] At Karasumori, the Night Troop members on-duty are introduced to Sumiko. Sumiko says that the Kekkaishi need to do something special, and asks that the Night Troop merely observe. Sumiko states that she, Yoshimori, and Tokine will enter the spirit world and pull out the lord. Sumiko explains that Tokimori Hazama created the spirit world they are about to enter, which is actually a barrier supported by four jugu, one in each corner. Without warning, Sumiko uses a Sensory Kekkai to locate the jugu, the sensation of which visibly disturbs Yoshimori and Tokine. Sen is also stunned, likening the sensation to when Masamori uses Kurohime to search, but far quieter, more casual, and cold. Sumiko creates a Kekkai underground to raise the jugu, and everyone but Sumiko is stunned when a large, black castle rises from the school's courtyard. Sumiko calmly says that the lord is inside, and instructs Tokine and Yoshimori to create barriers around their bodies before they go in, to protect against the spirit world's influence. Yoshimori's barrier is a little too powerful, but Tokine gets it right on the first try. Sumiko comments that Tokine's training has been going well, but that it will be a little longer before she finishes, which startles Tokine. Sumiko creates a bridge of Kekkai and tells the Night Troop not to enter, because they'll die. Hakubi questions if it's okay for he and Madarao to enter as well, and Madarao says it's fine because they have separate bodies. Tokine is impressed by how much Sumiko knows, and is determined to find out what else she knows. Sumiko enters the castle first, not waiting for Yoshimori and Tokine to catch up.[161]

Once inside, the entrance seals behind them. Sumiko obtains two lamps from a lamp seller and gives them to Yoshimori and Tokine, claiming not to need one herself. The path then splits, and Sumiko suggests that they separate. Tokine chooses to follow Sumiko in order to find out how much she knows about the situation. Sumiko claims to know all the steps to completely seal the lord of Karasumori, but will not reveal Tokine's or Yoshimori's roles just yet. Tokine admits there is something she must know before she can cooperate with Sumiko, and asks for the details of the night her father died.[162] Sumiko suggests that Tokine believes Sumiko was involved in Tokio Yukimura's death, but Tokine denies this. Sumiko says she wouldn't have, as she had no interest in the family feud. Tokine wishes to confirm that the "them" her father warned her, with his dying breath, never to drop her guard around was Ayakashi. Sumiko agrees, saying that Tokio was mortally wounded by a Multi-Eyed Ayakashi with the power to invade a person's mind and show them horrible nightmares. Sumiko suspects Tokio's nightmare had something to do with something awful happening to Tokine, as he kept calling her name. Sumiko reassures Tokine that all of their troubles will end once Karasumori's lord is properly sealed away, and walks away. Yoshimori and Tokine each encounter various odd creatures as they make their way through the castle, unaware that a glowing, child-like figure is observing them.[163] Yoshimori and Tokine run into each other, and Yoshimori explains that he believes the lord to be a child who is bored. A child's voice invites them to follow the sounds of clapping. Tokine is worried that Karasumori might overwhelm Yoshimori again. Yoshimori blames himself for that time, assures her that he'll watch himself this time. He states plainly that Karasumori isn't evil, and that because he's been trapped for 400 years, he'll want to play more before he comes out. Tokine uses spatial phasing to dive through a wall and catch the lord as he runs past, but he easily avoids her and keeps running. They come to a room filled with playing children, and Tokine is unable to tell which one is the lord, since they don't know what he looks like. Yoshimori searches until he spots a closet and opens it, revealing a pale young boy hiding inside. The boy tackles Yoshimori, knocking him to the ground, and begins to laugh. Yoshimori asks for his name, and the boy introduces himself as Chushinmaru.[164]

