Ayakashi are supernatural creatures that come in a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging in power from mildly annoying to incredibly dangerous.


Tatou is the first ayakashi to appear in the anime.[1] Tatou is a flying
ayakashi with three heads. Its body is light pink, each head is yellow and has a different voice to each of them. It taunted Yoshimori, calling him a brat because of his age and small size. Once it was captured by Tokine, because of its tail being outside the kekkai, one of the heads came from its tail and was about to stab Yoshimori, but he created a massive kekkai over Tokine's and destroyed it.


Yumigane is an ayakashi with massive claws and is shaped like a cockroach. It started off as a cute and harmless little girl with a massive wound on its left rib, bleeding massively. [1] It apologized to Yoshimori, saying that if sh
e doesn't transform using the power of Karasumori that she'd be devoured by the others.[1] This was used to distract Yoshimori as he gained power and transformed. Once he transformed, he used his massive claws to break Yoshimori's kekkai and wound Tokine before being trapped and destroyed by her. This later played a part in giving Tokine a fear of bugs, as well as Yoshimori creating a personal oath to protect Tokine.


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