Chapter 338
Chapter Details
Volume: 35
Japanese Title: 審判
Translated Title: Shinpan
English Title: Judgment
Released (Japan): August 18, 2011
Anime Episode: None

Characters (in order of appearance)


The roof of the Sousui's castle continues to crumble as tree roots burst through it. The power from Kakeru's World Destruction Spell emerges in the form of a small orb, which "Mahora", carrying Tokine on its back, quickly snatches up. Kakeru is shocked that anyone could stop her spell. Tokine questions what "Mahora" is doing, but instead of answering, "Mahora" flies around at high speed, stopping just above where Masamori Sumimura and the others are gathered. Masamori and Tokine are shocked to see each other, and Tokine introduces "Mahora" to the others. "Mahora" compliments Kakeru on the power of her spell before consuming it. "Mahora" then confronts Haruka, taking back the stolen power of several Shinyuuchi stored within her. Haruka collapses, which greatly worries Suigetsu and the Sousui. "Mahora" is surprised that a human was able to steal the power of a sacred land. The Sousui admits that the power was stolen on his orders, and begs "Mahora" not to hold Haruka responsible for the crime. He offers his own life if it will spare Haruka, but "Mahora" is unmoved by his words. Suigetsu offers her life for Haruka's. Again "Mahora" refuses, stating that it isn't interested in lives or power. However, after examining Suigetsu, "Mahora" agrees to consume her life solely for the records which she holds. Suigetsu agrees in order to save Haruka, stating that she herself has lived long enough. "Mahora" senses an approaching power, and quickly consumes the Shinyuuchi power before returning Haruka's life to her.

Hakuma's trees continue to grow out of control, and Ichigou orders Souji Hiura to stop their battle. Surprisingly, Souji agrees, saying that Zero ordered him to fight, but that he never wanted to fight Ichigou. Just then, Yoshimori and Chushinmaru Karasumori arrive, riding on Kokuyou's back.


Volume 35
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