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Mudou's body reforming after being destroyed

Spirit Reservoir Owners are an extremely small group capable of incredible feats. First and foremost, they are essentially immortal: even if their bodies are destroyed, they will simply reform, though the speed of the revival varies. In addition, owners all seem to possess near god-like power reserves. However, these gifts sometimes come with a high price: in at least two cases, an owner's longevity seems to be tied directly to an ability or need to drain the lives of others.

Known Powers

  • Regeneration/Immortality: Regenerates wounds quickly and revival upon death, even if body is completely destroyed.
  • Age Regression: Making body younger and more powerful.
  • Soul Drain: Stealing souls/life from others, either intentionally or automatically.
  • Enormous Power Reserves: Ability to contain/absorb/release near-unlimited amounts of power.

Known Spirit Reservoir Owners & Times Revived

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