Kurosusuki Rescue Team
Race Human, Ayakashi Majiri
Gender Male & Female
Professional Status
Previous Affiliation The Shadow Organization's Night Troop
Sumimura Family
Yukimura Family
Previous Occupation Rescue Team
Previous Team Masamori Sumimura (leader), Mukade, Hakudo, Odo, Hakota, Yukimasa, Shigemori Sumimura, Tokiko Yukimura, Tokine Yukimura (manga only)
Base of Operations Entrance of Kurosusuki
Personal Status
First Appearance
Anime Episode 48, The Collapsing Castle

This team was formed to rescue the captured Yoshimori Sumimura and Sen Kagemiya (and in the anime, Tokine Yukimura as well, since she had gone after Yoshimori alone) from Kurosusuki before the dimension collapsed, eliminating everything within it. Tokiko Yukimura had originally planned to infiltrate the dimension alone, but allowed the group the use of her dimensional portal and agreed to remain there as their anchor (a role that Tokine assists with in the manga).

Combat Strength

Masamori specifically selected his team with rescuing the hostages quickly as his highest priority, so the team's battle power was purposely limited. Takemitsu was not allowed to join because fellow swordsman Yukimasa had already been selected to protect Hakota, who in turn was chosen because of his ability to see for great distances. Mukade was chosen to transport the team quickly, while Hakudo and Odo were likely chosen because of their established teamwork and dependability. Shigemori Sumimura insisted on going, likely to personally ensure Yoshimori's safety. Though there was no direct enemy threat faced during the journey, much of the group's combined power was still needed to ultimately rescue Yoshimori and Sen from Yoshimori's Shinkai.


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