Eri and Sayaka
Race Human
Age 15-18
Gender Female
Professional Status
Occupation High school students
Personal Status
Relatives N/A
Technique N/A
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 301

Eri and Sayaka are friends of Shichirou Ougi and attend the same high school as him. Shichirou enjoys spending time with them because they are "normal" and uninvolved with the darker aspects of his life.



Eri is fun-loving, childish, and very possessive over Shichirou, wanting him to spend most of his time with her and Sayaka. Sayaka, on the other hand, can be fairly serious, and knows that when Shichirou asks them to leave, it's because he has serious matters to attend to.



Shichirou Ougi

Main article: Shichirou Ougi

Eri and Sayaka appear to be Shichirou's girlfriends: he typically calls them when he wants to have fun, and temporarily forget about his problems. Eri appears to have no idea of Shichirou's other life. Sayaka, at least, knows that he is typically involved with dangerous people, and that if she and Eri fail to abide by his rules, he will stop seeing them.[1] However, once Shichirou is informed that he will officially be recognized as clan head, he announces he will no longer have time for them.[2]


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