Sumiko reunites with the group, and together they return to the castle's entrance. Sumiko states that because the lord is a noble, he cannot simply go outside as is. She takes out a black orb and suggests that he ride in it instead. Tokine realizes this is because the lord's power is dangerous and has been sealed up until now. Chushinmaru is at first reluctant, but agrees once Yoshimori reminds him of the promise to take him somewhere better. Chushinmaru's body vanishes when he touches the orb, in which a white flame appears. Sumiko instructs Yoshimori and Tokine to leave before her, while she carries the orb in a box. The reason for this is not clear until they are outside, and the castle vanishes instantly. Sumiko explains that the castle existed only for the lord's sake, and without him it ceased to be. Likewise, anyone still in the castle would have vanished as well. The gathered Night Troop members are allowed to see the orb, and Yoshimori describes Chushinmaru as an energetic child, which shocks them. Sen notes that not even a minute passed since they went in, and Sumiko explains that time inside the castle was stopped so the lord would not grow. Makio asks if the site will become normal once they remove the lord. Sumiko says it will remain a sacred land, but they no longer have a reason to fight here. As the group moves to the gates of Karasumori Academy, the school suddenly collapses and is totally destroyed. Sumiko says this is because the ties to Karasumori's power have been cut, and that not even their power can restore it.[165] Yoshimori tells Tokine that he and his mother will be leaving in the morning. Tokine points out that he can always come back, but Yoshimori is unsure of this. Yoshimori says it's his job to seal Karasumori, but he isn't sure if he'll succeed even with his mother's help. Sensing the growing distance between them, Tokine begins to cry. Yoshimori immediately apologizes, but Tokine says she's okay. He tries to take back the entire conversation so he can do it over again, because he would rather see her smile. Tokine says she loves his kindness. The next morning, as Yoshimori and Sumiko prepare to leave, he promises Tokine that he will definitely return.[166]

Training with Mikeno

In a room beneath the Yukimura Home, Mikeno and Tokine discuss the next phase of training. Mikeno states that Tokine has reached the limit of her attack power, and that such things are best left to Yoshimori. She adds that Tokine is not confident enough in herself. Mikeno will not reveal the details of Tokine's new task, partially because the details are not yet finalized. She will only say that Tokine will most likely have to fight the god of a sacred land again. Tokine is alarmed by this, but Mikeno points out that what Tokine and Yoshimori are sharing the burden of, Tokimori Hazama attempted alone 400 years earlier. Realizing that if Karasumori is successfully sealed, no one else will meet her late father's fate, Tokine is determined to do her best. Mikeno announces that she turn Tokine into an "emerging true master", which is the highest rank possible.[167]

While shopping in a grocery store, Tokine runs into Shuji Sumimura, who is on the phone with Yoshimori. Shuji passes her the phone[168] and happily skips off, so that Tokine will have to talk to Yoshimori. Yoshimori says his training is going well, and Tokine says that Mikeno thinks she is almost ready.

Tokine visits Yoshimori in order to bring him some supplies he requested from his father. The visit is very awkward, so Yoshimori brings up Tokimori Hazama, but is annoyed that Hazama still hasn't apologized to Tokine's family. Tokine says that Mikeno told her that Chushinmaru Karasumori was Hazama's son. Tokine's task in the overall plan is convince the god of the land where Shadow Organization Headquarters is located to move to a new location. Yoshimori is concerned, but Tokine says she's fine, and points out that his role is far more difficult. She says they must do their best, so no one else will meet the same fate as her father. Tokine leaves, but they are both unsatisfied with how awkward the visit was. Tokine thought Yoshimori would be in high spirits, and wonders if she should have cheered him up. She begins to worry that she may never see him again. Yoshimori suddenly runs after her, insisting that if she were fine she wouldn't look so worried. Yoshimori offers her a chance to back out of the plan, but Tokine refuses. Yoshimori hates that Tokine hasn't smiled. Tokine hugs him, smiles, and makes him promise that they'll see each other again.[169]

A Request for Mahora

Tokine searches the ground near the Shadow Organization Headquarters for the hidden entrance to the spirit world. However, the entrance she finds is blocked by debris, and the only other one is inside the headquarters itself. As she reconsiders her options, she is startled by the arrival of Kiyoderu Yuugami. He tells her that the other entrance is located beneath the headquarters, and Tokimori Hazama apparently had something to do with the design. Kiyoderu asks what Tokine will do once she finds the entrance, but she is reluctant to tell him. He offers to be her guide, and gives her a lift with Kamina. In return for transporting Tokine, Kiyoderu asks her to discuss the details of her task with him afterwards (since he is once again an investigator). Tokine says she may not be able to tell him everything, but agrees. Kiyoderu warns her not to overdo it again. Tokine leaves and phases through a ceiling that should be the entrance to the spirit world. [170]

