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Return of the Firstborn Son

As the story opens, Masamori was not present. While cleaning up the damage caused by Yomi Kasuga and Yoki, Shigemori reveals that Masamori was Chief of The Shadow Organization's Task Force.[1] Sometime later, Masamori meets with Yomi, who is (at the time) scheduled to be executed for interfering with Karasumori, a forbidden offense in their organization. Yomi accuses Masamori of having encouraged her to go to the site, but Masamori denies this, and blackmails her into working for him by threatening to destroy Yoki.[2]


Masamori captures Sasorigama

Masamori finally returns to Karasumori and watches as Yoshimori and Tokine try and fail to defeat Sasorigama. Using multiple Nenshi threads, Masamori destroys Sasorigama's scythe with a multi-layered Kekkai, then destroys the Ayakashi with a five layered one. [2] He later purposely brings an Ayakashi to Karasumori to test Yoshimori's skills and teamwork with Tokine.[3] Throughout Masamori's stay, there is considerable tension between him and Yoshimori (both because Masamori is purposely harsh with him, and because Yoshimori is jealous of Tokine's adoration of Masamori).[2][3] Though both his father and grandfather invite him to stay in Karasumori, Masamori declines and returns to the Night Troop.[4] To help combat the organized Ayakashi threat against Karasumori, Masamori sends Gen Shishio to assist Yoshimori and Tokine in their duties[5], noting that he expected Gen and Yoshimori to get along because they were similar.[6]

Seven of Twelve


Masamori meets with Yomi

Masamori meets Yomi at a sweet shop, where she reluctantly passes him info she gathered on someone within the Night Troop that leaked the news of his upcoming promotion. Having already known this, Masamori uses this as a test to verify that Yomi is a useful informant, and plans to have her next investigate members of the Council of Twelve (again threatening Yoki to force her compliance).[7] On the Sousui's recommendation, Masamori is appointed to the 7th seat of the Council of Twelve of The Shadow Organization. The other council members are openly insulting and hostile toward him, none more so than Ichirou Ougi. Masamori is inwardly just as suspicious of them, considering them all monsters that might one day invade Karasumori.[7]

Yomi later informs Masamori that Ichirou has been leaking information on the Night Troop to the enemy. In a private meeting, Ichirou criticizes Masamori's decision to deploy Gen to Karasumori, but Masamori stands by his choice. Upon noticing that Masamori has transferred his council membership badge design to his robe in a clear defiance of tradition, Ichirou attacks him, and Masamori defends with his Zekkai. Though Masamori appears unaffected, after leaving the meeting, he collapses and requires immediate medical treatment. Masamori returns to Karasumori to reassess the situation with Gen, [8] and ultimately allows Gen to stay.[9]

At War with Kokuboro

Shigemori asks Masamori to provide protection for Heisuke Matsudo, a family friend and Kokuboro's latest target. However, at Heisuke's request, Masamori instead helps him fake his death, which allows Heisuke to move about undetected and seek revenge against Byaku. [10] As the situation with Kokuboro heats up, Masamori plans to transfer the Night Troop to Karasumori to help protect it. Before he can, Ichirou Ougi gives him a difficult,

Masamori oversees Gen's first funeral

time-consuming mission. Though he knows this is a trick to keep his forces away from Karasumori, it is also a test that Masamori cannot afford to refuse so early in his new position. He accepts the mission, entrusting protection of Karasumori to Gen.[11] Though he rushes back, Masamori arrives at Karasumori just after Gen dies from wounds suffered in battle. [12] Masamori attends two funerals for Gen: one held by the Night Troop, and another held by the Shishio family. Gen's sister Ryo blames Masamori for Gen's death and demands that he leave. Masamori invites Yoshimori to blame him for Gen's death. Yoshimori swears vengeance on Kokuboro, but Masamori states that he will be the one to take command, reminding Yoshimori that others are angry as well.[13]

Defending Karasumori

Masamori temporarily relocates the Night Troop's headquarters to Karasumori, drastically increasing the number of defenders in order to better guard against Kokuboro's next invasion.[14] After being alerted to Kokuboro's approach, Masamori prepares his troops and warns Yoshimori not to do anythign rash. Masamori suspects that Kokuboro's reason for attacking a well-defended location is because they are desperate to restore their weakened leader. He considers using Tokiko Yukimura's gateway to Kurosusuki in his plans: he intends to crush the invasion force, and then invade Kokuboro's castle to completely end the threat they pose. As the battle begins, Masamori gives the order not to let any invaders set foot on land.[15] During the battle, Masamori personally destroys Gagin with his Zekkai. Tokine soon informs him that Yoshimori has gone missing.[16] Masamori also learns that Sen Kagemiya is missing as well. Madarao later gives the entire Sumimura family the details: Yoshimori has allowed himself to be taken prisoner by Kokuboro. Masamori quickly gathers all of his people who can still fight in a rescue effort.[17]

The Rescue Team

They track down Tokiko and obtain permission to use her portal to Kurosusuki. Masamori selects a team of himself, Mukade, Hakudo, Odo, Hakota, and Yukimasa to enter the portal. Shigemori insists on going as well. Tokine wants to go, but both Masamori and Tokiko refuse to let her.[18] The rescue team journeys to Kurosusuki, where Hakota spots Yoshimori and Sen trapped in a huge sphere of light. To make matters worse, Yoshimori is completely unresponsive.[19]Masamori assumes that Yoshimori has overexerted himself and fallen into a state of shock, and tells Sen Kagemiya to try waking Yoshimori up. In the meantime, Masamori rams his Zekkai into the sphere in the hopes of getting through. Sen finally stabs Yoshimori in the forehead, and the sphere collapses. With Yoshimori and Sen recovered, Masamori gives the order to retreat. The team witnesses the landscape of Kokuboro transforming into pampass grass. Masamori spots Princess and Byaku there, but Shigemori says to leave them alone, since she is about to die on her own. [20] Yoshimori wakes up on the way back. Masamori is worried about their chances of escaping, but Shigemori uses his power to prevent the dimension from collapsing on them for a while, and Tokiko forms a net to pull out Masamori's team safely.[21] Masamori and the Night Troop prepare to leave Karasumori. Masamori tells Yoshimori not to be reckless, and Yoshimori tells him the same, much to Shigemori's annoyance. Shigemori and Shuji both invite Masamori to come home anytime.[22]

