Karasumori Inspection Team
Kekkaishi 139 02 03
Gender Male and Female
Professional Status
Previous Affiliation The Shadow Organization
Previous Occupation Inspectors, Defenders
Previous Team Okuni (leader), Miki Hatori (guide), Higurashi, Okuni's Subordinates
Previous Partner 22nd Legitimate Successors, 21st Legitimate Successors
Base of Operations Karasumori
Personal Status
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 135: Boxes

On orders of the Group of Twelve, Okuni volunteered to inspect Karasumori and confirm its status. Masamori Sumimura was originally assigned to be her guide,[1] but was replaced by Miki Hatori when a crisis arose at Night Troop Headquarters.[2] With the assistance of the Kekkaishi, the inspection team was able to contain the threat of Reiji Kakushino.[3]

Combat Strength


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