Kaigen (開眼) is a spellcaster hired by Shichirou Ougi to assist in protecting Arashizaki Shrine. He is accompanied by several disciples, all of whom fall under the Sousui's mind control.[1]


He is a tall man with long, dark hair. He wears a head covering with a single eye design that conceals his eyes. The eye design also appears on his robes.


Powers & Abilities

Spellcasting: Kaigen is a professional spellcaster[1], and likely knows a wide array of spells.

  • Kekkai Spells: Kaigen is able to produce a fivefold Kekkai that surrounds Arashizaki Shrine.[1] However, his students are able to eventually dispel it.[2]
  • Illusion Spells: As a secondary defense, Kaigen can employ spells which cause hallucinations in his opponents.[2]


  • The name "Kaigen" (開眼) means open eye.


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