The Box Crisis

At a meeting of the Council of Twelve, Yumeji Hisaomi discusses the appointment of members to a new committee within the group. Ichirou Ougi announces that Karasumori has shown signs of change, and that some aspects have reached critical levels. He places blame on Masamori for not reporting this, but Masamori replies that matters are not yet at a point where he needs to report them. Ichirou suggests that Masamori reacts too slowly, just as he did with Kokuboro. Okuni volunteers to inspect the site as an impartial outsider.

Masamori returns to Night Troop Headquarters and begins preparations for the Karasumori inspection. Todoroki informs him that a mysterious box has been delivered for him. Masamori senses a demonic aura from the box. Akira then reports that Misao has been eaten by the box.[23] Masamori gives orders not to open the box, but it soon opens on its own, releasing the Ayakashi Amaarashi, which controls wind and rain clouds. After being caught, its belly explodes, releasing its babies. In the chaos that follows, Akira goes missing. Night Troop members began to find boxes in other places around the headquarters. Unable to meet with Okuni due to this crisis, Masamori sends Miki Hatori and Higurashi to Karasumori in his place.[24] Possibly due to many of Amaarashi's babies escaping, there is steady rain at Night Troop HQ, which hinders their search for more boxes, though 20 have already been found. Masamori states that boxes are merely tools with a spell on them, but they haven't found a way to break the spell. Fumiya Somegi explains that while it is possible to seal the spell on the boxes, they can't because hostages have been taken. Other spells they've tried had no effect, meaning that the box's spell is either especially strong or unique. He theorizes that only the original spellcaster can remove the box lid. Hatori keep him updated to the situation at Karasumori over the phone, informing him that boxes have appeared at Karasumori as well. Masamori admits they've had no progress in recovering the two missing children, but hopes the kids can take care of themselves.[25] Masamori later calls Hatori to inform her that the spell on the box at Night Troop HQ has just lost its effect. However, demons are still appearing, and the children are still missing. Hatori says she'll investigate at Karasumori, and goes to meet with Okuni.[26] Hakota uses his sight power to spot the missing children, who take shelter from the rain in cave in the mountains. Masamori summons Kurohime to help him narrow down the location. Misao hears Masamori calling her and leads the rescue team to Akira, who has fallen asleep from exhaustion.[27]

The Council of Twelve meets, and Okuni delivers her report on Karasumori. She confirms that the danger is growing steadily, and the high risk related to the site being in such a populated area only worsened the situation. Yumeji Hisaomi asks for Okuni's opinion on the matter, and she admits that she does not truly understand Karasumori at all. Her impression is that it is a selfish, fickle, and highly unpredictable mass of power that cannot be dealt with rashly. She suggests leaving the land in the hands of the Kekkaishi, and developing strategies that would aid them. Masamori is shocked, and Ichirou is furious, but Okuni insists that it is best because that land itself chose the Kekkaishi as its guardians. Yumeji decides to designate Karasumori as a special case, and to have Masamori remain their go-between. The meeting concludes, and Masamori confronts Okuni. She tells him to consider himself lucky that the matter did not go any further, and suggests a personal theory that Karasumori's guardians, like the land itself, are also showing signs of major change. After he leaves, Masamori is still angry because he knows Okuni has enough power to halt the entire organization if she wished. He desires to destroy Karasumori, but wants to take out the council first. [28]

Masamori and Mudou

As Yoshimori's spring holiday beings, Masamori calls and invites him to help him with something. Yoshimori is of course reluctant, until Masamori adds that it is work related to a Shinyuuchi and scheduled for that night. Their destination is a shrine on the rooftop of a building in a crowded city. Masamori explains that there are actually two shrines, and they each serve as an entrance to the Shinyuuchi. Masamori tells Yoshimori to guard the white shrine, and make sure that nothing escapes. Masamori provides no other information much to Yoshimori's annoyance, but leaves him a cellphone to stay in touch and warns him not to enter the shrine, adding that they can't have the Legitimate Successor dying. With those cryptic words, Masamori leaves, ignoring Yoshimori's protests.[29] Yoshimori tries to follow Masamori by making Kekkai in mid-air, but is startled when his cellphone rings. Masamori tells Yoshimori that he'll be out of range for about two hours, and reminds him to stay at his post. Masamori says that if sunrise comes and he hasn't returned, he may need Yoshimori's voice to call him back from the depths.

At the black shrine, Masamori finds that the lock on the inner shrine is destroyed, and finds a mirror inside. He reaches into the mirror, which turns out to be a portal. Masamori calls out to the land's master and requests permission to pursue a man who has recently entered, stating that he wants nothing more than that. Inside the Shinyuuchi, Masamori enters through a long tunnel of gates, and sees a mansion overlooking a lake. He senses familiar demonic power all over the place, and finds the inhabitants all slaughtered.[30]

