Kugutsu Bugs
Race Bug
Professional Status
Previous Occupation Parasites
Previous Partner Tatsumi Mino (via Roxanne)
Base of Operations On Host
Personal Status
Relatives N/A
Technique Host Control
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 006: A Dangerous Man
Anime Episode 9, A Dangerous Teacher

Kugutsu Bugs (puppet bugs or kugutsuchu) are tiny, parasitic Ayakashi that have the ability to feed on and control a host once attached to it.[1]


Kugutsu bugs are tiny, parasitic arthropods. They have ten legs, segmented bodies, and a number of large mouthparts that are injected into the host's body.[1]


Kugutsu bugs, as their name suggests, have the ability to attach to a host and control their mind. Typically, kugutsu bugs prefer Ayakashi and use them as their main food source. Oddly, kugutsu bugs do not appear to instinctively know whether or not a host is suitable, which results in a trial and error search until a more fitting host is found. Despite this, they appear to be fairly intelligent, and will make full use of their current host's abilities to either lure in or forcefully capture a new host.[1]


An kugutsu bug attaches itself to Tatsumi Mino's pink snake, Roxanne, and is able to take over his mind through their connection. The insect then forces Mino to seek out a suitable food source, having him attack certain students, all of whom eventually wake up with no memory of the attack. After realizing that Mino is a human ability user and not an Ayakashi himself, Hakubi is able to single out the insect's Ayakashi scent, allowing Tokine to destroy it and freeing Mino and his snakes from its control.[1]

Powers & Abilities

Host Control: Once attached to a host, a bug can take over the host's mind and use them to seek out suitable food sources, such as other Ayakashi and human ability users.[1]


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