Race Oni
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Kidoin Clan
Occupation Nura Kidoin's Personal Transport
Team Nura Kidoin's Oni
Partner Nura Kidoin (tamer)
Base of Operations Kidoin Mansion
Personal Status
Relatives N/A
Technique Flight
Cloud Cover
Oni Strength
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 321

Haku (白) is a gigantic, winged oni, the largest under Nura Kidoin's command. He serves as her personal transport, flying her from place to place,[1] and carrying her into battle.


Haku is an enormous, white oni with one eye and two large horns. He has a set of gills on each arm, which at times spew a black, gaseous substance.[1]


The Resistance Meets

Haku flies to Tatsuki's mansion in order to pick up Nura from a meeting there. She thanks him for doing so.[2]

The War

Haku is tasked with carrying Nura, Gin, and Kagen Shiromi high above the battlefield. This allows Nura to safely absorb energy from and command her oni army.[3] As Nura controls the bulk of the resistance's military force, the brainwashed executives begin targeting Haku exclusively to bring her down. Gin attempts to protect them, but is thrown clear when Juho's energy pillar strikes Haku's wing.[4] Haku takes increasingly heavy fire from Juho's pillars, but his only concern is protecting Nura, who is equally worried for him. He takes serious damage to the head[5], which finally brings him and Nura down.[6]

Powers & Abilities

Flight: Haku uses his wings to fly in a peculiar spinning pattern.[1]

Cloud Cover: Haku can use the black gas that spews from his gills to create black clouds large enough to conceal his entire body during flight.[1]

Oni Strength: Haku's gigantic size even when compared to other oni, and his role as Nura's personal transport, suggests that he may be her most powerful oni, possibly even her original partner. If nothing else, he is able to endure enormous amounts of damage, and can easily carry multiple people while he flies.


  • Haku's name (白) means white.


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