Tokine heads to the castle in Hakuma, and finds a massive tree in the courtyard. She attempts to "read" the tree with spatial phasing. Before she can finish, Number 536 approaches and asks who she is. Tokine runs and phases through a wall in the castle. Number 536 creates a flock of bubble birds and has them track down Tokine. She continues to run from him, noting that he isn't attacking at all. Number 536 finally catches up with her, pointing out that he knows the castle too well for her to escape him. He asks how she got in, and if there really is an hidden exit with no guards. He offers to be her guide if she will listen to his request. As it turns out, Number 536 wants to leave the castle: he knows that he and others were brought there, though they have no memory of it. Tokine is more concerned with her mission and says she can't help him. Guessing that she is searching for Mahora, Number 536 tells her where the god can be found: virtually directly beneath the big tree he found her at. Though the rock surrounding the area is very thick, he suspects that Tokine could get through with her phasing ability. She thanks him and starts to leave, but promises to send him a Shikigami bird on her way out to guide him. Tokine phases through the rock, only to find what looks like a miniature sun.[171]

Tokine enters the first layer of the sun and calls out to the god, saying she has a request. She passes through the second layer, asks the god's pardon for intruding, and then pummels the sun's core with spear Kekkai. This seems to awaken the god, and a voice asks who she is. Tokine politely asks the god to hand over Hakuma. The core turns dark, and spikes extend from it and pierce Tokine's body. Tokine phases through them using Utsusemi, an ultimate technique that allows her to steal an entity's power and make it her own.[172] Having rendered the god's attacks ineffective, Tokine continues to beg it to listen to her request. She explains that Kekkaishi are craftsmen who specialize in creating worlds, and they will surely make a place that is comfortable for a god. The sun's core releases dark orbs that stick to Tokine. Tokine explains how her family has always protected Karasumori so it would not endanger others, and how desperately they need Hakuma in order to complete the sealing process. She doesn't want all their sacrifices, most especially her father's, to be for nothing. The dark orbs are suddenly swept up in a powerful whirlwind.[173] Tokine is surround by a dark ocean, and though it isn't harming her, she is quickly becoming exhausted from continued use of Utsusemi. Tokine warns the god that even if it doesn't cooperate, Hakuma has already been chosen as the sealing site, and a stronger Kekkaishi will simply come after her and erase both the god and it's world. Tokine admits that she has killed a god who attacked her land, and doesn't want to do anything so terrible again. She apologizes for trying to take the god's land, and then passes out, falling into the darkness.[174]

Tokine wakes up to find a mysterious figure watching over her.[175] She assumes this is Mahora, the god she has been seeking. "Mahora" warns her not to move, since the regeneration is not yet complete. Tokine then looks down and notices that the lower half of her legs are missing. She realizes this is because she lost control of Utsusemi, which made her feel as if she were melting. "Mahora" admits that they initially planned to discover what Tokine knew and rip her to shreds, but decided she is a special case because her heart is not wicked. It mentions that hated annoyances are piling up, and plans to borrow Tokine's power. It senses a mass of power approaching, and Tokine guesses that this is Yoshimori and Chushinmaru Karasumori.[176] Just as Kakeru's World Destruction Spell activates on the castle roof, tree roots burst through the roof. This is followed by Tokine and "Mahora" phasing through the damaged roof.[177]

A God's Justice

The power from Kakeru's World Destruction Spell emerges in the form of a small orb, which "Mahora", carrying Tokine on its back, quickly snatches up. Kakeru is shocked that anyone could stop her spell. Tokine questions what "Mahora" is doing, but instead of answering, "Mahora" flies around at high speed, stopping just above where Masamori Sumimura and the others are gathered. Masamori and Tokine are shocked to see each other, and Tokine introduces "Mahora" to the others. "Mahora" compliments Kakeru on the power of her spell before consuming it. "Mahora" then confronts Haruka, taking back the stolen power of several Shinyuuchi stored within her. Haruka collapses, which greatly worries Suigetsu and the Commander. "Mahora" is surprised that a human was able to steal the power of a sacred land. The Commander admits that the power was stolen on his orders, and begs "Mahora" not to hold Haruka responsible for the crime. He offers his own life if it will spare Haruka, but "Mahora" is unmoved by his words. Suigetsu offers her life for Haruka's. Again "Mahora" refuses, stating that it isn't interested in lives or power. However, after examining Suigetsu, "Mahora" agrees to consume her life solely for the records which she holds. Suigetsu agrees in order to save Haruka, stating that she herself has lived long enough. "Mahora" senses an approaching power, quickly consuming the Shinyuuchi power and returning Haruka's life to her.