Masamori begins to search outside of the lakehouse and summons Kurohime, both because of Kurohime's detection ability, and because he's sure his target will notice her. Kurohime is suddenly destroyed by a flying ball, and Masamori follows it to an open field, where he finds his target: a man wearing a coat and checkered scarf, surrounded by several more flying balls. Masamori warns him that killing the inhabitants will have a negative impact on the land and make it ill-suited for a hiding place, but the man implies he is after something else. The man is revealed to be Mudou, the person that Masamori replaced on the Council of Twelve, and someone that Masamori had admired in the past.[31] Masamori and Mudou both agree that holding a seat on the Council of Twelve was a disappointing experience. Masamori questions why Mudou slaughtered many young people at the Shadow Organization's Training Facility in the past. Mudou claims he targeted the facility because he knew Masamori wouldn't be there and wanted to face him later on. Mudou attacks with his flying balls, and Masamori deflects them with his Zekkai. Masamori questions why Mudou, who was so powerful as a human, would willingly become an Ayakashi. Mudou says he tired of being "the Immortal Mudou", intensifies his attack, and vanishes while Masamori remains pinned down.[32] Masamori uses willpower to increase the size of his Zekkai, vaporizing the flying balls that pinned him down.[33]

As Mudou begins to approach Yoshimori, a Nenshi shoots out of the lake and wraps around his ankle. Masamori emerges from the lake with his Zekkai, vaporizing Mudou's body on contact. After witnessing Masamori's power, Yoshimori inwardly notes he can't possibly be the one who's gifted. Masamori is upset that Yoshimori entered the shrine against orders, but tells Yoshimori to be on his guard. He tells Yoshimori that "The Immortal Mudou" won't die so easily. Sure enough, the ball attached to Tan'yuu's chest remains, and fragments begin to collect on the lake and rapidly reform into Mudou's body.[34]

As Mudou reforms in front of them, Yoshimori questions Masamori about he and Mudou being former comrades. Masamori tells Yoshimori that back then, Mudou could recover from any wound as if it had never happened. He even admits that Mudou has been confirmed dead, cremated, and buried at least twice, but has risen from the dead each time. Masamori adds that he actually witnessed Mudou rising from the grave, and that all of this back when he was still human. Yoshimori decides to leave Mudou to Masamori, and goes to check on Lord Tan'yuu, who is still restrained by pieces of Mudou's scarf and the ball attached to his chest.

Now fully reformed, Mudou attacks Masamori, who again defends with his Zekkai. Mudou questions why Masamori is being so obsessive, and Masamori says that some of his own subordinates were among the young men that Mudou slaughtered. They clash again, with Masamori using multiple Nenshi to halt Mudou's flying balls. Masamori follows up by forming several Kekkai around various parts of Mudou, but he is able to quickly break them all. Masamori guesses that though Mudou is able to steal life and take it for his own, he also needs to do so, which means there is a limit to his ability to resurrect himself. He swears to kill Mudou as many times as he needs to for him to stay dead, but Mudou doubts his power will last that long. Yoshimori tries to remove the ball from Tan'yuu's chest, but is unable to. Masamori yells for him to destroy it instead. Mudou takes back the ball, which has grown slightly larger than his hand. Mudou says he has drained the Shinyuuchi's power from its god. Mudou absorbs the ball into his arm, and announces his intention to use it right away and switch to a more battle-ready form. Masamori senses Mudou's demonic power rising exponentially, but to his shock, Mudou becomes a teenage version of himself. Mudou explains that this is merely a step in his overall process: he intends to regress up to the very moment that he was born, although he has no idea how many lives he will have to steal to do so.[35]

Mudou announces his plan to Masamori: to return to the moment of his birth, and relive his life without flaws, thus obtaining perfection. Masamori becomes furious that Mudou sacrificed young recruits who believed in him for what he considers a useless purpose. Mudou enlarges one of his flying balls, then flattens it into a disc, and throws it at Masamori, slicing through his Zekkai and causing it to fail. Masamori backs away, and Mudou throws more discs at Masamori, admitting that he no longer has any interest in stealing human lives, and that he will not hold back. Masamori dodges and reactivates his Zekkai, and Mudou follows. Mudou points that out because Masamori admired him, he also sympathized and feared he would go down the same path as Mudou. Masamori ignores this and attacks with several Kekkai Spears, but Mudou destroys them all. Mudou throws discs again, this time cutting into Masamori's shoulder. Masamori is clearly being overwhelmed, inwardly admitting he never expected Mudou to steal the land's power. Mudou suddenly begins throwing discs at Yoshimori and Lord Tan'yuu. Yoshimori blocks the damage with a Kekkai, but it is easily destroyed. Masamori throws himself between Mudou and the pair, but soon falls to one knee. Masamori orders Yoshimori to take Tan'yuu and run. Yoshimori refuses to leave him, and they begin to argue. Yoshimori finally says that if Masamori is going act like that, he should just go ahead and defeat Mudou. Mudou is amused and offers Masamori a choice: he can choose whether he or Yoshimori will live.[36]

Masamori lets his Zekkai fall and asks Mudou to take Yoshimori's life. Mudou launches two extra large discs at Yoshimori. Inwardly, Masamori reveals that he made his choice in the hopes that Yoshimori's mistrust of him would finally allow him to fully use Zekkai, which requires the accumulation and domination of negative feelings. Yoshimori dodges the discs, which pass over him and head for Masamori, who defends with his Zekkai. Masamori struggles to push back the two discs, and in desperation to save him, Yoshimori activates Shinkai, bathing the area in white light. Mudou and the discs are obliterated, and Masamori recognizes this as the same "Zekkai" Yoshimori used at Kurosusuki. As the light fades, Yoshimori collapses from exhaustion.[37] Lord Tan'yuu tells Masamori to leave, explaining that he has the power to end and then recreate the Shinyuuchi. He admits he is uncertain whether he and the land will cease to exist, or if he will be chosen as the land's master again, but prefers either fate to Mudou (who is regenerating yet again as they speak) destroying everything. Masamori asks Tan'yuu to look after Yoshimori while he deals with Mudou. Mudou is suddenly surrounded by white feathers, which slowly began to dissolve his body. Masamori explains that he has earned the master's wrath, and says that the land and Mudou will both soon vanish. Masamori snags Mudou with a Nenshi, and pulls him against, and then into his Zekkai.[38]

