Kouya's Mountain is a Shinyuuchi,[1] and was once the home of Kouya and Madarao (then known as Ginro).


According to Madarao, neither he nor Kouya remembered much about their birthplaces. They met on a mountain and decided to make it their home, surviving on deer largely because of Kouya's superior hunting skills. The pair lived in this way until humans came to the mountain, making it more difficult to obtain food. Ginro eventually died of starvation,[2] and Kouya, enraged by his friend's death, attacked the first human he encountered, but was killed in the fight.[3] Both returned to the mountain as Ayakashi, unable to pass on, and began hunting together again. The pair eventually encountered Tokimori Hazama and Hakubi, who intended to destroy them. Ginro chose to join Hazama,[4] but asked him to let Kouya go free.[5] Hazama agreed, but sealed the mountain afterward, making it impossible for Kouya to return there.[6]


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