Hakota's Mother
Race Human
Age N/A
Gender Female
Professional Status
Affiliation Night Troop
Occupation Housewife
Team Attached to Intelligence Unit
Base of Operations Night Troop Headquarters
Night Troop Karasumori Branch
Personal Status
Relatives Hakota (son)
Technique N/A
First Appearance
Anime Episode 42, Night Troops Arrive
Japanese Nami Okamoto
English N/A

Very little is known about Hakota's mother. She accompanies her son at nearly all times when he is not in the field, offering him much needed encouragement and taking care of any necessary household chores. Sen Kagemiya refers to her as "Hakota-san" and her son as "Hakota-kun," implying that Hakota is their family name (she also owns an apron with "Hakota" written on the front).[1]


She is a short woman with brown hair.


Hakota's mother always has a smile on her face, and is friendly to everyone she meets. She and her son are very close, and she always has encouraging words for him, especially when he is doubtful or afraid.


Defending Karasumori

Hakota's mother, along with most of the other female members of the Night Troop, stays with the Yukimura Family in preparation for the next mass invasion by Kokuboro. They return the favor by helping with housework.


When Hakota is later assigned to the search party that will venture into Kokuboro, he has a panic attack and has to be reassured by his mother before he leaves.[2]

Intelligence Unit

Sen and Shu give Yoshimori a tour of Night Troop's Karasumori Branch, which turns out to be a cramped apartment. He is surprised to find Hakota's mother there, but Sen explains that she takes care of all the housework for them.


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  2. Kekkaishi anime, episode 48, at 11m50s


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