Chapter 340
Chap 340
Chapter Details
Volume: 35
Japanese Title: 鞍替え
Translated Title: Kuragae
English Title: Reassignment
Released (Japan): August 18, 2011
Anime Episode: None

Characters (in order of appearance)


Shigemori Sumimura and Tokiko Yukimura offer to escort Mahora to a new home. Mahora seems to agree with The Gazer's suggestion to leave without protest. Tokine is perplexed that both deities appear to have the same face. The Gazer somewhat explains this by admitting that he borrowed Tokine's phasing ability earlier on. As Mahora prepares to leave, the Gazer plans to accompany him, and instructs Suigetsu to come along. Suigetsu calls Souji Hiura to her side and asks Masamori Sumimura to take care of him. She gives Haruka to Souji and apologizes for not being able to teach him more. Souji feels guilty and confused over ignoring the last orders he was given (to fight Ichigou), but Suigetsu hugs him and assures him he made the right choice. She tells him he will gradually come to understand everything, including the terrible things that were done to him. She regrets being unable to restore his memories, and begs him to become a good person. She then allows the Gazer to consume her.

Tokine wishes Yoshimori good luck with his part, and as Kokuyou begins to depart, Tokine sends a Shikigami bird to Number 536, as promised.

Shichirou Ougi gets a phone call from Shijima, and asks Tatsuki to excuse him. She warns that what he plans to do is dangerous. Shichirou simply says that he met a close to perfect person who never wavered, and that he promised her that he would do his part in the plan. Tatsuki notes that Ougi men always have trouble with women. He assures her that a replacement will be along shortly and then leaves. Rokurou Ougi soon joins Tatsuki, who is amused and comments that Nizou belives Rokurou to be the son that most resembles him.

High above Arashizaki Shrine, Kokuyou reunites with Tokimori Hazama. By this time, Mahora appears to be sleeping within a small Shinkai. Hazama says they only need to wait for a while, and thanks Tokine for helping out.

Lady Mayuka sits in the branches of her cherry tree. Shichirou approaches, and she asks if the war has ended. Shichirou says that thanks to her, his family has experienced prosperity, and asks if she considers him the finest of them all. Mayuka disagrees, and without warning, Shichirou slashes her in half with a wind scythe. The Gazer looks on, commenting on Hazama's plan to temporarily remove Mahora's title as god of Hakuma, and kill the god of another land, so that Mahora can be installed as the new god there. Shichirou says he will be Mayuka's last slave, thanks her, and then destroys her with another slash.


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