Misao and Akira
Race Human
Gender Female and Male
Professional Status
Affiliation The Shadow Organization's Night Troop
Occupation Trainees
Team Misao, Akira
Base of Operations Night Troop Headquarters
Personal Status
Technique Misao: Life to Inanimate Objects
Akira: Applied Invisibility
First Appearance

Though Misao and Akira are two of the Night Troop's younger recruits and therefore not an active team, they are already experienced in the use of their powers and display formidable teamwork while together.

Combat Strength

What Misao and Akira lack in strength, they tend to make up for in terms of ingenuity. Neither one is very physically strong (although Akira plays soccer regularly and can kick objects at opponents with a great deal of accuracy), so they tend to rely almost exclusively on their powers in combat, and fortunately, their powers work well with each other. Misao's ability to cause inanimate objects to spring to life is their main source of offense and defense, and she has been trained to be very aware of her environment so she can use it to her advantage. Akira's ability to make objects invisible enhances this: he can easily hide Misao's living dolls, temporarily making them undetectable to most enemies.


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