Mr. Kurosu
Race Human
Gender Male
Professional Status
Karasumori Middle School
Occupation Middle school teacher
Partner Ms. Aoki
Personal Status
Relatives Nuwaru (companion, deceased)
Marimo ("pet")
Technique None
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 2
Anime Episode 2, Yoshimori and Tokine
Japanese Tomoyuki Shimura
English Keith Silverstein

Kurosu (黒須) is a literature teacher at Karasumori Middle School. Yoshimori and Yurina Kanda are in his class. He is often annoyed at Yoshimori for falling asleep in class, but has more or less accepted that waking him constantly is a wasted effort. He still makes a special effort to occasionally tease Yoshimori.


Though Yoshimori almost always sleeps through his class, Kurosu never actually loses patience with him. He actively encourages any time that Yoshimori shows an interest in learning, though is almost always disappointed in the end. Kurosu has a soft spot for cats[1], and is very knowledgeable on plants.[2]


He is a tall man with black hair, and always wears glasses.


  • In the name Kurosu, "Kuro"(黒) means black, and "Su" (須) means mandatory.


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  2. Kekkaishi anime, Episodes 16 and 27


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