The Accomplice
Wierd guy
Race Human
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation The Shadow Organization
Previous Affiliation Reiji Kakushino
Previous Occupation Researcher
Previous Team Shinyuuchi Hunters (temporary)
Previous Partner Black & White Ayakashi, Michiru & Kakeru
Base of Operations Shadow Organization Research Institution
Personal Status
Technique Demon Taming
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 140

During their first assault on Karasumori, the Shinyuuchi Hunters employed the trained Ayakashi of an unnamed accomplice.[1] However, they abandoned him during the attack, and he was easily subdued and captured by Souji Hiura.[2]


He is a short man with light hair. Most of his face is concealed by the hood and mask that he wears. Even when his face is finally revealed, it is thoroughly bruised and swollen from his encounter with Souji.[3]



Some time in the past, he was a client of Reiji Kakushino. He asked Reiji to store a Kurokabuto cocoon that he'd created. According to Reiji, the client later vanished, leaving him with the cocoon.[4] He is later revealed to be a researcher from the Shadow Organization's Research Institution.


The Karasumori Assault

Kakeru and Michiru observe Karasumori from above on a flying carpet. Their accomplice, a masked man with two huge black and white spheres, drops the spheres on Karasumori, almost directly on top of the Kekkaishi. Souji protects Tokine from the resulting crash, and the spheres transform into two enormous Ayakashi.[5]

Powers & Abilities

Wierd guy command

By blowing into a cross shaped whistle, he can command his two Ayakashi to do his bidding.

Demon Taming: He was capable of commanding two enormous Black & White Ayakashi that he'd trained via a cross-shaped whistle. In addition, he was able to create a Kurokabuto cocoon, though it quickly grew beyond his expectations.[6]


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