Number 536
Race Human
Gender Male
Professional Status
Previous Affiliation The Commander
Previous Occupation Gardener
Previous Partner No. 1
Base of Operations Hakuma (former)
Personal Status
Technique Bubble Birds
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 239: No. 1

Number 536 (五百三十六, Five Hundred Thirty Six) is one of the Commander's Puppet Soldiers candidates, although he does not seem as developed as those that received new names. He is entrusted with maintaining and guarding Hakuma's trees, which are connected to the god Mahora.


He has long, dark hair, and his face has very noticeable scarring.


Number 536 usually gives the impression of being an obedient servant. He is more open and carefree, even teasing toward No. 1 because they have a shared past. Inwardly, however, he resents being kept in the Commander's castle, and wants to escape to the other world more than anything else.


He appears to have been one of the candidates for the Commander's puppet soldier program, but did not progress as far as the ones who received new names, most likely because his mind was not overwritten with battle programming and allowed to develop, the opposite of the more advanced puppet soldiers. He still remembers One before his name was changed, a fact that irritates One.[1]


Number 536 is the first person that Tokine Yukimura meets in Hakuma. She immediately runs away, and he has to go to considerable trouble to chase her down, finally mounting one of his bubble birds just so he can keep up with her speed. He offers to tell her about the god Mahora if she promises to show him the secret entrance she used to get in. Tokine agrees to send him a Shikigami guide after her mission is done, but she knows Hakuma may likely collapse on itself if she successfully removes Mahora. After Mahora is secured and ready to depart, Tokine sends out a Shikigami bird as promised. Number 536 happily lends many of his birds to the other castle workers so that they can escape as well. He offers a bird to One, who chooses to stay and escape with Kakeru instead.[2]

Power & Abilities

Bubble Birds: By blowing bubbles from a tool worn around his neck, Number 536 is able to create a large of amount somewhat misshapen birds that follow his commands. Though they can vary in size, all the birds have the exact same features.[3]


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