Dragon Deity
Kekkaishi v16 c152 - 142-143
Race Dragon
Professional Status
Affiliation Dragon Deity's Lake
Occupation God of Dragon Deity's Lake
Base of Operations Dragon Deity's Lake
Technique Water Manipulation
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 151: It Fell From the Sky

The Dragon Deity (ドラゴン神, Doragon-shin) is a god that was suddenly dropped on Karasumori. It normally lives in a large lake Shinyuuchi in the middle of what appears to be a ring formed from mountains.



The dragon deity had been taken from it's land by Sumiko Sumimura, and was dropped upon the land of Karasumori.[1] When it was awakened it was enraged and spouting the phrase "I shall not forgive!" It was referring to Sumiko for dragging him away from his land. It was later revealed by Sumiko that he was to be Karasumori's "playmate", to relieve it of some of its stress. After Yoshimori flung it back into the sky using a kekkai, it attacked Sumiko, but was easily overpowered and restrained, then returned to its own land.

Power & Abilities

Water Manipulation: The god is water-attributed, as it was shown spouting water from its body during its time in Karasumori, and when it attacked Sumiko.


  1. Kekkaishi manga, Chapter 151


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