Fire manipulators are among the most visible opponents

Yukimasa and Odo with their signature abilities

on the battlefield, and are known for their unrivaled strength and stamina. It is not unusual for a fire manipulator to either lead his comrades into battle, or charge in alone with a powerful opening attack: there is little that can stand up to the all-consuming power of flame, and it is natural for other ability users to rally around it.

Fire Techniques

  • Sun Flare Ball: Odo's signature ability: an enormous fireball that closely resembles a miniature sun. Though it explodes on impact, it is stable enough beforehand for Odo's comrades to strike the fireball, sending it flying at enemies with additional force.
  • Burning Sword: Yukimasa's signature ability: a sword whose blade is composed entirely of flame.
  • Fire Manipulation: Production and control of fire.

Known Fire Manipulators

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