Kekkaishi Wiki:CharBox (Night Troop) Shoki (章樹, Shouki) is a member of the Night Troop. He challenged Gen Shishio to a fight, but after losing, exposed the truth about Gen attacking his sister Ryo, and was brutally attacked by Gen as a result.[1]


Shoki is introduced during a flashback that Sen Kagemiya has the day of Gen's funeral. Shoki is angry that Gen, still a newcomer to the Night Troop at the time, received an assignment that he desired, and challenges him to a fight. Gen easily defeats him and starts to walk away. Furious at this added humiliation, Shoki shouts to everyone watching how Gen is a monster that nearly killed his own sister. Gen flies into a rage and attacks Shoki, nearly killing him. Sen uses this memory to point out why he doesn't miss Gen, but Shu Akitsu insists that Shoki brought it on himself.[1]


Clawed Glove: Shoki's weapon of choice is a glove with straight blades extending from the back of the hand.


  • Shoki doesn't appear in the manga, because there Sen attends Gen's funeral with Shu.[2] In the anime, Sen skips the funeral, prompting Shu to confront him about his feelings toward Gen.


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