Race Human
Age 8-11
Gender Male
Professional Status
Night Troop
Previous Affiliation Sousui
Occupation Night Troop Trainee
Previous Occupation Sousui's Host Body
Partner Haruka
Base of Operations Night Troop Headquarters
Personal Status
Relatives Haruka (sister)
Technique Spellcasting
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 247 (as Sousui)
Chapter 341 (as self)

En (遠) is the brother of Haruka and, for most of the story, the body that the Sousui inhabits.


He is a young boy with dark hair.


En's personality is largely unknown, because his mind and body are entirely under the Sousui's control for the majority of the story. His personality only truly begins to emerge after the Sousui's death, where his only concern is Haruka's safety.



En remains under the Sousui's mental control until he is released upon the Sousui's death, at which point his body collapses. He remains unconscious for some time, finally waking up as Masamori Sumimura carries him away from Hakuma. En's first thought is of Haruka's safety, and he panics after seeing her unconscious in Souji's arms. He calms down after Masamori assures him that she is only sleeping.[1]

Powers & Abilities

Spellcasting: En's only confirmed ability is spellcasting, which he clearly has enormous potential at. It is apparently the main reason the Sousui chose him as a host (another being his connection to Haruka).


  1. Kekkaishi manga, Chapter 341


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