Yoshimori and Chushinmaru Karasumori arrive, riding on Kokuyou's back.[178] With them are Shigemori Sumimura and Tokiko Yukimura. Tokiko sees "Mahora" and assumes, just as Tokine did, that it is Hakuma's god. Tokine asks "Mahora" to do something about Chushinmaru's power. "Mahora" seems insulted by the very idea of being asked to clean up a mess that humans made. Yoshimori explains that Chushinmaru's power isn't his fault, and that he isolates himself to protect others, but he really does want to be a normal child. "Mahora" replies that even if Chushinmaru's power were taken from him, he would continue to drain the lives of others, and that the only way to erase his power would be to consume him, effectively ending his life. Chushinmaru rejects this idea at once, because he is determined to become a great man that brings honor to his family name, for the sake of his parents. Yoshimori asks that Hakuma be handed over to them, and to Tokine's surprise, "Mahora" agrees to talk to the land's master, the true Mahora. Mahora emerges from Hakuma's trees, and the false Mahora identifies itself as "The Gazer" who observes the world as it changes.[179] Shigemori and Tokiko offer to escort Mahora to a new home. Mahora seems to agree with The Gazer's suggestion to leave without protest. Tokine is perplexed that both deities appear to have the same face. The Gazer somewhat explains this by admitting that he borrowed Tokine's phasing ability earlier on. As Mahora prepares to leave, the Gazer plans to accompany him, and instructs Suigetsu to come along. Tokine wishes Yoshimori good luck with his part, and as Kokuyou begins to depart, Tokine sends a Shikigami bird to Number 536, as promised.

High above Arashizaki Shrine, Kokuyou and his passengers reunite with Tokimori Hazama. By this time, Mahora appears to be sleeping within a small Shinkai. Hazama says they only need to wait for a while, and thanks Tokine for helping out.[180] Hazama's group descends, where they are greeted by Shichirou Ougi. Shigemori and Tokiko begin the process of installing Mahora as the land's new god. Tokine joins them, but first thanks Shichirou for his help.[181]

An End to Conflict

Yoshimori and Tokine leave for school at the same time, and walk together. Yoshimori says that Toshimori has gone ahead, even though they now attend the same school (due to Karasumori Academy's destruction, middle school students are taking classes at the grade school). Yoshimori asks about the Shikigami that his grandfather sent to replace him at school. Tokine says that it acted like an old man, which doesn't surprise Yoshimori, since the same thing happened when Masamori was in school. They pass the former site of Karasumori Academy, where construction on the new school has already begun. Yoshimori wishes he could still attend there, but Tokine says it's not that great with the portable classrooms and the loud construction. Yoshimori mentions that his night job has ended, and Tokine asks if his Houin has gotten paler. Yoshimori reasons that since Shikigami get weaker the farther away they are from the creator, the Houin might fade if the connection to Chushinmaru was severed, and that his mother's Shikigami might vanish once the Shinkai at Hakuma is complete. Madoka arrives and waves to Tokine. Tokine comforts Yoshimori by saying he'll soon be back at Karasumori Academy as a high school student. Madoka asks about Yoshimori, and says he looks more grown up.[182]

Yoshimori brings Tokine to his house while his family is out, so he can teach her how to make cheesecake. Tokine asks if he will become a pastry chef, but Yoshimori says he will become an architect so he can make a castle. Tokine calls him a dreamer, and Yoshimori reveals he only wants to make a castle big enough for the two of them. Tokine points out that to be an arcitect, Yoshimori would need to know math, which depresses him. She adds that she wants to be a math teacher, so she can teach him, but the thought of Tokine as a teacher horrifies him.[183]


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