Chapter 342
Chap 342
Chapter Details
Volume: 35
Japanese Title: 創造
Translated Title: Sōzō
English Title: Creation
Released (Japan): August 18, 2011
Anime Episode: None

Characters (in order of appearance)


Yoshimori vows to create a world filled with whatever Chushinmaru Karasumori wants. Chushinmaru immediately asks for a castle, and Yoshimori draws on his power to make an enormous castle. Chushinmaru is impressed, but Yoshimori says that with their combined power, they can freely manipulate the Shinkai, so this is only the beginning. He surrounds the castle with a sprawling town, and even adds a mountain overlooking it. Chushinmaru is amazed, but Yoshimori reminds him that now he'll need playmates. Chushinmaru asks for Ayakashi, and while Yoshimori begins with Ayakashi he's encountered, he ends up adding a copy of nearly every creature or person he's met. Chushinmaru then demands girls, but Sumiko Sumimura then arrives. Yoshimori is puzzled how she got so close without him noticing. Sumiko comments on how large the Shinkai is already, but encourages him to add more, since it should surpass the contents of his old castle. Yoshimori adds girls, children, and townspeople. Sumiko notes that Chushinmaru looks happy, and Yoshimori says he has only provided what Chushinmaru wanted so far. Yoshimori then adds a copy of Gen Shishio, and at Sumiko's suggestion, a copy of himself as well. The black orb containing Chushinmaru's power breaks, and the power flows back into Chushinmaru. Yoshimori is concerned, but Sumiko says it's fine: Chushinmaru has no real body there, so he can live happily until he disappears. Sumiko offers to guide Yoshimori to the exit, but as he turns to leave, Chushinmaru shouts out that Yoshimori has created the best world ever. Sumiko leads Yoshimori into darkness, and says if he keeps going, he will eventually emerge outside. She says he did well, but then reveals that the Shinkai will not be complete until it is closed from the inside.


  • In this chapter, Yoshimori creates copies of nearly every character he meets in the manga, including random Ayakashi, Kokuboro members, Night Troop members, other ability users, gods, ghosts, spirits, and even several people from Karasumori Academy (including Tokine).


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