Team SenShuDai
Race Human, Ayakashi Majiri
Age Sen: 14
Shu: 15
Dai: 13
Gender All Male
Professional Status
Affiliation The Shadow Organization's Night Troop
Occupation Intelligence Unit (Sen & Shu)
Cooking & Provision Procurement Unit (Shu only)
Combat Unit (Dai only)
Previous Occupation Yukimasa's Team (Dai only)
Karasumori Analysis Team (Sen & Shu)
Night Troop Combat Team, Combat Unit (all 3)
Team Sen Kagemiya, Shu Akitsu, Dai Yaegashi
Previous Partner 22nd Legitimate Successors
Gen Shishio
Base of Operations Night Troop Headquarters
Personal Status
Technique Sen: Scent Tracking, Mind Reading, Ayakashi Transformation: Cat
Shu: Wings, Devil Ear, Ayakashi Transformation: Vampire
Dai: Clones
First Appearance
Anime Episode 38, Requiem
Japanese Sen: Ryohei Kimura
Shu: Yōichi Masukawa
English Sen: Steve Staley
Shu: Michael Sinterniklaas

Sen Kagemiya, Shu Akitsu, and Dai Yaegashi are a trio of teenagers that often work together within the Night Troop.

Combat Strength

Despite experience in the Combat Unit, the team is largely unsuited for major battles: they are primarily close-range fighters, but each one either lacks the power or aggression necessary to be effective. The extent of Sen's offense is his claws, which he can extend and retract as needed. Dai seems to only use senbon in combination with his clones. Shu appears to have the highest battle potential out of all three, yet is also the least likely to use it because of his gentle nature.


Sen, Shu, and Dai were formerly on the same team in the Combat Unit with Gen Shishio and several others. Gen's devotion to getting the job done often proved problematic, because he was a solitary fighter and did not concern himself with the state of his teammates.


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