Night Troop Combat Team
Race Human (Ayakashi Majiri)
Gender All Male
Professional Status
Previous Affiliation The Shadow Organization's Night Troop
Previous Occupation Combat Team
Previous Team Gen Shishio, Shu Akitsu, Sen Kagemiya, Dai Yaegashi + 3 Others
Base of Operations Night Troop Headquarters
Personal Status
First Appearance
Anime Episode 38, Requiem

As part of the Night Troop's Combat Unit, this team of young men was given a mission to destroy Tanimatagi, a powerful valley-dwelling Ayakashi. The team was greatly overwhelmed by the Ayakashi's strength, but Gen Shishio refused to retreat and fought Tanimatagi alone. His disregard for his comrades' safety led the team to abandon him. Despite this, Gen managed to complete the mission, but the rest of the team refused to work with him any longer.[1]

Combat Strength

Gen proved to be the strongest member of the team by far. Shu is likely the strongest after Gen, but his gentle nature makes him unsuitable for battle. Sen, on the other hand, tends to be fairly aggressive, but lacks offensive power. Dai seems best at serving as a distraction rather than actually causing any damage. The abilities of the other three members are unknown, though judging from the team's failure to complete the mission together, they were likely either very inexperienced or not very strong themselves.


  1. Kekkaishi anime, Episode 38

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