Kouzou Tanno
Race Human
Gender Male
Professional Status
The Shadow Organization
Occupation Investigation Office Head
Personal Status
Relatives N/A
Technique Antennae Hair
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 181
Anime N/A
Japanese N/A
English N/A

Kouzou Tanno (探野耕造, Tonno Kouzou) is the Investigation Office Head of The Shadow Organization. He and his subordinate, Namihira, investigate the damaged Shinyuuchi of Mashiroko Lake with help from Rokurou Ougi.[1]


He is a short, stocky man with dark hair, and wears glasses.[1]


The Vanishing Shinyuuchi

Kouzou Tanno and Namihira of The Shadow Organization's Investigation Office visit Mashiroko Lake, a Shinyuuchi that has recently vanished. Tanno has trouble navigating the area and keeps falling, and Namihira explains the area is famous for its mist. Namihira adds that he has hired a guide to help clear the mist, which turns out to be Rokurou Ougi. Tanno is immediately concerned that they cannot afford to hire an Ougi with their budget, but Rokurou has volunteered to work for free. After introductions are exchanged, Rokurou clears the mist, revealing a huge, gaping black hole where the Shinyuuchi should be. Tanno uses his antennae hair to determine that nothing can penetrate the black hole, and anything that touches it is swallowed up. Tanno suggests that it was formerly the entrance to the other world, but is now collapsed and expanding rapidly, so they must contain it somehow. He also determines that this was not a natural occurrence, and that Rokurou has a hidden reason for helping them. Tanno orders Namihira to seal off the area, and to get a high-level ability user who can mend space: ironically, someone with similar skills as the person responsible for taking the Shinyuuchi. Namihira offers to take charge of the case himself, which Tanno allows.[1]

Powers & Abilities

Antennae Hair: While investigating, his hair stands on end, forming long antennae that he uses as probes.[1]


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