Race Sym-ayak Ayakashi
Gender Male
Professional Status
Previous Partner Kimiya Hachioji
Personal Status
Relatives N/A
Technique Body Possession
Potential Boost
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 58
Anime Episode 25, Tokine and the Prince
Japanese Naoki Tatsuta

Nouotoko (脳男, Brain Man) is a bodiless ayakashi capable of possessing a person and unlocking their body's highest potential.[1]


He resembles a blue brain with green eyes (black rectangular pupils) and eight antennas.


Nouotoko takes full advantage of the abilities of his captive body, and will not hesitate to endanger its life or use it as a human shield if it suits his purposes. He is wily and manipulative, choosing his targets carefully and exploiting what he sees as their weaknesses.[1]

Powers & Abilities

Body Possession: Nouotoko moves between bodies by forcing his new target to say the name of the person he is currently possessing.[1]
Potential Boost: While possessing a body, he can boost its physical strength to the highest level.[1]


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