One Eye Ginji (隻眼の銀次, Sekigan no Ginji) is the leader of all the crows in and around Karasumori. He serves as a local contact between Yoshimori and Shidou of Aibasan.[1]


Ginji is a large, black crow. He appears to only have his right eye, and there is a sizable scar where the left one should be.[1]


Though well-mannered for the most part, Ginji takes his position seriously.[1]


The Crow Boss

Concerned about Saki's prophecy, Yoshimori decides to contact the servant of a Shinyuuchi god. Because he can't leave Karasumori, he decides on Shidou (who has come to him before and is more respectful toward him than Mamezo), and uses the magic feather Shidou gave him. The feather summons many crows, who eventually introduce Yoshimori to Ginji. Ginji is willing to contact Shidou, but insists on some form of payment first, or else he might lose respect as the crow leader. After getting some advice from Tokine, Yoshimori presents Ginji with a simple BB pellet (crows like round, shiny objects), and Ginji excitedly agrees to take Yoshimori's request to Aibasan.[1]


  • Genji's territory, much like Lord Uro's, both includes and surrounds Karasumori (which is at the territory's center). This would mean that the crows Yoshimori trains against[2] are also Genji's subordinates (which might explain why they are so aggressive when provoked).


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