Welcome to our handy infobox color guide! As you make your way around the Wiki, you'll notice that most characters have colored borders around their profile pictures. Believe it or not, they have a purpose beyond looking neat: each color corresponds to a group that the character is affiliated with. Keep in mind that some characters belong to multiple groups, in which case we've placed them with the group we feel to be most important (usually family). For example, Masamori Sumimura could fit into four groups here, but you'll find him grouped with his family.

Infobox Color Guide
Sumimura Family
Yukimura Family
Karasumori Middle School
Karasumori High School
Council of Twelve
Night Troop
Shadow Organization Offices
Ougi Clan
Kidoin Clan
Shishio Family
Local Gods
Random Ayakashi
Ghosts & Spirits
Powerless Humans
Oumi Family
Karasumori Clan
Random Ability Users


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