Sousui's Army
Professional Status
Previous Affiliation The Commander
Previous Occupation Military Force
Previous Team The Commander, Suigetsu, En, Haruka, No. 3, No. 0, No. 1, Juho, Meian, Tsumugi Kazuchika, Kusaribe Gaiji
Previous Partner Shichirou Ougi
Base of Operations Commander's Castle
Shadow Organization Headquarters
Commander's Cabin
Personal Status
Technique Various
First Appearance

Due to the Commander's talent as a first-rate psychic, he was able to organize a massive army, composed almost entirely of brainwashed Shadow Organization members. Though their primary goal was supposedly the organization's destruction, the Commander is actually driven by an all-consuming desire to avenge his wife Suigetsu by destroying his adopted brother, Tsukihisa Oumi.

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