Unable to find the entrance he used earlier, Mudou decides to make one by force, and begins destroying the surroundings. However, even the destruction ball he uses begins to dissolve into feathers. Masamori warns him that it won't work, since everything in the world will be destroyed, and that he is underestimating the master's power. Mudou claims he hasn't used the full extent of his own power, and regresses further to a child-like form. Mudou combines his destruction balls into a single giant one, which he hurls at the ground in an attempt to make an exit. However, even the giant ball begins to dissolve into feathers. Mudou is surprised that Masamori seems so calm about the land being destroyed, and realizes that Masamori could likely survive with a Kekkai, which is like his own personal world. Masamori offers to save Mudou. Mudou refuses to believe that Masamori has the power to save him. Mudou finally accepts that there is no escape for him: his own power is useless, and Masamori's Zekkai can only save himself, but destroys anyone else it touches. Mudou confesses that he witnessed an enormous power within the Shadow Organization, one that killed him no matter how many times he challenged it. He became envious of the power, and realized that his power no longer made him feel special. Mudou says the only way to elevate himself to that level was with the path he chose. He reveals that he isn't the only one pursuing the Shinyuuchi. Mudou's body dissolves, and soon after, the world is plunged into darkness. Masamori realizes it has just ended. [39] Masamori drifts within the darkness of the destroyed land, protected only by his Zekkai, searching for an exit. He discovers an exit and approaches it, but his exhaustion makes his progress very slow, and he collapses multiple times, the darkness threatening to overtake him. Suddenly, the exit appears just in front of him, and he reaches for it.

Yoshimori frantically calls Masamori on his borrowed cellphone. Masamori finally answers, having emerged in an ally. Yoshimori points out that Masamori said earlier he might need to be called out of the depths, and Masamori assures him that he kept his promise. Yoshimori demands to know what happened, and Masamori tells him that though he feels like he lost, the master took care of things. Yoshimori asks what happened to Lord Tan'yuu, but Masamori admits he doesn't know, and that he'll deal with the Shinyuuchi later. He also finally admits that he's so tired that he can't move, and asks Yoshimori to come get him.[40]

The Traitor's Return

Yomi Kasuga meets Masamori at a sweet shop. Masamori says until now, he has only given her independent jobs, but that he needs her to start doing jobs for the sake of the entire Shadow Organization. The work will be more difficult and dangerous now, so there may be a need to completely restructure the Night Troop. Yomi is surprised that Masamori recalled Kei Sazanami home. Yomi notes that thanks to Masamori leaving Sazanami unchecked, Kokuboro was able to take advantage of them. She wonders why Masamori would decide to settle things with a traitor after all this time, but Masamori doesn't give her a straight answer.[41]

Masamori meets with Sazanami and admits that he has been a great help in founding the Night Troop, but asks him directly if he is an enemy.[42] As a result of their conversation, Sazanami cancels his plans to leave the Night Troop, and recommends Sen Kagemiya for a mission. Masamori later tasks Sen with officially investigating Karasumori, though he is actually expected to investigate its current Legitimate Successors, Yoshimori and Tokine.[43] Specifically, Masamori wishes for Sen to analyze the the conditions for becoming a Legitimate Successor, and any changes in them that may overlap with changes in Karasumori.[44]

Masamori recieves an order to go to the Shinyuuchi Mashiroko Lake. [45] He later finds out that it has been greatly damaged, and is asked to repair it, which he does.[46] Masamori discusses the Investigation Office's recent visit to the Sumimura Home with Shigemori, and suspects the family is being framed. Masamori volunteers to investigate, and both agree that they need to find Sumiko Sumimura. Miki Hatori informs Masamori that he has an order to go a Shinyuuchi in Kyushu. She considers declining it because he seems tired, but Masamori insists on going, since he will remain a suspect no matter what he does.

Masamori summons Sazanami, who had been confined to headquarters and stripped of his position. Masamori offers him a mission, with a chance to be reinstated as Intelligence Unit Head. Masamori orders him to investigate the entire Ougi Clan, which Sazanami considers a test of his loyalty. Masamori asks Sazanami to give him something he can use to destroy them.[47]

Three Deaths Too Many

In a meeting of the Group of Twelve, Yumeji Hisaomi addresses the case of Mashiroko Lake being robbed of its power. While he has yet to determine the cause, he still wishes for everyone to be informed. Ichirou Ougi finds that unacceptable, and insists it is obvious that someone has stolen the Shinyuuchi's power and should be punished. Okuni suggests that Ichirou seems to be quite informed on the issue, which he disregards by saying that his people are spread all over, so information comes to him easily. Okuni suggests that the issue is not yet big enough to be mentioned before the council, and advises that they simply speed up the investigation and then send someone to handle it. Yumeji agrees, and so does Ichirou, who mentions that the Investigation Office is supposed to operate without being influenced by anyone. Ichirou then asks for Masamori Sumimura's opinion, since he was the one sent to restore the Shinyuuchi. Masamori say he is uncertain of anything at the moment, and Ichirou boldly states that Sumiko Sumimura is the culprit. Masamori insists that is only speculation, but Ichirou also knows about the photos taken of Sumiko at the site, and believes that Masamori is suspicious, too.

