Hana Nishino
Race Human
Gender Female
Professional Status
Occupation Student
Partner Yoshimori Tanaka
Personal Status
Technique None
First Appearance
Manga Kekkaishi Oneshot: Yomikiri-ban

Hana Nishino (西野 ハナ, Nishino Hana) is a young girl who attends school with Toshimori Tanaka. She is friends with his older brother Yoshimori, and her dream is to one day make a candy castle.[1]


She is a young girl with dark hair tied into two short pigtails.[1]



Hana arrives at the Tanaka Home to walk to school with Toshimori, but is more excited to see Yoshimori, and asks him about his next baking project. Yoshimori tells her that he needs certain berries to finish it, and Hana decides to find them herself. Hana goes to Karasumori Academy that night and finds the berries, but encounters an Ayakashi while there. When Hana's absence is noticed, Yoshimori rushes to Karasumori and rescues her, carrying her home safely. Thanks to the berries she picked, they are able to complete Yoshimori's candy house.[1]


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