Chapter 341
Chap 341
Chapter Details
Volume: 35
Japanese Title: 役割
Translated Title: Yakuwari
English Title: One's Role
Released (Japan): August 18, 2011
Anime Episode: None

Characters (in order of appearance)


Tokimori Hazama's group descends on Arashizaki Shrine, where they are greeted by Shichirou Ougi. Shigemori Sumimura and Tokiko Yukimura begin the process of installing Mahora as the land's new god. Tokine joins them, but first thanks Shichirou for his help. Shichirou wonders if anything will really change, since Mahora's appearance does not impress him, but The Gazer is quick to point out that Mahora is at a much higher level than Lady Mayuka was. Shichirou inwardly notes that it seems to have great power, and without warning, the Gazer grabs him and borrows his power, sending them both rocketing up into the air. They stop high above the landscape, and the Gazer comments that with Shichirou's power, it would be possible to hunt Shinyuuchi in the chaotic Tohoku region. It adds that Shichirou is a deviant human who doesn't need all of the power he has. Shichirou admits he's thought the same before, but the Gazer adds that it likes such people, because they don't break easily. Thanks to information in Suigetsu's records, the Gazer suspects that ability users with great power are to blame for the current mess, since they crossed the line and lost their way in the world. But, if humans work together to preserve their original existence, it will always continue to watch over the world.

At the Sousui's castle, Ichigou scales the outer wall of the ruined castle with Kakeru in his arms. Number 536, who is helping the other servants escape with his birds, offers to give them one. Kakeru insists that Ichigou leave her there, since she has nothing left. Without her powers, she considers herself a less than normal child who exists for no reason. Ichigou replies that he would prefer for her to live, which convinces Kakeru to escape with him.

Masamori entrusts Yoshimori with sealing Karasumori's power for good and returning home afterward. Yoshimori asks Souji to look after Masamori for him. As they part ways, Masamori sees the light from Yoshimori's Shinkai, and suspects he couldn't do the same even if they had worked together. The boy that once served as the Sousui's body wakes up, immediately concerned for Haruka. After Masamori calms him down, he learns the boy's name is En. Within the Shinkai, Yoshimori prepares to build a new world for Chushinmaru Karasumori.


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