Masamori returns to Night Troop Headquarters, and finds he has received three sudden requests to exterminate monsters. He tells Miki Hatori to discuss it with Yukimasa and deploy members as needed, and not to let anyone bother him. Yukimasa thinks it is good that Masamori is going to get some rest, but Hatori tells him that Masamori said he was going to train instead.[48] Only two members of Yukimasa's five man team survive the mission: Yukimasa himself and Dai Yaegashi. Yukimasa apologizes for his failure, and Masamori tells him that Dai should recover soon. Masamori says the forest has been sealed off, but they still don't know where the second creature came from, and another office has taken over the investigation. Masamori commends Yukimasa for surviving and defeating the creatures. Yukimasa corrects him, saying that there were wounds on the second creature that he didn't inflict, and that the forest seemed strangely windy even though they were so deep in the forest. Masamori then calls Kei Sazanami and urges him to speed up his investigation, telling him that the Ougi Clan is most likely responsible for the three men they just lost. Sazanami says he was approached by Okuni's subordinates and offered an exchange of information. However, the information they desire is details on Kekkaishi abilities, especially Masamori's mother. Sazanami understands why Masamori is hesitant, but notes that Okuni prefers to remain neutral and likely could answer any questions they had. Masamori tells Sazanami to set up the exchange.[49]

Masamori vs. Ichirou Ougi

Masamori Sumimura recalls his meeting with Okuni, where he gave her a detailed explanation of a Kekkaishi's powers. Okuni notes that the information on Sumiko Sumimura is lacking, but accepts that Masamori hasn't spent much time around her, so it cannot be helped. Masamori reminds her that she agreed to keep the information secret. Okuni agrees, so long as the information remains unrelated to a crime. At the very least, she agrees not to share it with his family, since it would mean learning that Masamori technically betrayed them. Back in the present, Masamori prepares to leave Night Troop Headquarters. Miki Hatori asks where he's going, and Masamori says to the sea, though he adds he hopes the wind won't be too strong.[50]

Masamori visits Ichirou Ougi's house and waits calmly for Ichirou to return.[51] Masamori tells Ichirou about a rumor that Ichirou's branch of the Ougi Clan watches over several Shinyuuchi, and that one of them is collapsing, possibly as an experiment of Ichirou's own design. Ichirou asks why Masamori didn't report this to the Shadow Organization, and Masamori accuses the Ougi Clan of blocking the inspection. Masamori wonders aloud if the Ougi Clan is behind the Shinyuuchi huntings. Masamori orders Ichirou to stop causing meaningless conflicts, which Ichirou denies. Masamori then lists these conflicts in detail: Ichirou's involvement with Kokuboro, his withholding information on the Kakushino Twins, causing the death of the Bear Deity, and framing the Sumimura Family as being involved in Shinyuuchi hunting. As a final insult, Masamori offers to clean up Ichirou's most recent mess. Ichirou explodes in anger, totally destroying the house around them with a massive wind burst. Masamori emerges with his Zekkai protecting him, and prepares to face Ichirou in a battle to the death.[52] Masamori questions why Ichirou hates him. Ichirou launches blades of wind at Masamori's Zekkai, saying that Masamori doesn't know his place. He claims that Masamori is entirely too arrogant, especially if he hopes to stand against the Ougi Clan. Ichirou's subordinates arrive and surround Masamori, who suggests that they not get involved. Ichirou's subordinates attack, but Masamori's Zekkai prevents them from harming him. He warns that they will all be destroyed if they insist on attacking him. Ichirou uses the distraction to launch more wind blades, uncaring that his subordinates would be hit. Masamori runs away, but many subordinates are crushed as the damaged ground collapses on top of them. Masamori is shocked that Ichirou would treat his own men that way, though Ichirou thinks nothing of sacrificing them, and instead says Masamori is weak for thinking differently.

Masamori charges at Ichirou with a Zekkai, but Ichirou's wind blades easily reach him through it, forcing him to fall back. Ichirou says he has researched the Zekkai and found the weak point: it is useless against an opponent like him, who can stay beyond and attack outside of its reach. Ichirou uses wind to pick up boulders and hurl them at Masamori. Masamori hides behind rocks, but emerges long enough to destroy Ichirou's left foot with a Kekkai. Masamori realizes that he cannot win a long battle against Ichirou: Ichirou's attacks are too strong and cause damage to a wide area, yet he shows no sign of tiring. Masamori, on the other hand, has been greatly damaged and is running low on power. Even worse, Zekkai is not able to protect him as well as it normally does, and he worries that five more direct blows might kill him. Masamori's attention is suddenly drawn by the appearance of a gigantic tornado that stretches from sky to sea.[53] Masamori notices that sea water is being pulled into the tornado, effectively draining the area. He tries to run, but even that proves difficult due to the land being drawn toward the tornado. Masamori finally creates an enlongated Kekkai to help him escape and buy some time. Ichirou decides to go on the offensive, destroying the rocks that Masamori was hiding behind. Masamori emerges on an elevator Kekkai, surrounded by his Zekkai. He launches himself into the clouds, rising above the tornado, and then leaps into it, heading directly for Ichirou. Ichirou launches blades of wind, and while Masamori uses Kekkai as stepping stones to dodge around them, he still takes plenty of damage. Attempting to stop him for good, Ichirou launches a massive wind blade that slices Masamori in half, but this reveals him to be a Shikigami clone. The true Masamori approaches from the bottom of the tornado, impaling Ichirou with two Kekkai spears. Masamori then launches himself at Ichirou, intending to destroy him with his Zekkai. Before he can, Ichirou undoes a spell on himself, sending parts of his body flying in several directions. [54] Masamori realizes he cannot chase them all down and is furious at the thought of Ichirou getting away. He then notices that the remains of Ichirou's clothing is leaking blood, and a final body part plunges toward the sea. Masamori catches it with a Kekkai, and finds a misshapen pile of flesh. As he watches, the flesh assumes a human shape of a young man. Masamori assumes that this is the true Ichirou Ougi, and the man says he isn't completely wrong: Ichirou's body was composed of six brothers. The young man becomes distraught, realizing that his brothers transferred all their battle damage to him and left him for dead, despite his sacrifices for them. He demands for Masamori to kill him, no longer caring about his own life and knowing he won't survive much longer. Masamori calls Miki Hatori on his cell phone and tells her to send the Relief Unit. He then returns to Okuni's home, only to find Yoshimori there as well.[55]

