Man-Eating Mist
Race Sym-ayak Ayakashi
Professional Status
Previous Affiliation Kakushino Twins
Previous Team Kakushino Captives
Base of Operations Private Dimension
Personal Status
Relatives N/A
Technique Acidic Mist
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 137 (manga only)

The Man-Eating Mist was the strongest of the Ayakashi held prisoner by the Kakushino Twins[1], and was responsible for the death of the elder twin.[2]


The Ayakasi has a single, enormous eye within a mist-like body.[1]


While trying to escape the Private Dimension of the Kakushino twins, Misao and Akira discover a cell containing a powerful demon, held prisoner by numerous talismans. They run away in fear, but after being cornered by the Elder Kakushino, Misao sends Nawata back to the demon's cell to rip off the talismans, effectively freeing it. The demon immediately pursues Kakushino, who erects a wall to slow it down, but the demon quickly eats through it.[1] Misao and Akira manage to escape the dimension through one of Kakushino's tunnels, but the elder twin is eaten by the demon.

Powers & Abilities

Acidic Mist: The Ayakashi's body itself seems to be composed of dark mist, which rapidly breaks down most surfaces at a touch.[1]


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