Honetaro Trio
Race All Ayakashi
Age 400+
Gender All Male
Professional Status
Occupation Ayakashi Gang
Previous Occupation Kouya's Subordinates
Team Honetaro (leader), Uhosuke, Nagao
Previous Team Kouya's Gang
Previous Partner Kouya (former leader)
Personal Status
Technique N/A
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 020: A 400-Year Reunion
Anime Episode 11, Kouya and Madarao

The Honetaro Trio are a group of three Ayakashi that served as Kouya's subordinates.[1] Despite Kouya's harsh treatment, they are extremely loyal to him, even after he dismissed them.[2]

Combat Strength

The group has very little in the way of combat strength. Uhosuke's size would suggest that he is the strongest among them, and even he is defeated with minimal effort. Honetaro, despite being the obvious leader, appears to have little or no combat experience. Though Nagao is best suited for sneak attacks, his constant squawking makes this unlikely to succeed. In addition, none of them appear to have any powers beyond what their physical appearances would suggest.


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  2. Kekkaishi anime, Episode 12

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