Masamori insists that Yoshimori shouldn't be involved, but Yoshimori pleads with Masamori to depend on his family and friends, rather than trying to do everything himself. Masamori ignores this and tells him to go outside, where Mukade is waiting to take him home. They continue to argue until Masamori collapses, revealing the extent of his injuries. Okuni appears nearby in a portal and tells Masamori not to overdo it. She informs Masamori that she kept Yoshimori from interfering in the battle, and that Masamori should be thankful, especially since she will not demand compensation for Yoshimori destroying much of her home. Later in private, Okuni explains how Ichirou used a spell to combine his body with five of his brothers in a failed attempt to become Legitimate Successor of his clan. Masamori asks for Okuni's help in saving Rokurou, the Ougi brother he spared. Okuni agrees on the condition that Masamori joins forces with her for the time being. Masamori agrees to her terms, and leaves the mansion to find Yoshimori waiting for him.[56] Masamori says he is borrowing two spellcasters from Okuni who are especially good at body modification. He hopes they will be able to save Rokurou Ougi. Yoshimori is surprised to learn Rokurou is injured, and Masamori claims that he put Rokurou in a critical state. Masamori adds that Ichirou Ougi escaped, which may cause problems for Yoshimori in the near future, and apologizes for this. Yoshimori can think of nothing he wants to say, and so only tells Masamori not to push himself so hard. One of Okuni's subordinates suggest that he transport Yoshimori home so that the others can go directly to Night Troop Headquarters. Yoshimori agrees to this, and Masamori warns Yoshimori that he may need his help in the future.[57]

Resolving the Ougi Problem

In a phone call with Sen, Masamori tells him that Yoshimori doesn't like being left out, so Sen should give him information without revealing anything crucial. [58]

The topic of the intruders in Karasumori is discussed by the Shadow Organization's Group of Twelve. Masamori says there is no problem, since they were driven off quickly. After the meeting, Masamori tells Ichirou Ougi that his younger brother Rokurou will not be used as a hostage, and that he can be picked up once he recovers. However, Ichirou ignores this and flies away in a huge tornado.

At Night Troop Headquarters, Masamori tries to explain Rokurou's recovery process to him. Rokurou says he is becoming more like a monster, and Masamori apologizes for it. Rokurou correctly guesses that his brothers want nothing more to do with him. Masamori eventually admits that Rokurou was right: they are no longer human. He invites Rokurou to join the Night Troop once he heals. Rokurou says his youngest brother was named future clan head at only 7 years old, without any clear reason. For this reason, Rokurou feels he and Masamori are the same. He thinks it pathetic that even though a position that should be Masamori's has been taken away, Masamori is still secretly helping the one who took it. Rokurou suggests that Masamori cut his ties with Yoshimori.[59]

Sen calls Masamori Sumimura to inform him about the mental training Yoshimori is attempting, as well as Yoshimori speaking to Karasumori. Sen notes that only Yoshimori was able to hear and sense it, but Tokine could not. Masamori assures Sen that he isn't the only one that doesn't understand Karasumori. Masamori suspects Yoshimori is the only one who can control Karasumori, which will free Masamori to handle other tasks.[60]

Okuni tells Masamori that Ichirou Ougi has gone into hiding, but that she knows where he is. This makes him look especially guilty after destroying other Shinyuuchi, and Okuni intends to present the proof to the Shadow Organization so that she and Masamori will have approval to capture Ichirou. Since Okuni has few subordinates suited for combat, she asks Masamori and the Night Troop to handle Ichirou's capture.

Miki Hatori is shocked to learn the Night Troop will be going up against the Ougi Clan. Masamori insists he cannot ignore Ichirou's actions any longer, because of the subordinates that were killed. Hatori agrees, but asks him to let them help him carry the burden.[61] Masamori returns to the Sumimura Home unexpectedly. He and Souji Hiura exchange respectful greetings. Masamori notices Souji wearing his old clothes, and Shuji Sumimura explains that he gave them to Souji since Yoshimori and Toshimori wouldn't wear them. Masamori asks Yoshimori about his blank state training and Souji, making Yoshimori wonder how he always seems to know everything.

At Karasumori that night, Yoshimori angrily confronts Masamori and demands to know why he's come back. Masamori claims he only wanted to visit. Yoshimori asks if he's doing something reckless, and Masamori says he's being no more reckless than Yoshimori is. Masamori says he's leaving Karasumori to Yoshimori, and deciding to trust in his judgment. Masamori is gone the following morning, and Yoshimori considers briefly that he was talking as if he were going to die soon.[62] The Night Troop gathers near a temple owned by a distant relative of the Ougi Clan. According to Okuni's information, Ichirou Ougi is hiding there. Masamori and a small group go to the temple's front entrance. Finding a barrier there, Masamori forces his way in with a Zekkai.[63] They are blocked by Ougi subordinates. Masamori orders them to move aside, and they allow him to pass. Once inside, the Night Troop subdues anyone still in their way, and announce that they have come to capture Ichirou. Masamori orders Makio to take over while he locates Ichirou himself.

