Inoushi Boar Bull
Race Sym-ayak Ayakashi
Gender Male
Professional Status
Personal Status
Relatives N/A
Technique Spiked Armor
First Appearance
Anime Episode 24, A Crush on Gen (anime only)

Inoushi Boar Bull (猪牛) is an ayakashi equipped with spiked armor. It recklessly chases down any enemy with all of its speed and power. It was destroyed effortlessly by Gen Shishio.[1]


It looks like a large boar with brown fur and red eyes. It has armor on its back with multiple spikes.[1]

Powers & Abilities

Spiked Armor: Inoushi Boar Bull is quite powerful, capable of breaking out of Yoshimori's kekkai with no effort, using the giant spikes on its armored back.[1]


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