The Shadow Organization's Records Office collects and safeguards data related to the organization's activities.[1] All members wear the same white, long-sleeved robes with quadruple-slitted masks, which maintains anonymity[2] and also allows for easy infiltration into the ranks. Only the most loyal and talented members are sent on solo missions[3], and they may be present in either high-profile or clandestine cases. The office is under the authority of Special Adviser Okuni, Keeper of the Archives, and she appears to accept anyone willing to follow her rules.[4] In the wake of Okuni's passing, and in accordance with her constant desire to reveal the truth, the office has begun to work more closely with the Investigation Office.[5] The Records Office may or may not be connected to the Shadow Organization's Research Institution.[6]


Former Members

Studies/Research Topics

  • Inspection of Karasumori
  • Box User Investigation
  • Log-Keeper Interviews


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