As Masamori heads deeper into the temple, he recalls the incidents that Ichirou has contributed to: the loss of Gen Shishio, the deaths of three subordinates, the kidnapping of Misao and Akira, as well as the serious injuries of Rokurou Ougi. Masamori swears to kill Ichirou as he reaches the temple's shrine, only to find Ichirou's bloody remains scattered on the ground. The killer appears behind Masamori, who is enraged at having his prey stolen. In a show of his power, the killer reduces the shrine to dust in an instant, and flies away in a large tornado. Masamori feels he has been set up, and wonders if Okuni betrayed him.[64] At a meeting of the Council of Twelve, the head executive reports the burning of the Records Office, which resulted in the loss of many records, and the murder of Okuni. Masamori reluctantly reports that Ichirou Ougi was killed by another man. However, Konozuka Kihei suggests that Masamori was the killer, that he may even be responsible for Okuni's death, and could be plotting to destroy the entire council. Though Masamori angrily denies this, his outburst only casts more doubt on him in the eyes of the rest of the council.[65] Masamori learns that Kei Sazanami believes the Ougi Clan was hired to kill Ichirou, and that the order was passed from the clan head to Shichirou Ougi.[66] With the murder of Konozuka Kihei, Miki Hatori is convinced that Shadow Organization executives are being targeted. She tells Masamori Sumimura that Yashiro spoke of destroying the past. She suspects that the attacks on the Shadow Organization and the Shinyuuchi huntings are being carried out by the same group, and Masamori agrees. Masamori admits he was also considering targeting the other executives, though he cannot agree with all of the responsible group's ideals. He adds that with the dismantling of Serpent's Eye, the group is seeking to destroy both the past and the future. Masamori is determined to alter the current course of events. Hatori is concerned about him fighting people who are able to kill the executives. Masamori tells her that according to Kei Sazanami, dissolving Serpent's Eye had to involve some of the Shadow Organization's most influential people.[67]

Confronting Yumeji Hisamoi

One executive challenges Yumeji Hisaomi to do something about Masamori, who is still suspected in Konozuka Kihei's death, but another mentions a rumor that someone in the Ougi Clan is the killer.[68] Makio mentions that Masamori has been targeted by several assassins, though he believes a different group (other than the one targeting the other executives) is responsible.

Masamori visits Yumeji's home, accompanied by a bodyguard. They discuss the Commander, who Masamori suspects is involved in the recent incidents. After leaving, Masamori feels that Yumeji knows something. His bodyguard says most of the people in Yumeji's home were Ayakashi. The bodyguard is sure that Yumeji smelt like an ability user, and that the entire house had a "green" smell. Masamori concludes that Yumeji has the power to manipulate plants. The bodyguard then reverts to his true form: Kouya, who has been revived and now has a contract with Masamori. In exchange for Masamori undoing Tokimori Hazama's seal on Kouya's mountain home, Kouya will serve Masamori. However, if Masamori does not keep his promise, Kouya will be free to kill him.[69]

In a phone call to Masamori Sumimura, Sen Kagemiya is concerned that Yoshimori will not discuss the details of his promise with Souji Hiura. Masamori instructs him to leave decisions concerning Karasumori in Yoshimori's hands. Based on what Sen has recently observed, he now has a theory that Karasumori is sentient, and Legitimate Successors are those people it finds the most interesting. Sen concludes that Karasumori likes people who are unpredictable people with great potential, and strong-willed Ayakashi. Sen is worried that Yoshimori seems to be the sole person capable of controlling Karasumori. Masamori compliments Sen's observation skills.[70]

Masamori is abruptly invited to meet with Yumeji Hisaomi, who suggests that they limit the number of executives and get rid of the rest. He hopes Masamori will assist him in this. Masamori reminds Yumeji that they last met to discuss the Commander being involved in the recent incidents, and has some things he wants to confirm, or else he will withdraw his cooperation. Once Yumeji agrees, Masamori is able to confirm that: 1) there were two female prodigy spellcasters working with the Commander at one point,[71] 2) Souji Hiura was once part of an army of brainwashed soldiers that served the Commander directly, known only by numbers instead of names,[72] 3) and the Commander, who is Yumeji's brother, is for some reason trying to destroy the Shadow Organization,[73] and has access to someone who can manipulate space, and an especially powerful spirit reservoir owner.[74] Yumeji desires to reorganize the Shadow Organization, using the strength of the new generation,[75] and invites Masamori to join him.[76] Masamori concludes that Yumeji seems to be in competition with the Commander, and refuses to be a part of it. Suddenly, the house is destroyed by a barrage of swords plunging through the roof. The attacker identifies himself to Masamori as Zero, [77] one of the Commander's brainwashed soldiers. Zero informs Masamori that Yumeji's real name is Tsukihisa Oumi. Curiously, while Zero admits that he killed Okuni, and has come to kill Tsukihisa, Masamori is not his target. Zero says that in order to take revenge on Tsukihisa, the Commander is willing to accept any punishment. He names Tsukihisa as being responsible for the Shinyuuchi hunts. Zero tells Masamori that the intruders at Karasumori are Yumeji's men, and that Masamori was invited to Yumeji's home to keep him from interfering.[78]

Masamori and Kouya begin to search for the escaped Yumeji.[79] Kouya wants to kill him, but Masamori insists that Yumeji be held responsible for all of his crimes. The surrounding forest begins to attack them, and Kouya suspects that Yumeji is behind it. Kouya is poisioned by a plant, and Masamori continues on alone, though Kouya warns him it may be a trap. Masamori pleads with Yumeji to help him stop the Commander, as he is the only one strong enough to do so.[80] Yumeji restrains Masamori with vines, and says he has no desire to make peace with his brother, and instead wants to kill him. Yumeji reveals that the Commander seems to like Masamori, as he was the one who recommended Masamori as an executive, possibly because he is similar to Tokimori Hazama, who helped form the Shadow Organization. Yumeji agrees to work with Masamori, but only if Masamori agrees to lure the Commander out. Masamori agrees to try, but Yumeji he still doesn't fully trust him. Black starfish emerge from Yumeji's body and begin to approach Masamori, who cannot see them. Masamori asks what the Commander's ability is, since there should be some similarity between blood relatives. Yumeji tries to overwhelm Masamori with a giant starfish, but Masamori senses it activates his Zekkai, destroying the starfish. Masamori recognizes the feeling as the same kind he gets from Kei Sazanami, and guesses that it was a psychic attack.[81] He concludes that Yumeji has two powers: manipulating plants, and mind control. Masamori realizes that various people have likely been under mind control: the Commander's soldiers, Yashiro, and Okuni's subordinates that are working with Zero. Masamori concludes that the Commander also has the power to control minds, and that the brothers have been controlling the entire Shadow Organization this way. Yumeji is unconcerned when confronted with this, but Masamori is furious. Masamori admits that though he cannot see psychic attacks, he can sense them, and his Zekkai can guard against them, so it is pointless to try and control him. Yumeji is amused, pointing out Masamori's heart rejects everything, so no one would ever believe Masamori's words. Zero again attacks the area, freeing Masamori, who survives due to his zekkai. Masamori finds Yumeji wounded and half buried, and again urges Yumeji to face the Commander. Yumeji asks Masamori to put away his Zekkai if he is serious about establishing trust between them, all the while secretly spreading his starfish around the area in an attempt to brainwash Masamori when his guard is lowered.[82] Masamori says he believes in Yumeji's desire to risk his life to save the Shadow Organization, and dispels his Zekkai. Yumeji's starfish begin to move in, but Masamori quickly places a large Kekkai around the two of them. Masamori says if he senses an attack, he will destroy them both, because he also is willing to risk his life. Yumeji can only stare in shock as he is suddenly slashed apart by Zero's swords. Having met his goal, Zero flies off.

