Yoshiro Takemitsu
Race Human
Age N/A
Gender Male
Professional Status
Night Troop
Occupation Combat Unit, Swordsman
Base of Operations Night Troop Headquarters
Personal Status
Relatives N/A
Technique Jiugenka: Katana
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 100
Anime Episode 42
Japanese Yuuki Masuda
English Keith Silverstein

Yoshiro Takemitsu (武光喜朗, Takemitsu Yoshiro) is a member of the Night Troop. Though he is a skilled swordsman[1], as running gag, he is almost always passed over or ignored for any assignment he volunteers for.[2]


Takemitsu is a tall, thin man with long, black hair. He wears glasses.


He is always very eager to help out, but gets easily annoyed at his Night Troop comrades, as they sometimes make jokes at his expense.


Power & Abilities

Jiugenka: Katana: Takemitsu is a Jiugenka user whose power takes the shape of a large katana. Though his abilities are never explained in detail, the katana appears to be very durable: Takemitsu regularly trains against Yukimasa's flaming sword, and he was able to knock out Todoroki by hitting him with the flat side of the blade.[3]


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