Kouya's Gang
Race All Ayakashi
Age 400+ Years
Gender All Male
Professional Status
Previous Occupation Ayakashi Gang (Disbanded into Original Trio)
Team Kouya (leader), Honetaro (2nd in command), Uhosuke, Nagao
Previous Team Honetaro Trio
Previous Partner Kouya
Personal Status
Relatives N/A
Technique various
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 020: A 400-Year Reunion
Anime Episode 11, Kouya and Madarao
Japanese Kouya: Masashi Ebara
English Kouya: Paul St. Peter

Kouya's Gang was a group of four Ayakashi, led by Kouya, Madarao's childhood friend. Despite a four hundred year history, the group was held together largely by the Honetaro Trio's unshakable loyalty to Kouya, as he openly mistreated and insulted them regularly.

Combat Strength

Overall, the group's strength and effectiveness depended entirely on Kouya. Despite Uhosuke's muscular physique, he appeared to be very weak and not all that intelligent. As with Honetaro and Nagao, Uhosuke generally served as a distraction, perhaps as a means to trick opponents into wasting their strength dealing with the trio, which allowed Kouya to swoop in and claim an easy victory. This seemed at odds with Kouya's overly aggressive nature, however, and it is far more likely that he attacked enemies directly while the trio hid somewhere safe. Kouya is, however, quite strong and swift, and more than likely was able to deal with most threats the group may have encountered in their four centuries together entirely by himself.

Known Battle Record

0 Wins, 1 Loss

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