Okuni's spirit appears and congratulates Masamori on his strategy. Masamori is upset that he lost the chance to open Yumeji's heart. Okuni's spirit is about to pass on, and she wishes to tell him the secret of Karasumori before she leaves.[83] Okuni explains that Karasumori is different from other Shinyuuchi, in that the power does not come from the land itself. Instead, Karasumori is a living person: a spirit reservoir owner with enough power to destroy the world. Tokimori Hazama attempted to seal Karasumori with power borrowed from the land, but the seal failed. This is why the Sumimura and Yukimara families were tasked with guarding Karasumori. Okuni adds that Karasumori could choose to share his powers with a rare compatible person, who Masamori realizes is Yoshimori. Okuni promises to pray for Masamori to be strong until his goals are reached, and passes on.[84]

After Masamori arrives at the Sumimura Home, Fumiya Somegi promises to join in the healing effort once he has recovered a bit, but then realizes that Masamori is wounded as well. Masamori says he is fine, and asks about Yoshimori, who insists he is fine. Sen rushes in panicked, and tells Masamori that Shichirou Ougi has returned. Yoshimori overhears and goes with Masamori to confront Shichirou, who is waiting outside.[85]

Shichirou apologizes and asks how "Number Three" is. Yoshimori insists that isn't Souji Hiura's name, but Shichirou points out that Souji Hiura itself is only an alias. Shichirou adds that Souji wasn't his target, and offers to bring in the Ougi clan's best healers. Masamori agrees. Shichirou gives Masamori a card with a phone number on it, saying he can call in a favor within an hour's time, as a favor for saving Rokurou Ougi. As Shichirou begins to leave, Masamori asks him if the Commander is the one he works for. Shichirou flies away without answering.[86]

Masamori discusses Souji's condition with Kikusui, the Relief Unit head. Kikusui says that because Souji lost a lot of blood and was badly injured, he could not be fully healed, though he should wake up soon. Kikusui admits it was strange that despite the fact that Souji was cut through to his back, his internal organs were unharmed, as if he were able to hold himself together. He asks if Souji is an Ayakashi Majiri, though Masamori wonders if this was due to Yoshimori's power, and hopes Souji will be able to provide some information. Kikusui advises Masamori to get some rest, but Masamori says there will be an executive meeting that night.

At the executive meeting, several members discuss Yumeji Hisaomi's death with amusement, and suspicion falls on Masamori again. Masamori boldly suggests that they stop the pointless talk and start the meeting. Several executives take offense to this, but Masamori points out there are only eight of them left.[87]

Kei Sazanami reports that after reading Souji Hiura's mind, he found all information related to the Commander blocked. Masamori is puzzled by the report, because Sazanami makes it sounds as if the Commander's psychic power is a living thing that can live in the mind of another. Sazanami explains that a psychic typically channels their power into a specific form to more easily control it, and those based on a living thing are even easier. He describes the Commander's psychic avatar as a sea serpent capable of residing in a person's mind. Sazanami also says that the only information related to the Commander in Souji's mind was a girl called Suigetsu, who is a log-keeper, a person whose eyes and mind were restructured to store information, virtually making them human databanks. Because each department in the Shadow Organization had at least one log-keeper, Sazanami suggests that if they can find out which one Suigetsu worked for, they can also find the Sousui's location.[88]

Masamori gathers all of the Shadow Organization's log keepers so he can interview them. Sazanami and Kisana, one of Okuni's subordinates, assist him by secretly analyzing each interview with their psychic powers. One of the log-keepers reacts badly to this, causing Kisana to suspect that their modified eyes are capable of seeing psychic avatars. From that point on, all log-keepers are bound and blindfolded during the interviews. When Saikaku Enjouji's turn arrives, he says there is no need to bind him, as he understands the situation completely and will cooperate if Masamori guarantees their safety. He already suspects that Masamori wants to know about the log-keepers' master.

After Saikaku's interview, Masamori meets with Kisana and Sazanami to discuss their findings. Sazanami confirms that the masked person controlling the log-keepers had the same psychic avatar as Yumeji Hisaomi and must have been him. In addition, the log-keepers' eyes were modified to omit the master's face, and the information could only be obtained by a powerful psychic. Sazanami strongly suspects that Suigetsu often accompanied Yumeji at these times. Kisana suggests that Suigetsu may hold records on all the log-keepers, effectively making her the chief log-keeper. Sazanami confirms that Suigetsu was with the Commander in Souji Hiura's memories, meaning she would likely contain the entire history of the Shadow Organization.[89]

Fall of The Shadow Organization

Tatsuki's Resistance


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