Kaguro's Assassin Squad
Gender All Male
Professional Status
Previous Affiliation
Previous Occupation Assassin Squad
Previous Team Kaguro (leader), Sanan, Haizen, Sekia, Haroku
Previous Partner Aihi (outfitter/tutor)
Base of Operations Kokuboro
Personal Status
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 63
Anime Episode 28, The Kokubourou's Declaration of War

Kaguro is sent to Karasumori with a small squad of Ayakashi. Due to Kaguro's solitary nature, he does not participate in the group combat, but instead oversees the action from a distance and only intervenes when he desires to. Despite the group's name, they were not at all interested in killing their opponents, instead preferring to conquer Karasumori as quickly as possible.

Combat Strength

Kaguro is the only member of the squad that seems to be much stronger than Ayakashi than the Kekkaishi are accustomed to handling. The other members are not especially strong, but can prove to be difficult opponents when they work together and rely on strategy.


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