Gen Shishio's star


Mukade's star

Member Stars

Many members of The Shadow Organization wear this five-sectioned star on their outer clothing. In most cases, there are two stars located on the front side of clothing, just between the shoulders, and a single star on the upper back. Some members of the Night Troop wear arm guards with the star on the back of the hand, which they commonly use to identify themselves as part of the Shadow Organization. The stars are typically either light blue or light brown.

Council of Twelve Stars

Each member of the Council of Twelve is given a badge as proof of their membership. The bad

Masamori's robe

ge contains an enlarged double star design, with the member's seat number written over it. If the badge should be stolen or broken, that member would lose their position[1] (for that reason, after their introduction, the badges are almost never seen unless the owner is removed from the council in some way[2]). In the interest of safeguarding the badges, instead of displaying them openly (which would likely make the wearer a target for assassination), members traditionally do not wear the badges[3] (some, such as Ichirou Ougi and Tatsuki, choose to wear the Shadow Organization star on their clothing instead). It has become common practice for those who kill members of the council to break their badges, signifying the loss of that member's seat.[4] Masamori Sumimura chooses to wear his badge design enlarged on his back, which is considered both arrogant and foolish, but he does so intentionally to provoke those that want him dead.[3]


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