Chapter 339
Chapter Details
Volume: 35
Japanese Title: 最期
Translated Title: Saigo
English Title: Last Moments
Released (Japan): August 18, 2011
Anime Episode: None

Characters (in order of appearance)


The Sousui sends a serpent into Zero's body, and pulls out Tsukihisa's starfish avatar. He tells Suigetsu that his memories of their first meeting are gone from Tsukihisa's memory, and that Tsukihisa probably also forgot that they weren't actually brothers. The Sousui entrusts his current host body to Masamori's care, saying he is too ashamed to stand among mankind any longer. Masamori asks why the Sousui recommended him to the 7th Seat in the Group of Twelve, and the Sousui says he only did it on Mudou's suggestion. The Sousui apologizes to Suigetsu for not being a proper husband, but she rejects his apology, insisting that she chose to be his wife. He admits that he never intended to kill her at all, then leaves his host body in the form of a serpent. Suigetsu begs him to wait, but he drags both himself and Tsukihisa's avatar into Masamori's Zekkai, causing them both to be destroyed. Masamori deactivates his Zekkai so he can check on the Sousui's former body.

Souji Hiura climbs up to the castle roof, where he sees Yoshimori on Kokuyou's back and calls out to him. Ichigou follows, spots Kakeru, and rushes to her side. Kokuyou stops above the castle roof, allowing everyone to see Yoshimori and Chushinmaru. With them are Shigemori Sumimura and Tokiko Yukimura. Tokiko sees "Mahora" and assumes, just as Tokine did, that it is Hakuma's god. Tokine asks "Mahora" to do something about Chushinmaru's power. "Mahora" seems insulted by the very idea of being asked to clean up a mess that humans made. Yoshimori explains that Chushinmaru's power isn't his fault, and that he isolates himself to protect others, but he really does want to be a normal child. "Mahora" replies that even if Chushinmaru's power were taken from him, he would continue to drain the lives of others, and that the only way to erase his power would be to consume him, effectively ending his life. Chushinmaru rejects this idea at once, because he is determined to become a great man that brings honor to his family name, for the sake of his parents. Yoshimori asks that Hakuma be handed over to them, and to Tokine's surprise, "Mahora" agrees to talk to the land's master, the true Mahora. Mahora emerges from Hakuma's trees, and the false Mahora identifies itself as "The Gazer" who observes the world as it changes.


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