Sandy Brackman (サンディー・ブラックマン) is an American exchange student studying Japanese culture. Kokuunsai is in love with her and has been stalking her, but his constant presence has raised her spiritual energy, causing wandering spirits to be attracted to her.[1]


Sandy is an attractive young woman with light hair. Yoshimori is made so uncomfortable by her beauty that he can barely speak to her, overly self conscious of how unattractive he must seem to someone like her.[1]


Sandy is friendly and outgoing, but is very afraid of Kokuunsai, who she (rather accurately) believes to be an old pervert that constantly follows her around.[1]



Shidou describes Sandy's condition to Yoshimori

Sandy is buying from a fish stand on the street when Shidou and Yoshimori first find her. Shidou shoves Yoshimori into her path in an attempt to force a confrontation. Despite Yoshimori's somewhat odd appearance, he greets her in English, and she responds in kind. Yoshimori then runs away, leaving her somewhat confused. Shidou transforms into a human and approaches Sandy, explaining the situation to her, but using the excuse that he and Yoshimori are spirit investigators. After Yoshimori obtains some talismans and advice on exorcism, he prepares to exorcise Sandy, but is distracted by the arrival of Kokuunsai, in the form of an old man. Sandy immediately screams and hides behind Shidou. She reveals that the old man's constantly following her has made her afraid to be alone, to the point where she can't sleep. Realizing how much he's upset her, Kokuunsai runs away, and Yoshimori chases after him. Shidou apologizes to Sandy, assures her she won't be bothered anymore, and asks her not to blame the old man, since he only liked her smile. It is implied that Yoshimori exorcises Sandy after Kokuunsai and Shidou leave.[1]

Powers & Abilities

Elevated (Low) Spiritual Power: Kokuunsai's constant presence in her life has increased Sandy's spiritual energy, which attracts spirits to her, though she cannot sense them. However, Shidou suspects that because of this condition, she may become spiritually aware at anytime.[1]

Exorcism Barrier: Yoshimori is implied to have exorcised Sandy,[1] and assuming it was done correctly, spirits should no longer be able to approach her.


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